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Austin Real Estate Lawyer, Jason Coomer helps real estate owners, homeowners, and condominium owners understand and resolve condominium association issues and homeowners association rules. He represents Austin real estate owners including condominium owners and homeowners who need assistance in dealing with condominium associations and homeowner associations. If you need an Austin Condominium Owner Lawyer, Austin Homeowners Association Lawyer, or other Austin Real Estate Owner Lawyer, please feel free to contact Austin Condominium Association Lawyer and Austin Homeowner Association Lawyer Jason S. Coomer via e-mail message or use our submission form.

Austin HOA and COA Disputes
Austin homeowner association and condominium association lawyer helps homeowners with COA and HOA disputes.

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Understanding the rights of condominium association owners under Condominium Association Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Rules as well as Texas Uniform Condominium Association (TUCA) can be a difficult task that requires an experienced real estate lawyer. Further, often condominium owners and groups of condominium owners require legal assistance to help them make sure that their condominiums or other real estate investment retain value and are livable. In some situations, a lawyer is necessary to help protect these interests.

When dealing with condominium associate rules, bylaws, declarations, and other governing documents, it can often be extremely helpful to have someone who can interpret how Texas law and the governing documents work together and what rights a condominium owner or homeowner has and what fiduciary duties condominium associate boards, directors, and officers may have. In other situations, it can be helpful to have a buffer or representative communicate with a board, COA, or property management company for a condominium owner or homeowner.

Austin Condominium Owner Rights, Austin Condominium Association Fiduciary Duties, Texas Condominium Owner Rights, and
Texas Real Estate Owner Law

Texas Uniform Condominium Association (TUCA) applies to all commercial, industrial, residential, and other types of condominiums in this state for which the declaration is recorded on or after January 1, 1994. A condominium for which the declaration was recorded before January 1, 1994, may be governed exclusively under this chapter if either: (1) the owners of units vote to amend the declaration, in accordance with the amendment process authorized by the declaration, to have this chapter apply and that amendment is filed for record in the condominium records in each county in which the condominium is located; or (2) a declaration or amendment of declaration was recorded before January 1, 1994, and the declaration or amendment states that this chapter will apply in its entirety on January 1, 1994.

Under Texas Uniform Condominium Association (TUCA), a condominium association is required to keep several records available for condominium owners to be able to review including (1) detailed financial records that comply with generally accepted accounting principles and that are sufficiently detailed to enable the association to prepare a resale certificate under Section 82.157; (2) the plans and specifications used to construct the condominium except for buildings originally constructed before January 1, 1994; (3) the condominium information statement prepared under Section 82.152 and any amendments; (4) the name and mailing address of each unit owner; (5) voting records, proxies, and correspondence relating to amendments to the declaration; and (6) minutes of meetings of the association and board.

Austin Condominium Association Lawyer Helps Homeowners with Condominium Association Fiduciary Duty Lawsuits, Homeowner Association Disputes, and Texas Condominium Association Disputes

As an Austin Condominium Association Lawyer, Jason Coomer, often assists homeowners and condominium owners work out disputes with condominium associations and homeowner associations. Further, he also reviews potential breach of fiduciary duty claims including conflict of interest claims against HOA and COA board members who abuse their positions. He also helps homeowners work out disputes with property management companies.

Austin Condominium Associations also often need assistance in complying with Texas Uniform Condominium Act (TUCA) and governing documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declarations, and Rules.  As such, it is often necessary for condominium association boards and officers to hire lawyers to help them properly manage the business of the condominium association. These lawyers do not represent the individual homeowners and often work against the interests of homeowners.

Austin Residential and Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

As an Austin real estate lawyer he works with real estate owners, investors, buyers, sellers, and other individuals to litigate and help resolve residential and commercial real estate disputes.  He works with other Texas Real Estate Lawyers in handling large residential and commercial real estate litigation.  In working with other Texas real estate lawyers, Austin real estate attorney Jason Coomer works hard to provide legal advice and good counsel on residential real estate disputes, real estate fraud matters, residential real estate development projects, residential real estate negotiations, and residential real estate litigation. 

The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer helps individuals and businesses develop real estate, protect assets, and negotiate contracts.  He works on complex litigation including real estate deals gone bad, dissolution of partnerships, real estate development project profit disputes, domain disputes, trademark  and copyright infringement, breach of contracts, property disputes, easements, anti-trust claims, shareholder actions, business disputes, trade secret disputes, franchise contracts, jurisdictional disputes, and liability issues.

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Texas Condominium Owner Lawyer Jason Coomer also works with San Antonio Condominium Association Real Estate Lawyers, Dallas Condominium Real Estate Lawyers, Houston Condo Real Estate Lawyers, and other Austin Real Estate Lawyers in providing representation and advice on large real estate transactions, real estate development deals, real estate litigation, real estate advice, and real estate negotiations. If you need an Austin Condominium Real Estate Lawyer, feel free to contact Austin Condominium Association Lawyer Jason Coomer.

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