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Natural gas, butane, and propane are convenient sources of energy that many people use in their homes for heating, cooking, and hot water.  Unfortunately, natural gas and propane are highly combustible.  When they are improperly stored or leak, they can ignite resulting in an explosion that can cause catastrophic injuries, serious burns, significant damages, destructive home fire, or even death.  Common causes of home propane and natural gas explosions include poor maintenance, faulty installation of gas lines or appliances, defective gas control valves, defective gas meters, and defective flexible gas connectors.

If you or your family have suffered a home gas explosion resulting in a death, serious injuries, or significant damage, feel free to contact Texas Home Gas Explosion Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail to TexasGasExplosionLawyer@texaslawyers.com  or use our submission form for a free online review of your home gas explosion claim.

Residential Gas Explosions and Fire Claims

Home gas explosion claims and residential fire claims can cause devastating loss of life, serious burns, catastrophic injuries, and significant property damage.  Recovering from a home gas explosion, can be difficult.  Not only is there the loss of life or serious injuries to deal with, but the actual clean up and rebuilding.  From the explosion and fire damage to smoke and fire suppression damage, residential gas explosions and fire claims typically require significant resources to clean up and rebuild the home.

As such, it can be extremely difficult to deal not only with the loss of life, injuries, and damages clean, but to also deal with the gas company, builder, insurance, or other large company that may be responsible for the home gas explosion or have liability for the home gas explosion or fire.

It is often beneficial to hire a home gas explosion lawyer to assist in seeking compensation for for the gas explosion and fire.   A good residential gas explosion lawyer will investigate the cause of the gas explosion and work with fire cause and origin experts to determine the cause and origin of the gas explosion.  This investigation is extremely important as it is the person seeking compensation that has the burden to prove what caused the explosion including faulty installation of gas lines, gas meters, or gas appliances, faulty maintenance by the gas company or other responsible parties, or defective parts including defective gas meters, defective gas lines, defective gas control valves, or defective flexible gas connectors.

Fire and Home Gas Explosion Claims

When there is a gas leak, any open flame or electronic device can be enough to cause a home gas explosion that can cause a horrific tragedy.  Being aware of the potential danger of gas leak can be important in saving your family's lives and avoiding a devastating home gas explosion.  If you are aware of a gas leak or faulty installation of a gas meter or gas line including poor placement of a gas meter next to a driveway, it is important to contact the gas company immediately.  If you think there is a gas leak it is important not to turn on lights or use the phone.  Get out of the home and call the gas company from a safe location.

Propane and Natural Gases

Propane is extracted from natural gas, and is one of the so-called liquefied petroleum gases. Many years ago, it was found that propane could be turned into a liquid, or "liquefied", under fairly low pressure. This quality allows shipping and storage of large volumes of propane gas in relatively small containers. Other gases can also be liquefied, but propane is by far the most common liquefied petroleum gas.

Propane is an energy-rich gas, C3H8. It is one of the liquefied petroleum gases that are found mixed with natural gas and oil. Propane and other liquefied gases, including ethane and butane, are separated from natural gas at natural gas processing plants, or from petroleum at refineries.

Natural gas is a mixture of various naturally-occurring gases. The types of gasses in this stew vary from well to well. Natural gas is primarily methane, but also contains other flammable gases such as propane, butane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The main uses for natural gas in homes are for heating, hot water and cooking.

Fire and Home Gas Explosion Lawyers

Residential accidents including propane explosions, fires, natural gas explosions, and home fires cause fatal injuries, serious burns, and catastrophic damages every year.  In seeking compensation for a home gas explosion, it is important to have a home gas explosion lawyer or home fire lawyer working for you and your family.  Texas home gas explosion lawyer, Jason Coomer, represents people that have been seriously burned or suffered smoke inhalation in home fires as well as the families of people that have been killed in home fires or gas explosions. 

As a Texas home gas explosion lawyer and Texas home fire lawyer, Jason Coomer has worked with other Texas home gas explosion lawyers including other Austin gas explosion lawyers, Houston gas explosion lawyers, San Antonio gas explosion lawyers, and Dallas gas explosion lawyers.  He also works with other home gas explosion lawyers throughout the United States.  He also handles industrial gas explosion claims and works with other industrial gas explosion lawyers across Texas and throughout the United States.

If you or your family have suffered a home gas explosion resulting in a death, serious injuries, or significant damage, feel free to contact Texas Home Gas Explosion Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail or submission form for a free online review of your home gas explosion claim. 


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