Defective Vehicle Design Can Cause a Automobile Accident to Turn Into A Fatal Fire Crash: Texas Defective Vehicle Design Fire Crash Lawyer Handles Fatal Fire Crash Lawsuits, Deadly Fire Vehicle Accident Lawsuits, and Defective Vehicle Design Fire Crash Lawsuits by Texas Defective Vehicle Design Fire Crash Lawyer Jason S. Coomer  

Texas Defective Vehicle Design Fire Crash Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles defective vehicle design fire crash lawsuits, fatal vehicle fire lawsuits, fire death lawsuits, and other fire accident lawsuits.  He represents the families of those fatally injured in vehicle collision fires, people that have been injured in car crash fire accidents, and people those that have suffered serious injuries from car crashes and fires.  If you have questions about a car crash fire lawsuit, vehicle fire lawsuit, serious burn lawsuit, or other car crash lawsuit, please feel free to send an e-mail to  Texas Car Crash Fire Lawyer Jason Coomer at or please feel free to submit an inquiry via our online submission form.

  Car Crash Fire Lawsuits, Serious Burn Car Wreck Lawsuits, Austin Car Crash Fire Lawsuits and Texas Car Crash Fire Lawsuits

Defective vehicle safety designs can result in vehicle fires during collisions and can be extremely dangerous for drivers, passengers, and people helping crash victims.  Vehicles can catch fire for a variety of reasons including defective gas tank design, defective fuel intake design, a defective electrical system, defective ignition problems, defective airbags, defective exhaust system, and other defective safety designs.  Vehicles that are not designed to protect accident victims from fire can cause accident victims to be severely burned or burned alive after an accident.  These defective cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, mini-vans, and other vehicles that do not have safety protections from car crash fires are said to have crashworthiness defects and can cause a minor car crash or other vehicle collision to become a fatal car crash or other fatal vehicle collision.

Car crash fires are especially dangerous because anytime a car is on fire there is a danger that the vehicle may explode and cause serious injuries or death to victims of the accident and those responding to help the accident victims.

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Serious burns can be caused by fire, steam, chemicals, or almost any hot material that burned through the top layer of a person's skin.  Burns are some of the most painful injuries a person can suffer and can cause death, disfigurement, dehydration, and other health problems.  In the United States, each year over 30,000 people are killed or seriously injured by fire and smoke inhalation. 

Texas Serious Burn Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles Texas Chemical Burn Lawsuits, Texas Electrical Shock Lawsuits, and Texas Smoke Inhalation Lawsuits as well as Texas Home Explosion Lawsuits, Texas Gas Explosion Lawsuits, and catastrophic property damage lawsuits caused by residential fires and business fires.

Texas Serious Burn Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Texas Vehicle Fire Lawsuits and House Fire Lawsuits including car crash fire lawsuits, bus fire lawsuits, truck fire lawsuits, van fire lawsuits, SUV fire lawsuits, residential house fire lawsuits, apartment fire lawsuits, work place fire lawsuits, industrial burn lawsuits, and other accidental burn lawsuits.  He handles fire claims that have caused devastating injuries, death, and catastrophic property damage.  He has represented clients involving personal injury lawsuits where people have suffered fatal burns, fatal smoke inhalation, serious third degree burns, as well as other fire lawsuits where families have lost their home and everything that they own.  Understanding fire lawsuits including working with fire marshals and other expert fire professionals as well as understanding what burn victims have to go through makes Texas Fire Attorney, Jason Coomer an excellent attorney to represent you and your family after a fire. 

Drunk Driver Car Crash Lawsuits, Intoxicated Driver Car Crash Lawsuits, and Deadly Drunk Driver Collision Lawsuits

Every year drunk drivers and drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs kill and seriously injure a large number of Texans.  In fact, alcohol related automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Texas as well as in the United States. Under Texas law a driver is considered drunk or under the influence if they do not have the normal use of mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of two or more of those substances, or any other substance into the body or if they have a blood alcohol concentration of over .08.   It is against Texas law for drunk drivers to operate motor vehicles, water craft, and air craft.  If the drunk driver causes an automobile accident or boating accident that causes serious injuries or death, they can be charged under Texas law with intoxication assault or intoxication manslaughter both serious felonies. 

