Texas Defective Air Bag Lawyer and Texas Defective Automobile Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Defective Vehicle Lawsuits  

Defective automobile claims include defective air bag claims, defective seat belts, defective brakes, defective tire claims, defective design claims, and rollover claims.  As automobile accidents are one of the most common killers of Texans, it is important to drive a safe vehicle.  Unfortunately, some automobile manufacturers place profits over safety in the product of vehicles.   

If you have been injured by a defective air bag or defective automobile, feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Texas defective automobile lawyer Jason Coomer.  He may be able to help you recover your damages.

Defective Air Bag Claims (Product Liability Claims)

Defective Air Bag Claims may arise out of serious automobile accidents where a defective air bag was the cause of death or a catastrophic injury.  An air bag injury may result when an air bag deploys at low impact or no impact. The defective airbag will deploy at tremendous force which is necessary to protect passengers from  forward momentum of a high-speed crash. However, if the air bag deploys At low speed, deployment can snap the head and neck back severely, resulting in spinal damage, brain injury and soft tissue damage. Facial lacerations and even broken bones in the face are also common. Sometimes air bags fail to deploy when they should, resulting in chest, head, face and or neck injury as the body is propelled against the dashboard, windshield or seatback.

Defective Seat Belt Claims (Product Liability Claims)

Serious abdominal, head, neck, shoulder, facial and leg injuries are common results of seatbelt failure. The cause may be poor design of the seat latch, failure of the belt to catch when brakes are applied, poorly designed pressure points where the lap or shoulder harness cut into the body, or weakness or tears in the seat belt itself.

Defective Air Bag and Automobile Lawyers (Product Liability Claims)

Texas Defective Automobile lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps individuals that have been seriously injured and the families of people that have been killed as a result of defective air bags or a defective automobile.  If you have a question about a defective air bag or defective automobile claims, contact Austin Texas defective air bag lawyer Jason Coomer.


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