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Texas Mesothelioma attorney Jason Coomer handles asbestos exposure claims including mesothelioma claims, cancer claims, and pulmonary asbestosis claims for insulators, ship builders, refinery workers, construction workers, asbestos abatement workers, maintenance workers, and others exposed to asbestos products.

If you have mesothelioma or another cancer caused by asbestos exposure or have lost a loved one through mesothelioma or asbestos exposure, use our online submission form or contact Texas Mesothelioma Lawyer, Jason Coomer,for a free review of your potential claim.

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Information on Asbestos and Asbestos Products

The term "asbestos" describes six naturally occurring fibrous minerals, namely chrysotile, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, anthophylitte and actinolite. When mined and processed, asbestos is typically separated into very thin bundles of fibers and then commonly mixed with a binder during processing.

Asbestos has been known to man for centuries and has been used in literally hundreds of products. Asbestos was used because it is strong, insulates well, and resists fire and corrosion. Common modern uses are as thermal pipe and boiler insulation, spray-applied fire proofing and sound proofing, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, roofing materials and "transite" pipe and sheeting.

In the United States, asbestos became widely used in the early 1900s and its use peaked during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Despite wide spread use of asbestos many asbestos manufacturers and industry insiders became aware of the serious health issues surrounding asbestos in the 1930s and 1940s, but kept the information secret from workers and from the public. In the 1970s the Federal government stepped in and regulated the use of asbestos products. It is also now commonly agreed that exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other health problems.

Today despite being better regulated an estimated 1.3 million employees in construction and general industry face significant asbestos exposure on the job. Heaviest exposures occur in the construction industry, particularly during the removal of asbestos during renovation or demolition. Employees are also likely to be exposed during the manufacture of asbestos products (such as textiles, friction products, insulation, and other building materials) and during automotive brake and clutch repair work.

Unfortunately, in asbestos exposure cases it is not always just the primary exposed person that suffers exposure, but many times the exposed worker can unknowingly bring home asbestos dust and fibers that are kicked up in the air and breathed in by the worker's wife and family. Over time these secondary exposure claims can also cause serious asbestos diseases including mesothelioma for the families of asbestos workers.

Asbestos Product Dumping

In addition to domestic exposure, some companies have taken asbestos products that cannot be sold in the United States and have sold the product in other countries. This product dumping of dangerous asbestos insulation, asbestos block, and other asbestos products can cause serious problems including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other health problems. Texas companies that dump dangerous products in other countries and cause significant harm can sometimes be brought into the Texas courts to answer for their wrongful dumping and be made to pay money compensation for their wrongful acts.

If someone you know has mesothelioma or other form of cancer related to Asbestos exposure it is important that they get the best medical care that they can find and that the source of their exposure is stopped. If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail to Texas Asbestos Lawyer, Jason Coomer.

As an Austin Mesothelioma Lawyer, Houston Mesothelioma Lawyer, and San Antonio Mesothelioma Lawyer, Jason Coomer has worked on a wide variety of cases and has had the opportunity to work with and against some excellent lawyers including Dallas Mesothelioma Lawyers, Houston Mesothelioma Lawyers, San Antonio Mesothelioma Lawyers, and Austin Mesothelioma Lawyers. Assembling litigation teams of Texas Mesothelioma Lawyers for the larger cases and building multimedia presentations for large trials, mediations, arbitrations, and hearings can be time consuming, but when you are dealing with someone's life and the devastation that can be caused by asbestos exposure, the effort is worth it. Individualized attention to a Texas Mesothelioma Claim is extremely important. Make sure that you have a Texas Mesothelioma Attorney that knows your name and is familiar with your asbestos death claim or asbestos personal injury claim as well as your wants and needs.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the wrongful actions of another, feel free to contact Austin Mesothelioma Lawyer, Jason Coomer, with your name, dates of exposure, location of exposure, injuries or loss, and name of the potential defendant for a free review of your potential claim.

More information regarding asbestos-induced neoplasm originating in the mesothelial lining of the lung cavities.

Wrongful Death Claims - As a Texas Asbestos Death Lawyer handling asbestos death claims, Mesothelioma Claim Lawyer, Jason Coomer assists the families of the deceased and assert their rights after a death caused by asbestos exposure. He helps the family pursue asbestos death claims including people injured in Texas or killed by corporations in Texas that sell dangerous asbestos products.

Premises Liability and Dangerous Condition Claims - Numerous people are injured and killed each year by dangerous asbestos conditions and hazardous hidden traps. Asbestos hidden in old refineries, chemical plants, schools, commercial buildings, homes, and other buildings can cause severe disease and even death. Many times property owners or premises maintainers know or through a reasonable inspection should have known about hidden asbestos products, but don't want to spend the money for proper asbestos abatement. When attempting to seek compensation from the premises owner/maintainer for negligently exposing workers to asbestos or fraudulently concealing asbestos, an injured person or the family of an injured person often needs assistance proving liability and damages as well as avoiding traps that many insurance adjusters set to avoid paying just claims.

In assembling litigation teams of Texas Mesothelioma Lawyers for the larger cases, Jason Coomer works with Dallas asbestos claim Lawyers, Houston asbestos claim Lawyers, San Antonio asbestos claim Lawyers, and other Austin asbestos claim Lawyers.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the wrongful actions of another, feel free to contact asbestos lawyer Jason Coomer with your name, dates of exposure, location of exposure, nature of the injuries or loss, and name of the potential defendant. I am available for a free review of your potential claim.

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