Texas Serious Fall Lawyer and Texas Fatal Fall Lawyer Handles Texas Serious Fall Lawsuits, Texas Fatal Fall Lawsuits, & other Texas Hazardous Condition Lawsuits by Texas Serious Fall Lawyer and Texas Fatal Fall Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Texas serious fall lawyer Jason Coomer handles serious and deadly fall claims where a hazardous condition or dangerous activity causes a serious fall that results in catastrophic injuries or death.   

As a Texas Serious and Deadly Fall Attorney that has handled fatal fall claims and catastrophic injury claims caused by serious falls, Jason Coomer, investigates and reviews fatal fall claims and serious fall claims that result in catastrophic personal injuries.  As a serious injury and deadly fall lawyer, he can investigate your potential deadly fall claim or serious injury fall claim to determine if you have legal recourse to recover under Texas law.  Feel free to e-mail him at fallattorney@texaslawyers.com or use our online submission form.

Investigating a Fatal Fall Claim

In handling defective lighting claims, defective safety policy claims, faulty stair claims,  steep drop off claims, hidden hole claims, and other dangerous condition claims, Jason Coomer and his staff gather evidence surrounding fatal accidents and serious accidents to determine the cause and how to help prevent future accidents. 

It is unfortunate how many people are killed or seriously injured as a result of the negligence of others.  Many land owners and careless businesses create hazardous traps or perpetuate dangerous activities that result in fatal falls or falls that cause serious injuries.  As a fatal fall lawyer, Jason Coomer investigates unnecessary deaths, accidental deaths, and serious injuries caused by hazardous traps and dangerous activities. 

In investigating a deadly fall claim or a fall that results in serious injuries, the claim typically needs to investigated as close to the time of the fall as possible.  This is because many land owners perform subsequent remedial measures after a serious or deadly fall to prevent future injuries and/or to destroy evidence of wrong doing that might cause them liability.  Inspecting the fatal accident site and taking pictures of the dangerous condition, is extremely important in determining how the deadly fall occurred.  This inspection is also important to collect evidence to use to prove any wrongful death claim or personal injury claim to insurance adjusters and juries.  It is also important to speak to any witnesses that may have information on how the deadly fall occurred.

In investigating a fatal fall claim it is also important to collect any police investigations or other investigations that have been done regarding the deadly fall.  These investigations can also provide important information as to how the deadly fall occurred and if there is evidence to proceed with a fatal fall claim or criminal proceeding against any potential parties.  For information on deadly fall claims and other fatal accident claims, please go to the investigating an accidental death claim page, the fatal automobile accident claim page, the work place death claim page, or the accidental death claim page on this web site.

Investigating a Serious Fall Claim that Results in Catastrophic Injuries

Like a fatal fall claim, a serious injury fall claim can be caused by a variety of dangerous conditions or hazardous activities.  These claims however are typically not investigated by police, OSHA, or other parties at the time they occur and for this reason it is very important to collect evidence of the dangerous condition or hazardous activity as soon as possible.  This is because evidence usually starts to disappear after a serious fall occurs. 

Like a deadly fall claim, it is important to collect witness statements as well as to take pictures of the accident scene.  This can be difficult, because in serious injury fall claims the injured person and their loved ones are generally more focused on getting good medical assistance and dealing with the injuries, than collecting information.  Many insurance companies and negligent parties take advantage of this by destroying evidence that can prove liability.

Premises Liability and Dangerous Condition Claims

From falling merchandise to dangerous glass, poor lighting, faulty stairs, and hidden drop offs, Texans are killed and injured every year by dangerous conditions that should be remedied.  Under Texas premises liability law, business & land owners are encouraged to remedy dangerous conditions that they know about or could discover upon a reasonable inspection of their property.  The purpose is to protect people that are invited onto their property.  This is especially true for business guests.

For a free evaluation of your personal injury serious or fatal fall claim by Austin Serious and Deadly Fall Lawyer, Jason Coomer, please contact The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer.  Please include the date of the injury, location of injury, your name, name of person killed or injured, injuries suffered, who is at fault for the injuries, and a brief description of the accident.  Austin Texas Serious and Deadly Fall Attorney, Jason Coomer, has worked on several dangerous condition claims throughout the State of Texas and works with other Texas serious and fatal fall lawyers across the State of Texas and the nation.

Feel free to contact Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer, if you need an Austin Texas Fatal Fall Lawyer, Austin Texas Deadly Fall Lawyer, Austin accident death lawyer, or Texas Serious Fall Lawyer.   Texas Serious and Fatal Fall Lawyer, Jason Coomer also commonly works with other lawyers throughout Texas and the nation on Fatal Fall Claims and Serious Injury Fall Claims including Dallas Deadly Fall Lawyers, Houston Wrongful Death Lawyers, Laredo accident death lawyers, and San Antonio Fatal Fall Lawyers.  

If you have lost a loved one and that loved one was killed through the negligence of a negligent corporation, irresponsible land owner, or other wrongful actor, Jason Coomer is available to review and investigate your potential wrongful death claim.  Please feel free to e-mail Texas Fatal Fall Lawyer Jason Coomer with your name & contact information, the name of the person that was killed, the date the person was killed, how the person was killed, and who you think was responsible for the wrongful death.

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