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Business disputes occur far too often. When these commercial disputes turn to litigation or need to be litigated you want an experienced Texas attorney.  The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer litigates and negotiates a wide variety of complex business issues.  In handling these detailed commercial disputes the firm litigates and stands up for the rights of Texas businesses, interest holders, and entrepreneurs.

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Commercial Litigation Can Be Extremely Complicated

Depending on the business, commercial litigation can be extremely complicated and document driven. The best way to approach commercial litigation is to first organize your documents and your goals. In organizing your documents, your first step is typically to make sure that you have copies of all business records including ownership information, contracts, and accounting information. Once you have this information, you can typically determine if any key documents are missing and what will need to be obtained. The next step is to typically to make sure you have an e-copy of the complete file. Then, it is time to organize the documents. This process can be extremely time consuming, but a complete and organized set of documents can commonly win cases.

There Are Several Types of Business Litigation

Below is a list of some examples of business law areas that Jason S. Coomer is knowledgeable in litigating.  

-Breach of Contract
-Oil, Gas & Mineral Litigation
-Theft of Trade Secrets
-Intellectual Property Lawsuits
-Patent Infringement Lawyer
-Corporate Dissolution
-Partnership Agreements & Disputes
-Commercial Fraud
-Franchise Purchases & Agreements
-Securities Issues (stocks, bonds & investments)
-Partnership agreements/dissolution
-Buy/sell agreements

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