Texas Black Water & Raw Sewage Lawyer Handles Texas Black Water & Raw Sewage Lawsuits by Texas Black Water & Raw Sewage Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

As a Texas Toxic Tort Lawyer Jason Coomer has handled claims against apartment complexes, management companies, sewage contractors, real estate brokers, home sellers, landlords, builders, cities, and insurance companies.  He has represented several families that have suffered black water raw sewage spills in their homes or that have been sold or rented homes with uncleaned up black water sewage overflows.  If you have had a backflow black water sewage overflow in your home, it is important to get proper remediation of the home done promptly.  Anything that the sewage has touched needs to be thrown out.

ugh  severe toxic mold exposure from actively growing Stachybotrys and Aspergillas mold infestations in their homes.  As such, he understands the severe health problems that a long term exposure to toxic mold can cause and the devastating impact it can have on a family.  Under current Texas law these claims can be extremely difficult and expensive to pursue as they require strong expert testimony from doctors and environmental experts to link a toxic exposure to health problems. 

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the exposure to toxic mold, contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer, for a free review of your potential claim.

Texas Toxic Exposure Lawyer Handles Fatal Toxic Exposure, Catastrophic Injury, and Property Damage Lawsuits Where Black Sewage Water Has Caused Significant Damages

As an Austin Toxic Tort Lawyer Lawyer, Jason Coomer has worked on a wide variety of toxic exposure cases and has had the opportunity to work with and against some excellent lawyers including Dallas Toxic Exposure Lawyers, Houston Toxic Exposure Lawyers, San Antonio Toxic Exposure Lawyers, and other Austin Toxic Exposure Lawyers.  Assembling litigation teams of Texas Toxic Exposure Lawyers for the larger cases and building multimedia presentations for mediation, arbitration, hearings, and trial can be time consuming, but when you are dealing with someone's life and the devastation that can be caused by a toxic exposure, the effort is worth it.  Individualized attention to a Texas Toxic Exposure Claim is extremely important.  Make sure that you have a Texas Toxic Exposure Attorney that knows your name and is familiar with your death claim or personal injury claims as well as your wants and needs.

Wrongful Death Claims - As a Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer handling wrongful death claims, Death Claim Lawyer, Jason Coomer assists the families of the deceased and assert their rights after an exposure.

Premises Liability & Dangerous Condition Claims - Numerous people are injured and killed each year by dangerous conditions and hazardous hidden traps that a property or premises owner/maintainer knew or through a reasonable inspection should have known about.  When attempting to seek compensation from the premises owner/maintainer for negligently maintaining their property, an injured person often needs assistance proving liability and damages as well as avoiding traps that many insurance adjusters set to avoid paying just claims.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one through the wrongful actions of another, feel free to contact me with your name, dates of exposure, location of exposure, nature of the injuries or loss, and name of the potential defendant.  I am available for a free review of your potential claim.

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