Texas Hazing Death Lawyer and Texas Hazing Lawyer Handles Texas Hazing Death Lawsuits and Texas Serious Injury Lawsuits By Texas Hazing Death Lawyer and Texas Hazing Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Hazing is against the law in Texas.  Unfortunately, many student organizations disregard the law and subject people to severe acts of hazing. From alcohol, drug, and physical abuse to forced public nudity & sexual acts, hazing can kill, injure, or emotionally scar a young person for life.   

If you or a loved one has experienced a severe hazing incident and need a Texas Lawyer to investigate an accidental death, serious injury, sexual abuse, or public humiliation  claim, please feel free to e-mail Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer.

Texas Hazing Death Lawyer and Texas Hazing Lawyer Handles Texas Hazing Death Lawsuits and Texas Serious Injury Lawsuits

Whether a person is accidentally killed by a hazing incident or is publicly humiliated through degrading and senseless acts of an older student, individuals often need assistance in dealing with and seeking just compensation from the people and organizations that are responsible. Typically, the parties that are responsible for the hazing incident spend a lot of money fighting the claim instead of compensating the family for the loss and fixing the problem. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often the same way. Having an experienced Texas attorney on your side prosecuting your hazing claim can force responsible parties and insurance companies to do the right thing and value life & safety for future students.

In handling a variety of personal injury, sexual abuse, and accidental death claims, Jason Coomer has been fortunate enough to represent and help some really good people obtain money compensation for terrible acts were done to them. He has also been instrumental in removing some despicable people from positions of power, so they do not have opportunities to abuse others.  He has been honored and privileged to work through the justice system to help improve safety and hold people responsible when they value money or dangerous traditions over the lives and safety of Texans.  He works with other Austin hazing claim lawyers, Houston hazing claim lawyers, Dallas hazing claim lawyers, San Antonio hazing claim lawyers, San Marcos hazing claim lawyers, College Station hazing claim lawyers, Lubbock hazing claim lawyers, and other Texas hazing claim lawyers to make sure that incidents are fully investigated and the proper parties are held accountable.

Losing a son or daughter to forced drinking and alcohol poisoning or dangerous hazing acts is awful and no one should have to lose a loved one to overzealous and out of control fraternity, sorority, band, or other student organization members.  Likewise, forced sexual acts, degrading acts, and physical abuse is not a way to promote a long lasting bonds between students.  Nude photos, naked videos, and documentation of forced or drug induced sexual acts can cause severe public humiliation, especially in the age of the Internet and Web.  It is against the law to haze another person and to do so can cause severe emotional trauma and public humiliation.  

If you have lost a loved one to a severe hazing incident or have yourself suffered from a severe hazing incident, Jason Coomer is available to review and investigate your potential claims.  Please feel free to e-mail Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer.

Feel free to contact Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer, if you need an Austin Texas Lawyer.  He handles legal matters all over Texas and works with other Lawyers throughout Texas and the nation.

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