Austin Will Probate Lawyer Handles Will Probate Applications in Travis County Probate Court, Williamson County Probate Court, and Other Probate Courts Throughout Central Texas by Austin Will Probate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Austin Will Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Applications to Probate Wills in Austin. He files Will Probate Applications in Travis County, Williamson County, Bastrop County, Hays County as well as several other counties in Central Texas. In doing so, he commonly works with friend and family of recently deceased who want help with the Texas probate system. Prior to filing for probate, he commonly determines if an estate administration is needed and if not provides guidance on what can be done to avoid probate.

For questions on what to do with a Will after a loved one passes, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Austin Will Probate Attorney Jason S. Coomer at or use our contact form The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer.

When Does a Will Need to Be Probated?

A Will typically needs to be probated if there are assets in the deceased person's estate. More specifically, if a person owns a house or other real property, this real property will typically transfer into the estate of the deceased person as soon as they pass away. When this happens and the person has a Will, a probate lawsuit will typically need to be filed to move the real property out of the estate to the person's beneficiaries or heirs. The most common reason for a Will needing to go through probate is to transfer real property.

Does a Will Immediately Become Legally Effective When Someone Passes?

No, the Will needs to go through the probate process prior to it being legally effective. In other words, a Will Application must be filed and a Texas Court needs to probate the Will and appoint an Executor or Administrator prior to the Will having a legal effect and an Executor being able to act for the estate.

What Happens if a Will is not Probated Within Four (4) Years of the Deceased's Date of Death?

If a Will is not probated within four years of the deceased's date of death, the Will can be barred by the statute of limitations. When this happens it is possible that any beneficaries under the Will can loose their inheritance. There are exceptions to the statute of limiations, but it is best to file a Will well before the running of the four (4) year statute of limitations.

How Do I Know if the Will is Valid or the Last Will of a Loved One?

With many do it yourself Wills as well as people that attempt to write their own Wills, it is often difficult to know if a Will is valid or not. It will often take a review by an experienced probate lawyer to determine if a Will is valid and will survive the probate process. Further, with some people it is extremely difficult to determine which Will was their last Will. Hopefully, a person close to them knows, but these situations commonly cause Will Contest Lawsuits.

What is an Executor?

An executor is the person in a Will who carries out the wishes of the decedent as is in the decedent's Will. Typically the executor is the person responsible for offering the will for probate. The generic term for an executor or administrator is a personal representative.

The executor will typically work with a lawyer to file the Will for probate, obtain letters of testament, make the necessary public notices concerning the estate, determine & protect assets, calculate liabilities of the estate, pull together an inventory of the estate, and distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.

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Austin Estate and Will Probate Lawyer works with executors, beneficiaries, heirs, and families to probate Wills after they have lost a loved one, file Suits to Determine Heirship, pass property to rightful heirs & beneficiaries, contest fraudulent Wills, represent executors, Austin Texas Inheritance Lawsuits, investigate death claims, stop unethical and dishonest executors, negotiate estate debts, and handle other estate matters.

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