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A mass tort is defined by one or more actors damaging a great number of people by a common wrongful act.  Mass Business Torts include CEOs, corrupt officers, & majority shareholders that take money from pensions or mismanage a corporation causing shareholders to lose money;  investment brokers and investment companies that sell fraudulent financial investments; and other large businesses that scam other businesses, investors, and the public.  Mass personal injury torts include plant explosions, chemical leaks, airplane crashes, or dangerous products sold to the public.

If you have lost your life savings, your business, or significant money through a business mass tort or have lost a loved one or been seriously injury through a mass tort, feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Texas mass tort lawyer Jason Coomer. He provides advice to businesses and families that have been injured by personal injury mass torts and business mass torts.

Mass Tort Claims

The similarity of the wrong (tort) that was committed against numerous people allows their claims to be heard together. This bundling of claims promotes judicial economy, but also creates a variety of new economic incentives and disincentives for both plaintiffs and defendants.  Examples of mass tort litigation include products liability claims (asbestos products, bad drugs & pharmaceutical products , and vehicle recalls); large business tort claims (shareholder actions, antitrust claims, and investment fraud); as well as large scale man made disasters (apartment fires, chemical plant explosions, & airplane crashes). 

Corporate Malfeasance, Business Torts, and CEO Bad Acts

Texas mass business tort Attorney, Jason Coomer helps Texas families and business owners that have lost money through wrongful acts of corrupt CEOs, majority shareholders, or negligent corporate officers. He helps review accounting, contracts, and corporate wrongful acts to determine if corporate malfeasance has occurred.  As an Texas Business litigation attorney that has handled commercial litigation claims between former business investors battling for stock, corporate accountings, patents, trademarks, copyrights, web sites, domains, buildings, customer lists, and other business assets.  He is familiar with negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, Texas State Courts, and Federal Courts.  Austin Texas Business Lawyer, Jason Coomer is an experienced business litigation attorney that handles mass torts including shareholder actions, unfair business actions, commercial real estate law, computer law, and other business litigation

If you are a Texas business owner that has been damaged through illegal actions of other businesses and have suffered a significant loss of revenue or profits, please feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Austin Texas business lawyer Jason Coomer.  He works with Texas Business Owners to recover losses caused by unfair business competition.

Mass Tort Death and Personal Injury Claims (Industrial Accidents)

Industrial accidents including chemical plant explosions, chemical releases, large warehouse fires, and pipeline explosions cause mass destruction including death, personal injuries, and significant damage.  Because of our global economy, these industrial accidents can take place any place in the United States or in the World, but be caused by greedy corporations and negligent people in Texas.  In many instances following a large industrial accident the families of the victims have a difficult time locating a Texas Industrial Accident Lawyer to handle accidental death claims, personal injury claims, or property damage claims against Texas corporations that made negligent safety decisions.  Working with other Texas Industrial Accident Lawyers and United States Industrial Accident Lawyers, Jason Coomer is able to assist people that have suffered the loss of family members, serious personal injuries, and significant property damage from large industrial accidents. 

If a family member has been killed in an industrial accident, you have been seriously injured in an industrial accident, or have suffered significant damages from an industrial accident, feel free to contact Texas Industrial Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail or submission form for a free online review of your potential Industrial Accident Claim.

Texas Business Litigation Claims

Austin Texas Mass Tort Lawyer Jason Coomer frequently works with other Texas Mass Tort Lawyers across Texas and the United States including Houston Mass Tort Lawyers, Dallas Business Tort Lawyers, San Antonio Business Tort Lawyers, and other Austin Business Tort Lawyers to provide high end professional legal services at reasonable prices.  

Austin mass tort lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps Texas business owners protect their assets from unfair corporate competition, seek compensation for damages caused by unfair corporation competition, and negotiate businesses to seek fair resolutions of commercial disputes.  If you need an Austin Texas Business Lawyer or a Texas Busines attorney to advise you on an unfair business competition action or other business litigation dispute, contact Austin Texas business lawyer Jason Coomer.


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