Texas Business Interruption Lawyer Handles COVID-19 Insurance Claims and Lawsuits by Texas Coronavirus Commercial Property Damage or Loss Attorney Jason Coomer

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A Texas business interruption lawyer can provide advice to business owners regarding COVID-19 insurance claims and lawsuits.

Texas business interruption lawyer Jason Coomer helps businesses with loss of business insurance claims. Business owners across the United States and their attorneys are filing COVID-19 insurance claims. These claims relate to business interruption and loss of revenue caused by civil orders and the pandemic. Unfortunately, many of these claims will be denied, underpaid, or disputed by insurance companies. For this reason, Texas attorney Jason Coomer recommends that businesses have a business interruption lawyer review their policy and claim information.

If your business has experienced significant losses, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to contact our office. Please use our online contact form or send an email message to Texas business interruption lawyer Jason Coomer for information regarding coronavirus commercial insurance claims, negotiations, and lawsuits.

A Texas Business Interruption Lawyer Can Review A Commercial COVID-19 Insurance Policy and Claim Prior to Filing With the Insurer

In filing insurance claims, business owners should start by reviewing their insurance policies. More specifically, the terms of all commercial coverage should be carefully reviewed to determine the best way to maximize a claim. This review is especially important when dealing with coronavirus claims as coverage is not always obvious. Further, many insurance companies seek to minimize their liability by denying and disputing valid claims.

In addition to reviewing coverage, businesses should consider hiring an insurance coverage lawyer for larger claims. The lawyer can review the policies and help prepare the claim for filing. More specifically, the business interruption lawyer can identify potential coverage issues as well as help document covered losses.

Many Businesses Have Large Insurance Policies That May Cover Different Types of Significant Losses Related To Coronavirus Claims

Companies that own and operate property used in connection with a commercial business usually have large insurance policies. More specifically, many of these policies offer six figure, $1 million, or multi-million dollar coverage for a variety of losses. Further, most businesses and their insurance agents did not envision the coronavirus business losses when negotiating the policies. For this reason, all policies and communications with insurance agents should be reviewed to determine potential coverage. Further, it can be extremely beneficial to go over policies, agent representations, and broker communications. A Texas business interruption lawyer with insurance coverage claims experience can assist you.

Business Owner Actions and Decisions During Covid-19 Events Can Trigger Insurance Coverage or Denials

Many proprietors need to make numerous decisions during a pandemic or other crisis. More specifically, business owners need to protect their business, employees, and customers during Covid-19 events. Further, some of these decisions could dictate whether an insurance policy applies. By reviewing coverage issues, businesses can help avoid potential pitfalls regarding coronavirus decisions.

Further, it is important for businesses to understand that many insurance adjusters use these decisions to determine if they can issue a denial of coverage letter. Additionally, please keep in mind insurers have in-house lawyers that advise them on how to deny coverage. Therefore, business and commercial property owners should review their policies when making these decisions. Further, they should also consult with a business interruption lawyer during a potentially covered event. If possible, many owners may want to review policies and discuss decisions with a business interruption lawyer prior to making important business shutdown or insurance claim decisions.

Insurance Company Adjusters and Insurance Company Lawyers Commonly Work to Reduce Claim Values

In addition to denying claims, insurance company adjusters also work to reduce claim values. Additionally, insurers have in-house lawyers that advise them on how to reduce a claim's value. For this reason, many businesses would benefit by working with a business interruption lawyer when making a claim. More specifically, these establishment owners can discuss documenting damages as well as damage mitigation issues. They can also receive assistance in documenting, defending, and verifying damages. All of these issues can be helpful in claiming and maximizing an insurance claim payout.

Insurance Coverage Varies Greatly Between Different Policies and Businesses

Insurance companies offer a wide variety of insurance coverage to many different types of businesses. Further, insurance brokers and agents commonly offer an "all risks" benefits policy to many businesses. These policies often provide coverage for many types of loses. However, each type of policy will dictate the specifics of the coverage. Further, the policy clauses, exclusions, and language will need a thorough analysis in order to understand whether policy coverage applies. Moreover, a coronavirus insurance claim attorney can provide experienced legal advice regarding your business interruption insurance policy.

Examples of Commercial Insurance Coverage Types That a Business Interruption Lawyer Can Potentially Use to Help Validate a COVID-19 Insurance Claim

First of all, some helpful FAQs to explain the basics about some specific types of business insurance clauses that may provide coverage to different types of Covid-19 events;

Q1: Does civil authority insurance cover coronavirus business interruptions?
A1: Interruption by civil authority insurance policy provisions are for businesses that are denied access to their facility during and after a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane, wildfire, and potentially the coronavirus pandemic. A business interruption lawyer will need to review each policy to determine if the COVID-19 pandemic applies to your policy.

