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Board Certified as Personal Injury Trial Lawyer by the State Bar of Texas.

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Bob Binder & Associates, P.C. is experienced in commercial and real estate transactions and can give advise in corporate securities, commercial leasing, trust matters and Cyberlaw.

The rapid growth of Computer and Internet Technology has fueled a need for Computer and Internet Law (Cyberlaw). Cyberlaw is a relatively new area of law that is really a combination of numerous other areas of law. The difference between Cyberlaw and other traditional areas of law is that in Cyberlaw, previously decided legal issues are being challenged and need to be re-examined because of advances in technology. 

The Cyberlaw area of Bob Binder & Associates, P.C. practice includes helping individuals and small businesses draft contracts, license agreements, and screen disclaimers as well as advising them on Domain Dispute, computer software and hardware defects, Microsoft Anti-trust, Southwestern Bell Anti-trust, Freedom of Speech, Jursidictional, Copyright, and Liability issues.  (Cyberlaw Articles)

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