Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer Handles Serious Back Injury Lawsuits Including Texas Severed Spinal Cord Lawsuits, Texas Crushed Disc Lawsuits, and Texas Herniated Disc Lawsuits by Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer, Texas Traumatic Back Crushed Disc Lawyer, & Herniated Discs Lawyer

Serious back injuries can be some of the most painful and difficult injuries that a person can suffer.  Problems arise when the vertebrae, discs, or spinal cord are injured.  Broken vertebrae can damage and impinge on discs or the spinal cord causing extreme pain, numbness, and loss of control of bodily functions.  Back injuries can occur through traumatic events that result in pain and paralysis.  Depending where and how severe the injury is will determine what type and how severe the paralysis.  

Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer handles Texas traumatic back injury lawsuits where a person suffers serious injuries caused by someone else's mistake. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious back injury and are seeking compensation, contact Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer, for a free review of a traumatic back injury claim.   As a Texas back injury lawyer, Jason Coomer helps families seek compensation for serious back injuries including severed spinal cords, crushed discs, herniated discs and bulged discs.

Serious Back Injuries Including Severed Spinal Cords, Crushed Discs, Bulged Discs, and Herniated Discs

The human spinal cord is basically a bundle of nerves which is surrounded by 33 bones or vertebrae.  Located between each vertebrae is a spinal disc which is a liquid filled disc shaped pouch.  These discs are stacked on top of one another and act as shock absorbers allowing the spine to flex, bend, and twist.  When functioning properly, the vertebrae and discs protect the spinal cord allowing nerve impulses to travel from and to the brain to other parts of the body.  This allows us to experience sensations, move our bodies, and control many bodily functions.

The human body has remarkable healing potential.  Combining determination, proper medical attention, knowledge about an injury, and focus on the healing process can greatly help most injuries.  Hiring a lawyer to battle the insurance companies and responsible parties will allow the injured person to focus on the healing process.     

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury or other serious back injury including a severed spinal cord, broken vertebrae, crushed discs, herniated discs, or a bulged discs; the most important thing you can do is to find a good medical doctor to assess the injury so you know what you are dealing with and how to best treat the injury.  From physical therapy and steroid injections to back surgeries (lumbar diskectomy, cervical fusion, and other lumbar or cervical procedures), there are many different ways to treat a back injury and it is important to know what will work best for you.  

The second step is determine how to pay for the necessary medical treatment and if necessary hire an attorney to thoroughly investigate the accident that caused the injury, all potentially responsible parties, and all insurance coverage that may apply.  

Catastrophic injury lawyer, Jason Coomer handles a variety of Texas injury claims including automobile accident claims (car wrecks, truck collisions, bus collisions, run over bicyclists, and motorcycle accidents); serious falls; electrocutions; fires; smoke inhalation; toxic exposure; industrial accidents; misuse of equipment; falling objects; explosions; and shattered glass. 

Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer and Texas Traumatic Back Crushed Discs or Herniated Discs Lawyer

As a Texas Back Injury attorney, Jason Coomer has been fortunate enough to represent some really good people that suffered serious back injuries and were caught by the system.  He has helped clients obtain money compensation for hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, tens of thousands of dollars in past lost wages, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in future lost wages & damage to career, hundreds of thousands of dollars for impairment, disfigurement, and future medical.  The money compensation has helped individuals go back to school to begin new careers, obtain quality health care, and families hold onto their home.  Jason Coomer works hard to make a difference in people's lives spending a vast amount of  time battling insurance companies, investigating injury claims, researching law, reading medical records, deposing experts and negligent actors, working with clients,  determine damages and liability exposure estimates, and pulling together multimedia presentations for mediations, trials, and arbitrations.

As a Texas serious fatal accident and serious injury lawyer, Jason Coomer handles accidental death claims, medical malpractice claims, premises liability claims, and automobile accident claims, Jason Coomer has assisted injured individuals and the families of people that have been wrongfully killed assert their rights after an accident. Whether a person is injured by a hazardous trap, falling object, serious fall, dangerous defect, careless actions, or the negligence of another, individuals often need assistance from a Texas Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in dealing with and seeking money compensation from insurance companies and large corporations for the damages that they have suffered.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the wrongful actions of another, contact Texas Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer, for a free review of your potential claim.

Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyers and Texas Traumatic Back Crushed Discs or Herniated Discs Lawyers

As an Austin Texas Back Injury Lawyer, Houston Back Injury Lawyer, and San Antonio Back Injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer has worked on a wide variety of cases and has had the opportunity to work with and against some excellent lawyers including Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers, Houston Personal Injury Lawyers, San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers, and Austin Personal Injury Lawyers.  Jason Coomer assembles litigation teams of Texas Personal Injury Lawyers for the large catastrophic injury claims and builds multimedia presentations for mediations, arbitrations, hearings, and trials.  He understands that he is dealing with someone's life and the devastation that has been caused by a catastrophic injury or loss of a loved one.  He provides individualized attention to his injured clients and works for their best interests.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the wrongful actions of another, feel free to contact Austin catastrophic injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer, with your name, date of accident, location of accident, nature of the injuries or loss, and name of the potential defendant for a free review of your potential claim.

Car Wrecks Claims / Vehicle Collision Claims / Auto Accident Claims - Texas leads the nation in automobile collisions and trucking accidents that cause death and serious injuries.  Whether a large runaway and poorly maintained semi tractor trailer being driven by an unqualified and overworked driver smacks into your personal vehicle or a SUV driven by someone talking on a cell phone collides into the vehicle you are in, it is important to understand and know your rights to navigate the layers of insurance that may cover your damages.  

Texas Automobile Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer handles personal injury claims caused by vehicle collisions including car wrecks, truck collisions, motorcycle accidents, and bus wrecks.  He seeks compensation for persons that have been seriously injured or families of those killed in an automobile accident.  He handles automobile accident claims in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

Trucking Accident Claims - The trucking industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is essential to our economy.  Unfortunately, with these large vehicles driving on our roads and highways comes the potential of catastrophic damages.  Untrained, overworked, or inexperienced  drivers all too often lose control of their vehicles causing them to jackknife, overturn, or collide with passenger vehicles. 

When this happens it is typically the passengers of the smaller vehicle that suffer.  If this has happened to someone you or someone you love it is important to obtain excellent legal representation to protect your or your loved one's rights and to make sure that an investigation as to the cause of the collision in done correctly. Austin Texas Truck Accident Lawyer, Jason Coomer, handles Texas truck accident claims where people have suffered serious injuries or someone has been killed.

Professional Malpractice Claims - Legal Malpractice, Accounting Malpractice, Programming Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, and other forms of professional negligence are extremely important because people that go to doctors, lawyers, and other professionals need to be able to trust the professional to take care of them. This trust established by the expertise of the professional creates an environment where people are healed and problems are solved, however, it also creates an environment where a professional can intentionally or negligently create great harm. If harm arises, an injured person needs to be protected and may need an Austin Texas Malpractice Lawyer or other individual that can explain what the professional did wrong and what needs to be done to remedy the situation. Austin Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyer handles serious injury, large damage, and wrongful death claims caused by malpractice.  He handles Federal Medical Malpractice Claims and Texas Medical Malpractice Claims.

Wrongful Death Claims - As a Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer handling wrongful death claims, Death Claim Lawyer, Jason Coomer assists the families of the deceased and assert their rights after an accident. Whether a person is killed through hazardous activity, corporate negligence, or mere carelessness, the family needs a Texas wrongful death attorney they can trust to investigate and prosecute a claim.  Austin Death Lawyer, Jason Coomer, handles Texas wrongful death claims.

Premises Liability & Dangerous Condition Claims - Numerous people are injured and killed each year by dangerous conditions and hazardous hidden traps that a property or premises owner/maintainer knew or through a reasonable inspection should have known about.  When attempting to seek compensation from the premises owner/maintainer for negligently maintaining their property, an injured person often needs assistance proving liability and damages as well as avoiding traps that many insurance adjusters set to avoid paying just claims.

As a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer, I have reviewed numerous claims for damages arising out of a hidden hole, falling merchandise or shelves, lack of proper lighting, improper design of stairs, improper security, and other dangerous conditions.

Product Liability Claims - Manufacturers that sell products which cause harm to individuals while being used for there intended purpose shall be held liable for the damages caused.  From asbestos products to defective tires or medical devices.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the wrongful actions of another, feel free to contact me with your name, date of accident, location of accident, nature of the injuries or loss, and name of the potential defendant.  Texas catastrophic injury lawyer, Jason Coomer is available for a free review of your potential Texas personal injury claim.

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