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Central Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason Coomer represents heirs, family members, and beneficiaries that need assistance handling probate matters caused by the death of a loved one in Central Texas including Austin, Westlake, Travis County Probate Court, Williamson County Court, Hays County Court, Blanco County Court, Bastrop County Court, Comal County Court, Llano County Court, and Bexar County Probate Courts.   

For questions on Central Texas and Austin Texas inheritance lawsuits, protecting family businesses or property through probate, a Texas probate matter, clearing title to real estate after a death, partitioning real estate after a death,  a Will contest, preventing a Will contest, or fighting a Will Contest, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Austin Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer by clicking this link to send an e-mail to AustinInheritancelawyer@texaslawyers.com or use our contact form to submit an inquiry regarding a Probate

What Is Inheritance?

Inheritance is the practice of passing on wealth or obligations upon the death of an individual.  This allows parents to pass on land, businesses, stocks, jewelry, and other wealth to their children and people that they love.  It is estimated that in the United States over $200 Billion each year passed down through inheritance to heirs and beneficiaries.  Through Wills and intestate laws, Texas courts determine who are proper heirs and beneficiaries and allow tremendous amounts of wealth to be inherited each year.  The amount of that will be passed through inheritance is expected to continue to increase in the next 20 years as Trillions of Dollars in wealth is passed on through inheritance. 

Austin and Westlake Inheritance Lawyer

Austin and Westlake Inheritance Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles Will contests, inheritance disputes, probating Wills, Determining Heirs, Partitioning Real Estate, Contesting Wills, Fighting Will Contests, Preventing Will Contests, Protecting Family Inheritance, Protecting Loved Ones, and other probate matters in Austin Texas.  He handles inheritance disputes and probate matters in Travis County, Williamson County, and Hays County as well as works with other Texas probate lawyers across Texas including Dallas County, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Tarrant County, and other Texas counties.

Central Texas Inheritance Lawyer and Austin Inheritance Lawyer handled Texas Estate Lawsuits, Texas Inheritance Lawsuits, Texas Probate Lawsuits, and Helps Families Claim Unclaimed Wealth (Real Estate, Oil Interests, Bank Accounts, & Stock)

In addition to what is inherited, there is a significant amount of unclaimed wealth including bank accounts, houses, oil interests, safety deposit boxes, stocks, and other wealth that is forgotten about.  In our modern society families don't always live close and some wealth is lost or forgotten.  Death or incapacity is not always anticipated and many people will unfortunately loose track of stocks, bank accounts, oil interests, and other wealth.  It is a good idea to keep a safety deposit box with an inventory of all your assets and have people that you trust that can get access to your safety deposit box should something happen to you.

It is also becoming more common for family members not living close to a recently deceased relative to not know how to handle a probate matter or clear title to property.  In these instances it is good to find a local Austin Inheritance Attorney that can assist the probate process.

Austin Inheritance Lawyer, Jason Coomer helps Austin and Westlake families evaluate the estates of their lost loved ones to determine if a full probate is necessary and if so if the probate is economically feasible.

Austin Inheritance Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles inheritance issues and probate matters in Travis County, Williamson County, Bexar County, and Hays County as well as works with other Texas probate lawyers across Texas including Dallas County, Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Tarrant County works to draft Wills and Trusts to protect the wishes and best interests of his clients.  He works with Houston Probate Lawyers, Dallas Probate Lawyers, and several other Texas Probate Lawyer.  For questions on Texas Will Contests, please e-mail Austin Inheritance Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer at AustinInheritanceLawyer@texaslawyers.com or use our contact submission form.

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