Q2: Does time element insurance cover COVID-19 business loses?
A2: Time element commercial coverage typically relates to a period of time. When there is a commercial operations suspense, a time element policy may cover business interruption losses. Most importantly, the coronavirus public health orders could potentially trigger your time element insurance. Contact a commercial insurance claim attorney for specifics.

Q3: What is a direct physical loss or damage provision?
A3: A direct physical loss or damage provision is language in a business insurance property policy. Direct physical loss or damage must occur to trigger a commercial property damage policy. A lawyer from a business interruption law firm can help analyze your policy and facts regarding this provision.

Q4: What is a pandemic event endorsement
A4: A pandemic event endorsement can provide business interruption coverage if an infected person visits your covered location. Further, if a government entity closes your business or a group of establishments during a pandemic event, you could potentially have coverage related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Texas Department of Insurance has more information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) updates.

An Texas Interruption of Business Lawyer Can Seek Several Types of Damages When They File A COVID-19 Insurance Claim or Coronavirus Loss Lawsuit?

An Texas business interruption lawyer will seek compensation for several types of damages in your COVID-19 insurance claim, negotiations, or lawsuit. Some examples of damages that a commercial property insurance policy, business owners policy, or commercial package policy might cover include the following:

  • Business loss of income or revenue
  • Fixed expenses such as rent and utilities
  • Expenses related to a temporary business location
  • Expenses to reduce loss

If you have suffered loss of business income and related damages due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, please contact us. Further, please feel free to use our online contact form or send an email message to Texas business interruption lawyer Jason Coomer for more information regarding coronavirus commercial insurance claims, negotiations, and lawsuits.

Due to the Interruption by Civil Authority Several Types of Businesses Will Suffer Loss or Damage and Will Have A Coronavirus Insurance Claim

Some businesses are essential and may not see a loss in income. In addition, many of the essential industries are seeing record revenue. However, the business categories that are nonessential will experience significant business interruption losses to their profits. The civil authority will not allow businesses that operate outside of industries that provide utilities, groceries, healthcare, or financial assistance to remain open. Until further notice, these businesses are unable to operate in order to comply with the shutdowns and closures. Many of the below types of establishments will suffer direct commercial property loss or damage. The owners and operators of these commercial properties should seek the advice of a business interruption lawyer.

Businesses largely agreed to be nonessential:
  • | Theaters
  • | Shopping Malls
  • | Gyms and Rec. Centers
  • | Salons & Spas
  • | Museums
  • | Casinos & Racetracks
  • | Sporting & Concert Venues
  • | Bowling Alleys
Coverage may vary by region or by the policy:
  • | Restaurants
  • | Bars & Nightclubs
  • | Construction
  • | Liquor Stores
  • | Manufacturing
  • | Child Day Care
  • | Gun Stores
  • | Office Supply Stores

Which Major Texas Cities and Counties Implemented COVID-19 Orders That Caused Business Interruptions?

As of March 31, 2020, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio were all under stay-at-home orders. On April 1, 2020, the Texas Governor stated that he had ordered all Texans to stay at home. At that point, all Texas cities and residents were under a statewide stay-at-home mandate. Meanwhile, companies providing essential services continue to operate. Likewise, individuals can do essential tasks like going to the doctor or the grocery store. A Texas business interruption insurance claim lawyer will need to review your policy and determine which civil authority orders may have caused a loss to your commercial property.

Below Are Links To Civil Authority Orders Issued By Major Texas Cities And Counties That A Texas Business Interruption Lawyer Could Possibly Use When Drafting Your Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Insurance Claim



Travis County

Austin Order
March 20, 2020

Travis County Order
March 24, 2020



Dallas County

Dallas Order
March 16, 2020

Dallas County Order
March 16, 2020


El Paso

El Paso County

El Paso Order
March, 2020

El Paso County Order
March 24, 2020


Fort Worth

Tarrant County

Fort Worth Order
March 21, 2020

Tarrant County Order
March 24, 2020



Harris County

Houston Information
March 24, 2020

Harris County Order
March 24, 2020


San Antonio

Bexar County

San Antonio Order
March 23, 2020

Bexar County Order
March 23, 2020

Texas Business Interruption Lawyer Jason Coomer

Texas business interruption lawyer, Jason Coomer, can help Texas business owners protect their rights in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He can assist you in seeking just compensation for damages or loses caused to your commercial property, for instance. Similarly, he can represent establishment owners effected by a coronavirus civil authority business interruption shutdown. As a business interruption insurance attorney, Jason Coomer commonly works with other lawyers and law firms across Texas. In addition, he can work with attorneys throughout the United States to negotiate with insurance adjusters. His goal is to seek a fair resolution to commercial insurance claims and disputes. Additionally, he can assist corporate counsel and in-house counsel regarding business interruption claim matters.

If your business has experienced losses, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to use our online contact form or send an email message to Texas business interruption lawyer Jason Coomer for more information regarding coronavirus commercial insurance claims, negotiations, and lawsuits.

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