SXSW Event Cancellation Lawyer Represents Businesses, Event Organizers, and Individuals Who Have Suffered Damages from Austin Festival Event Cancellations or Non-Cancellations by Austin SXSW Event Cancellation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Many Austin businesses work on one event or festival for an entire year. Further, these events and festivals often create significant income for many businesses and are often necessary for the success and survival of many businesses. For this reason, legal liabilities often arise when decisions to cancel, change, or proceed with an event or festival are made. Further, depending how these decisions are made significant losses can often turn into significant legal liabilities. Depending on why, how, and when the event was canceled, legal remedies and insurance might help some businesses avoid significant losses. Further, proper review of known dangers, contracts, warranties, and other documents, can also help avoid potential legal liability. For more information on this topic, please contact Austin SXSW Event Cancellation Lawyer, Jason Coomer or submit an inquiry.

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Event and Festival Organizers Should Seek to Minimize Loss and Impact of Cancellations

Coronavirus precautions cause many event planners and sponsors to cancel or move events and festivals. These decisions often create numerous legal issues and often result in litigation. More specifically, many of these organizers fail to review potential legal issues or consult a lawyer prior to making a determination. Often a lawyer or legal team helps identify key issues. More specifically, the team reviews agreements, contracts, warranties, and insurance policies when making decisions on how, when, and why to cancel events and festivals.

When deciding whether to cancel an event or festival, organizers should consider many factors. More specifically, organizers should consider the impact on the numerous parties involved. Further, they should identify the best methods to minimize loss.

By working with the creatives involved in the event or festival, organizers commonly can identify less restrictive or damaging alternatives. Further, many global businesses and local businesses often want to minimize their losses and are open to viable alternatives. Additionally, many venues and theaters prefer to work with organizers rather than litigate. Vendors, production companies, and other service industry businesses also commonly prefer negotiate alternatives rather than immediately follow suit. That being said, in some situations there are no other viable options.

The Coronavirus Causes Over $1 Billion in Economic Losses Including The SXSW Event Cancellation

Coronavirus precautions cause a large economic impact of over $1 Billion to the technology industry. More specifically, precautions related to the virus cause cancellations of numerous technology and Austin events including SXSW. These cancellations create legal consequences and an economic impact for many businesses. Further, many businesses must now review and litigate contracts, insurance policies, and other legal issues. Many of these SXSW event cancellation issues require an Austin SXSW event cancellation lawyer to review, negotiate, and litigate compensation and legal issues.

Cancellation of SXSW, Austin Festivals, Events, and Conventions Create Litigation Issues and Often Require an Austin Event Cancellation Lawyer

The Coronavirus threatens numerous festivals, events, and conventions in the Austin area. This threat creates the potential of devastating damages to many businesses. Further, many of these businesses face not only potential lost income, but potential litigation from other parties. More specifically, other businesses, consumers and employees who suffered damages often seek to mitigate their damages.

These event cancellation issues require many businesses to carefully review specific provisions of contracts, event warranties, and insurance policies. Further, after reviewing these documents many businesses and their lawyer will need to litigate the applicability of these provisions to Coronavirus event cancellations.

Cancellation of Technology Events Causes Over $1 Billion in Losses

The Coronavirus cancellation of several technology event creates an economic loss of over $1 Billion. Further, this initial loss stems from the cancellation of nine major tech conferences including SXSW, Google I/O, Facebook’s F8 event, and Mobile World Congress. As the Coronavirus threat continues to grow, damages from event cancellations will probably continue to increase. These initial loss estimates only cover the losses to airlines, hotels, restaurants, and transportation providers that would normally make money from attendees’ purchases. Other indirect losses such as lost revenues from product and service launches promise to increase these numbers.

Organizers Also Face Potential Liabilities for Failing to Cancel Events and Festivals

Though some organizers decide to cancel events, other organizers proceed. These organizers also should ensure to protect themselves from potential liabilities. Not only do these organizers face the potential issues of poor attendance and lack of sponsors, but they also face potential liabilities for failing to act reasonably to a potential threat and in some instances claims of breaches of fiduciary duties.

More specifically, can these organizers face potential liability if a Coronavirus cluster arises from their event attendees?

The answers are yes, maybe, and it will depend. Please keep in mind that hindsight plays a key role in determining legal liability. In a worst case scenario, where an event or festival brings a Coronavirus cluster to a city and causes several deaths, event organizers may face potential liability. Families of victims as well as several other damaged parties may seek legal recourse. For these lawsuits, judges and juries review evidence as to if organizers acted reasonably and took reasonable precautions regarding known dangers.

For this reason event and festival organizers should ensure that they take the Coronavirus threat seriously. Further, they should document the reasonable steps they took to investigate the issue and protect attendees. More specifically, they should make sure their policies, procedures, communications, and insurance is all in order. Event and festival organizers who fail to take reasonable steps to protect attendees may face substantial potential liabilities.

What Other Liabilities and Issues Do Event Organizers Face in the Wake of the Coronavirus?

In addition to Coronavirus cluster scenarios, organizers also face sponsor issues, community issues, and attendee issues. All of these issues require consideration when determining event cancellations, alternatives, and precautions. More specifically, organizers should review how their actions may be perceived by sponsors, the community, and attendees. Organizers who fail to work through these issues may jeopardize relationships and create false perceptions. Further, this failure can commonly create legal issues as well as can hurt future events. Organizers should keep a long-term view of their business and make sure that they protect not only upcoming events and themselves, but also future events and relationships with sponsors, other businesses, attendees, and the community.

SXSW Business Litigation Lawyer Commonly Works With Clients and Other Lawyers From Throughout Texas, the United States, and the World on Texas Legal Issues

With the explosion of e-commerce and international businesses, many businesses "do business" in numerous jurisdictions including Austin, Texas. Many of these businesses commonly require remote lawyers in Texas or Austin to handle business disputes and litigation. As such, Austin Texas Business Litigation Lawyer Jason Coomer commonly works with clients from throughout Texas, the United States, and the World. He also commonly works with out of state lawyers on Texas business disputes and handles the Texas litigation aspects of business disputes.

Austin Event Cancellation Lawyer Helps Festival and Event Organizers and Businesses Regarding Economic Losses and Potential Legal Liabilities from Event Cancellations or Non-cancellations

Austin Event Cancellation Lawyer, Jason Coomer represents festival and event organizers as well as other businesses regarding event cancellations, alternatives, and precautions. He also represents businesses and individuals who have suffered significant damages from breaches of contract, breaches of fiduciary duty, and other illegal actions. He also provides legal representation regarding insurance disputes and other contract disputes. For more information on this topic, please contact Austin Event Cancellation Lawyer and SXSW Event Cancellation Lawyer, Jason Coomer or submit an inquiry.

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