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Defective product claims are a result of our modern society. The mass production, marketing, and distribution of products now allows negligent, careless, and corrupt businesses to sell defective products to millions of people all over the World. Never in the past has there been such potential for one negligent, careless, or corrupt business to cause great harm to millions of people. Defective products can cause severe damages as can be seen by defective asbestos products, defective vehicles, defective appliances, defective toys, defective guns, cigarettes, defective tires, defective pet food, defective medications, and defective medical devices.

If you have been injured by a defective product, feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Texas defective product lawyer Jason Coomer. He may be able to help you recover your damages for a defective product claim.

Product Liability Claims (Defective Product Claims)

Product liability claims arise when manufacturers, designers, or distributors produce or sell a dangerous and defective product to the public and this defective product injures, kills, or damages someone. The defective product has to be used for its intended purpose, but if it is and the dangerous product results in damages, serious injury, or death, a product liability claim arises. The most well know types of defective product claims include asbestos products, defective medications, defective medical devices, defective vehicles, and defective tires. However, more recently defective pet food and defective toys have come into the public notice.

These defective product claims include design defect claims, manufacturing defect claims, and failure to warn claims. Complicated product liability claims can sometimes have all three types of product liability claims in them depending on the defective product with which you are dealing.

Design Defect Claims (Defective Product Claims)

The design defect claims stem from products that are designed incorrectly such as some asbestos product claims, automobile defect claims, and gun claims. These design defect claims create products that are inherently defective. The classic example are the Pinto claims where the fuel tank was design incorrectly so that if it was hit from behind, the vehicle would explode.

Manufacturing Defect Claims (Defective Product Claims)

The manufacturing defect claims are a bit different because the problem with these defective products is that the device is produced wrong. A classic example of these claims are the recent toxic pet food and toxic toy product liability claims. In these claims the product if manufactured or produced correctly would be safe, but because the manufacturers put toxic ingredients in the pet food and toxic lead paint on the toys the products are defective.

Failure to Warn and Inadequate Warning Claims (Defective Product Claims)

Failure to warn claims are a bit different in the product if used correctly would be safe, but when used incorrectly can be highly dangerous. With these potentially unsafe products it is important to provide warnings as to how to safely use a product. A common example is the warning sign for use of car seats in automobiles. It is important to make sure that the seats are used correctly to avoid severe injury or the death of a young child by airbags or improperly placed car seats.

Defective Product Lawyers (Product Liability Lawyers)

Texas product liability lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps individuals and businesses that have been injured or damaged by defective products including products with design defects, manufacturing defects, and inadequate warnings. Because of the size, complexity, and expense of most product liability claims, Jason Coomer commonly works with other product liability lawyers across the United States as well as around the World to prosecute product liability claims. He has worked with Dallas Product Liability Lawyers, Boston Product Liability Lawyers, Houston Product Liability Lawyers, London Product Liability Lawyers, and several other product liability lawyers. If you have a question about a defective product and need a Product Liability Lawyer or a dangerous product attorney to advise you, contact Austin Texas defective product lawyer Jason Coomer.

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