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Attorney, Jason S. Coomer, is an Austin Texas lawyer that handles inheritance & probate matters, False Claims Act Lawsuits (Medicare fraud), product liability lawsuits, fatal accident & serious injury lawsuits, and other types of civil litigation.  He is an experienced litigator who provides personalized legal services for his clients and prides himself on working hard for those that need help with a complicated legal system.  Feel free to send an e-mail message to Jason S. Coomer with questions about this web site, a legal matter, or a potential case.

Austin Texas Lawyer Jason S. Coomer handles Inheritance and Probate Matters, False Claim Act (Medicare Fraud) Lawsuits, Deadly & Serious Injury Accident Lawsuits, Real Estate Lawsuits, Business & Investment Fraud Lawsuits, and other types of Complex Civil Litigation

Jason Coomer has extensive experience in practicing law and handles legal matters in a variety of practice areas.  These practice areas include the following:

    - Wills, Inheritance, Guardianship, Trust, & Probate Matters
    - Federal False Claim Act Whistleblower Lawsuits (Medicare Fraud)
    - Residential and Commercial Real Estate Fraud Lawsuits
    - Negligent Builder Lawsuits and Defective Home Claims
    - Investment Fraud Lawsuits and Retirement Account Fraud Lawsuits
    - Defective Drug & Product Lawsuits (Accutane, YAZ, Topamax & Hip Implants)
    - Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits
    - Fatal Accident, Accidental Death & Wrongful Death Lawsuits 
    - Birth Injury, Small Child Injury, & Birth Defect Lawsuits

Please also feel free to go to the Practice Areas page of this web site for more information on other types of cases that this Austin Texas Law Firm handles.

Texas Will Lawyer, Texas Inheritance Lawyer, Texas Probate Lawyer, Texas Guardianship Lawyer, and Texas Trust Lawyer
(Contested and Uncontested Probate Lawyer)

As an Austin Texas Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Texas will contest lawsuits, Texas will probate lawsuits, Texas inheritance lawsuits, Texas guardianship lawsuits, Texas contested guardianship lawsuits, Texas trust lawsuits, Texas breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, and other Texas probate matters in the Austin and Central Texas area.  He also works with other Texas probate lawyers throughout Texas, the United States, and the World on large estates with assets in multiple jurisdictions.

For more information on Texas Inheritance and Probate Law, please go to the following web pages:

Federal False Claims Act Whistleblower Lawyer, Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer, Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer, Off Label Marketing Lawyer, False Medicare Billing Fraud Lawyer, and Texas Qui Tam Lawyer
(Medicaid Fraud, Contractor Fraud, and Medicare Fraud Lawyer)

As a Texas Federal False Claims Act Whistleblower Lawyer and a Medicare Fraud Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles Medicare fraud lawsuits, Medicaid fraud lawsuits, defense contractor fraud lawsuits, securities fraud bounty actions, Medicare fraud whistleblower lawsuits, dentist CHIP fraud and Medicaid fraud lawsuits, IRS fraud lawsuits, Texas breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, and other Qui Tam lawsuits.  He also works with other Medicare fraud lawyers and False Claims Act lawyers throughout Texas and the United States on large False Claims Act Lawsuits.

For more information on False Claim Act Lawsuits, please go to the following web pages:

Austin Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer Handles Personal Injury Lawsuits, Intellectual Property Lawsuits, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Lawsuits, Product Liability Lawsuits, and Commercial Litigation

As an Austin Texas car wreck lawyer, accidental death lawyer, probate lawyer, estate planning attorney, fire lawyer, will lawyer, business lawyer, dangerous condition attorney, serious fall lawyer, and personal injury lawyer, Texas Attorney Jason Coomer is able to work within the Texas legal system to help people obtain compensation from those that have been damaged by the wrongful acts of others and protect loved ones.  He has handled complicated legal matters including business disputes, intellectual property litigation, multi-vehicle collision claims, catastrophic injury claims, accidental death claims, mesothelioma claims, fraud in real estate, investment fraud claims, real estate development disputes, and other complex litigation.  On the more complicated cases with large damages he commonly works with other Texas Lawyers including Houston Lawyers, San Antonio Lawyers, Dallas Lawyers, El Paso Lawyers, and other Austin Texas Lawyers.

For a free online review of a personal injury claim, real estate matter, or business litigation dispute by a Texas lawyer, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Austin Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer at or use our submission form.

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