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Automobile Defect Lawsuit & Lawyer Information Including Crashworthiness, Product Defects, Airbags (failure to deploy), Seatbelt Failure, Defective Automobile Roof Design, and Car, Truck or Van Wreck Rollover

Automobile accidents including deadly car wrecks, fatal SUV rollovers, fatal van crashes, and deadly truck collisions are one of the leading causes of death for young adults and children in the United States.  These accidents not only kill people, but seriously injure thousands of people every year.  Many of these fatal collisions and catastrophic injury accidents are caused by defective trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs.  Such defective vehicles may cause a minor injury automobile collision to become a fatal automobile collision or cause enhanced injuries by failing to provide suitable protection from injury or death in foreseeable automobile accidents.  This web site is designed to provide information about defective automobile product liability lawyers & lawsuits including defective seat backs, accelerators, floor mats, air bags, seat belts, brakes, defective tire tread separation, roof safety design, and rollover design lawsuits.

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Defective automobiles can cause fatal car wrecks, deadly collisions, and SUV rollover deaths by improper vehicle operation.  Defective tires, defective cruise control, or other defective parts of a SUV, truck, van, or car can cause a vehicle to crash, rollover, or collide with another vehicle.  When a vehicle defect causes a fatal car wreck or deadly vehicle rollover crash, it is important to secure and investigate the vehicle for any defects that may have caused the fatal crash.  This will allow a fatal car wreck lawyer or deadly vehicle crash lawyer to determine if there is a viable fatal car wreck lawsuit, deadly SUV crash lawsuit, fatal van rollover lawsuit, or deadly truck collision lawsuit to pursue.

 Defective Vehicle Accident Crashworthiness Product Liability Lawsuits

Defective automobile product liability lawsuits include defective accelerator lawsuits, defective floor mat lawsuits, defective air bag lawsuits, defective seat belt lawsuits, defective brake lawsuits, defective tire tread lawsuits, defective roof safety design lawsuits, and defective rollover design lawsuits.  A subset of the defective automobile accident lawsuits are catastrophic injury and fatal crashworthiness accident lawsuits.  These lawsuits include defective vehicles with defective airbags, defective seatbelts, defective rollover design, defective roof design, defective steering column design, defective child restrain design, and other other defective safety designs that kill or increase the injuries suffered by people in the defective vehicle.

Defective Automobile Accident Lawsuit Crashworthiness cases involve claims that a design defect caused or enhanced the injuries of a vehicle’s occupants during an automobile crash. In order for a lawyer to identify a crashworthiness claim, one must examine the interplay among the circumstances of the accident, the performance of the vehicle during the accident, and the injuries suffered.  Crashworthiness lawsuits have taken many forms, both in Texas litigation and throughout state and federal courts.  Read more.....

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The automobile defect and crashworthiness information and investigation center website was created by Texas automobile defect lawyer Jason S. Coomer.  The content on this website is intended only as general information and should not be considered legal advice.  It is typically best to consult an attorney if you need specific information about an automobile defect lawsuit or other legal matter.


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