Texas Electric Bill Lawyer Helps Texans and Texas Businesses That Were Charged Excessive Electric Utility Prices After the February 2021 Cold Front by Energy Price Gouging Attorney Jason Coomer.

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A Texas electric bill lawyer can provide advice to individuals and business owners who have received excessive electric utility statements.

Texas electric bill lawyer, Jason Coomer, handles excessive electric utility price claims as well as energy price gouging cases related to the 2021 cold front. As a Texas attorney, Jason Coomer is currently reviewing cases where utility companies charged customers massive prices for their energy use during the recent cold front. He only reviews cases where the electric energy bill and rates are more than five times the normal price.

Below are some helpful FAQs regarding Texas Electric Bill Claims by Texas Energy Price Gouging Attorney Jason Coomer:

Q1: What types of claims can a Texas electric bill lawyer file on behalf of Texans, business owners, and homeowners?
A1: Texas electric bill lawyers can file several types of claims related to price gouging. More specifically, they can potentially file class allegations, violations of Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, negligence, conversion, unjust enrichment and other type of claims. As such, any individual or business owner who received or paid a massive utility bill (more than 5 time the usual rate or bill) after the 2021 extreme cold front may have a viable electric bill claim.

Q2: What is a POLR and why has my Griddy energy account been switched to a POLR?
A2: A POLR is a provider of last resort. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has designated back-up electric providers that can step in and provide the utility if your current provider is unable to operate. Griddy energy has stated that ERCOT took their members and have effectively shut down Griddy. After the February 2021 cold front, the Texas electric grid operator barred Griddy energy from being able to buy electricity from the wholesale market. Therefore, the Griddy member accounts had to be switched to a POLR. Further, because of the massive electric bills that were sent out by Griddy energy they are the target of numerous excessive utility price claims.

Q3: What information does a Texas electric bill lawyer need to begin a review of a possible case?
A3: To begin a review of a Texas excessive utility bill claim, a lawyer will need to know the following: 1) your full name, 2) your current address, 3) the address of the property that received the massive electric bill, 4) three months of electric bill statements, and 5) what excessive price your were billed or were required to pay.

How is a Wholesale Electric Plan Different From A Retail Electric Plan by Texas Electric Bill Lawyer

As a Texas electric bill lawyer, Jason Coomer has seen volatility in the wholesale electric market during recent heat waves or extreme cold fronts. If you are a customer that has your electric bill tied to the wholesale market, you should regularly monitor the rates and market. Keeping a watch on low prices and surging wholesale prices is key. Often, energy customers prefer to secure the services of a retail electric provider or a REP. Retail electric providers buy electricity from the wholesale market and then use the electricity in the future. REPs can often purchase electricity during low price periods and avoid buying when the rates spike. This type of electric plan can offer more stability for customers.

Individuals and businesses should research the topic and study several energy resources when deciding which type of electric plan is best for you or your business.

Texas Electric Bill Attorney Discusses Griddy Electric Membership Plan That Sold Electricity to Customers at Wholesale Prices

The Griddy plan sold electricity to it's customers at wholesale prices and charged a $10.00 monthly membership fee. Some Griddy customers were setup on wholesale variable rate plans that are allowed by the Texas market. At times the customers enjoyed low prices when the trading price of energy was low. However, when the market demanded high rates during heat waves or cold fronts customers paid very high prices per megawatt-hour. Some accounts were setup where money was withdrawn from customer bank accounts as the charges were incurred. Some Griddy customers were allowed to setup payment plans to pay balances and stay with Griddy. However, after the February 2021 extreme cold front, the Texas electric grid operator barred Griddy from being able to buy electricity from the wholesale market. Further, Griddy members were switched to providers of last resort (POLR) so that they could continue to receive and use electricity.

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