Texas ERCOT Power Failure Lawyer Helps Texans and Texas Businesses Who Suffered Significant Damages, Serious Injuries, or the Death of a Loved One From Unnecessary Power Outages and Black Outs During or After the 2021 Texas Winter Storms

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A Texas ERCOT power failure lawyer can provide advice to homeowners, business owners, and other Texans who have suffered significant damages from the 2021 black out and power outage.

Texas ERCOT power failure lawyer Jason Coomer helps businesses, homeowners, and other Texans who have suffered significant damages from black outs and power outages. In February 2021, Texas experienced an artic blast that caused over $180 Billion in damages to Texas businesses, landowners, and families. Further, even though this artic blast was predicted well before it hit, several precautions were not taken and power failures throughout Texas exacerbated the damages and suffering. As a Texas lawyer who represents Texas businesses and families, Jason Coomer is currently reviewing ERCOT power failure cases, first party homeowner claims, and other Texas winter storm 2021 claims. He and his co-counsel only review cases with significant damages and/or catastrophic injuries or death.

Below are some helpful FAQs regarding Texas ERCOT Power Failure Claims by Texas ERCOT Power Outage Lawyer Jason Coomer:

Q1: What types of claims can a Texas ERCOT power failure lawyer file on behalf of Texans, business owners, and home owners?
A1: Texas ERCOT power failure lawyers can file a variety injury, death, and damages claims for Texans and Texas businesses. More specifically, they file wrongful death claims, real property damages claims, business damage claims, and personal injury claims. As such, any Texas family, business owner, or property owner who suffered significant damages, serious injuries, or the death of a loved one caused by the power outage and black outs during the 2021 Texas Winter Storms may have a viable ERCOT power failure claim.

Q2: Who are the private companies ERCOT, AEP, and AEP Texas that maintain the Texas power grid and why are they the target of ERCOT power failure claims?
A2: ERCOT is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. ERCOT along with two out of state private companies provide 90% of Texas's electricy and serve 26 million clients. These private companies including American Electric Power Company, Inc (AEP) and AEP Texas, Inc. maintain the Texas power grid. As such, Texas ERCOT power failure claims allege these private companies have a duty to protect Texas citizens from the known danger of cutting off power to Texans and Texas businesses during an artic blast. Further, because of this duty and the widespread power outages in Feburary 2021, these private companies are the target of several ERCOT power failure claims.

Q3: Did ERCOT, AEP, and AEP Texas take reasonable care to protect and maintain the Texas power grid prior to and during the 2021 Texas Winter Storms?
A3: Texas ERCOT power failure lawyers believe that ERCOT, AEP, and AEP Texas had a duty to take reasonable care to protect and maintain the Texas power grid. As such, they are filing negligence claims, takings claims, and other claims against ERCOT and two other private companies on behalf of Texans and Texas businesses. In these ERCOT lawsuits, they allege that these companies had ample warning regarding the Texas Winter Storms and known weather risks, but failed to take proper action to winterize the Texas energy grid to prepare for the February 2021 cold snap resulting in devastating damages, injuries, and deaths to many Texans and Texas businesses.

Q4: What information does a Texas ERCOT power failure lawyer need to begin a review of a potential case?","acceptedAnswer
A4: To begin a review of a Texas ERCOT power failure claim, a lawyer will need to know the following: 1) your full name, 2) your current address, 3) the address of the property that lost power, 4) how long you were without power, and 5) what damage, injuries, or deaths you, your family, or your business suffered from the power failures and black outs during or after the Texas winter storms.

Texas ERCOT Power Failure Lawyer Reviews Business, Residential, and Personal Injury Claims Caused by the ERCOT Power Failure

In reviewing ERCOT power failure claims, an ERCOT power outage lawyer needs to know the following information: 1) what is your full name, 2) what is your current address, 3) what is the address of the property that lost power, 4) when did the power failure begin, 5) how long were you without power, 6) what damages did you or your business suffer from the lost power, and 7) do you have an insurance claim regarding damages caused by the Texas winter storms.

Texas Winter Storms 2021 First Party Homeowner and Business Claims

Many homeowners and business owners suffered signficant damages from the Texas 2021 winter storms Uri and Viola. After accessing the damages and preventing further damages, many of these homeowners and business owners will need to file insurance claims. As such, they should start by reviewing their insurance policies. More specifically, it is important to understand the terms of coverage to determine the best way to maximize a claim. Further, insured should keep in mind that many insurance companies seek to minimize their liability by denying and disputing valid claims.

In addition to reviewing coverage, businesses and homeowners with significant damages should consider hiring an insurance coverage lawyer for these larger claims. The lawyer can review the policies and help prepare the claim for filing. More specifically, the first part claim lawyer can identify potential coverage issues as well as help document covered losses.

Homeowner and Business Owner Actions and Decisions Can Trigger Insurance Coverage or Denials

Many proprietors need to make numerous decisions during a crisis. More specifically, business owners need to protect their property, business, employees, inventories, and customers during crisis events. Further, some of these decisions can dictate whether an insurance policy applies. By reviewing coverage issues, homeowners and businesses can help avoid potential pitfalls regarding coronavirus decisions.

Further, it is important for homeonwers and businesses to understand that many insurance adjusters use these decisions to determine if they can issue a denial of coverage letter. Additionally, please keep in mind insurers have in-house lawyers that advise them on how to deny coverage. Therefore, business and commercial property owners should review their policies when making these decisions. Further, they should also consult with a business interruption lawyer during a potentially covered event. If possible, many owners may want to review policies and discuss decisions with a business interruption lawyer prior to making important business shutdown or insurance claim decisions.

Insurance Company Adjusters and Insurance Company Lawyers Commonly Work to Reduce Claim Values

In addition to denying claims, insurance company adjusters also work to reduce claim values. Additionally, insurers have in-house lawyers that advise them on how to reduce a claim's value. For this reason, many businesses would benefit by working with a business interruption lawyer when making a claim. More specifically, these establishment owners can discuss documenting damages as well as damage mitigation issues. They can also receive assistance in documenting, defending, and verifying damages. All of these issues can be helpful in claiming and maximizing an insurance claim payout.

Insurance Coverage Varies Greatly Between Different Policies and Businesses

Insurance companies offer a wide variety of insurance coverage to many different types of businesses. Further, insurance brokers and agents commonly offer an "all risks" benefits policy to many businesses. These policies often provide coverage for many types of loses. However, each type of policy will dictate the specifics of the coverage. Further, the policy clauses, exclusions, and language will need a thorough analysis in order to understand whether policy coverage applies. Moreover, a coronavirus insurance claim attorney can provide experienced legal advice regarding your business interruption insurance policy.

Texas ERCOT Power Failure Lawyer and Texas Winter Storms 2021 Insurance Claim Lawyer Jason Coomer

Texas ERCOT power failure lawyer, Jason Coomer, helps Texas business owners and homeowners protect their rights in the wake of the ERCOT power outage and Texas Winter Storms. He assists Texans seeking just compensation for damages or loses caused to business, commercial property, and real property and families who suffered deaths or catastrophic injuries. As a ERCOT power failure lawyer, Jason Coomer commonly works with other lawyers and law firms across Texas. In addition, he commonly works with attorneys throughout the United States to negotiate with insurance adjusters. His goal is to seek a fair resolution to lawsuits, insurance claims, and other disputes. Additionally, he can assist corporate counsel and in-house counsel regarding business interruption claim matters.

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