In handling Texas drunk driver accident claims, it is important to review the police report and medical records to determine if any tickets or citations were issued or if any tests were done to determine if the negligent driver was under the influence.  It is also important to speak with witnesses to determine where the person was before the accident and what they were doing that caused the accident.  In many instances it is obvious if the person was drunk.  Evidence of drunk driving can include sporadic driving including driving at high rates of speed, weaving in and out of traffic, and not following traffic signals.  It can also include a person who is slurring, staggering, or out of control after the automobile accident that they have caused.   For more information on drunk driver car wreck claims, follow this link to Austin Texas Drunk Driver Automobile Accident Lawsuits or feel free to contact Texas Drunk Driver Automobile Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer.

Austin Car Crash Fire Death Lawsuits, Texas Deadly Fire Vehicle Collision Lawsuits, and Fatal Automobile Accident Fire Lawsuits

Automobile accidents including deadly car crash fire accidents that result in someone's death should be properly investigated to determine what happened and to make sure that other people are not injured in similar fatal accidents.  In addition to the police investigation and fire marshal investigation, insurance companies typically send their own investigators to the scene of fatal automobile accidents to determine and limit their liability in any fatal automobile accident lawsuit that may arise out of a fatal accident.  Many times the insurance adjuster, trucking company representatives, or courier service representatives will be sent to a fatal accident site in attempt to protect the insurance company or business from liability.  The information obtained through these investigations as well as the police investigation can be extremely important in performing an independent investigation of the fatal accident. 

It is also important that your lawyer is familiar with the accident scene as well as any investigations that have been done regarding the fatal automobile accident.  Texas fatal fire automobile accident lawyer, Jason Coomer, performs thorough investigations on the facts surrounding fatal automobile accident claims including obtaining driver background checks; reviewing trucking company & courier company investigations & records; inspecting the vehicles involved in the fatal accident; and going to the scene of the fatal automobile accident.  He feels it is important to thoroughly investigate every fatal automobile accident claim that he decides to handle.

Austin Texas Car Crash Fire Lawyer Jason Coomer has years of litigation experience and the necessary knowledge to make sure those injured in automobile accidents are fully compensated under the law. He has helped many people injured by negligent and drunk drivers and made sure that the families of those killed and seriously injured were compensated as well. He prides himself on successfully battling large insurance companies and big businesses to make sure they pay adequate compensation for damages caused by drunk, reckless, careless, or negligent drivers.

As a Texas Car Crash Fire Lawyer, Jason Coomer, works on Car Crash Fire Accident Lawsuits involving serious injuries and fatal automobile collisions all over the State of Texas and throughout the United States.  In working on Car Crash Fire Accident Lawsuits, Jason Coomer commonly works with other Car Crash Fire  Lawyers throughout Texas and the United States including Houston Fatal Car Crash Fire Lawyers, Dallas Fatal Car Crash Fire Lawyers, El Paso Fatal Fire Accident Lawyers, and San Antonio Defective Vehicle Fatal Fire Serious Burn and Death Accident Lawyers.  In working with other Defective Crashworthiness Fatal Fire Automobile Accident Lawyers, he is able to more efficiently investigate and litigate catastrophic injury and fatal fire automobile crash and deadly car wreck lawsuits that are caused by defective automobile design or parts.  

Austin Car Crash Fire Lawsuits, Texas Car Crash Fire Lawsuits, Fatal Car Crash Fire Lawsuits, Serious Burn Car Crash Lawsuits, and Car Accident Fire Death Lawsuits

Austin Texas Car Crash Fire Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles automobile accident fire lawsuits where people have been seriously injured or killed that were in car crashes and then caught fire.  He has handled a variety of vehicle accident claims including car wreck law suits, truck collision law suits, bus accident law suits, bike accident law suits, drunk driver automobile accident law suits, fatal automobile accident law suits, commercial vehicle collision law suits, truck accident lawsuits, and motorcycle accident law suits.  He represents the families of those fatally injured in serious automobile accidents as well as those that have suffered serious injuries from serious automobile accidents.

For a free evaluation of your vehicle collision, bus crash, truck accident, motorcycle wreck, or car crash claim by an Austin Texas automobile accident lawyer, please contact The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer.  Please include the date of the accident, location of accident, your name, injuries suffered, and a brief description of the accident. 

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