Driver Safety Exploding Airbag Alert: Exploding Airbag Accidents Are Being Caused By Millions of Defective Airbags That Have Been Installed in Millions of Vehicles Drivers Should Be Aware If Their Vehicle Has Defective Airbags by Texas Exploding Airbag Accident Lawyer and Texas Early Airbag Deployment Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Defective exploding airbags and early deployment airbags cause fatal and serious injury accidents throughout the United States.  These exploding airbag accidents and early deployment accidents are especially common in hot and humid climates such as Texas because the defective explosive compound used in these airbags often degrades resulting in early deployment.  This unnecessary explosion can send project shrapnel into drivers causing serious injuries and fatal accidents. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal automobile collision or have been injured by a defective automobile including defective airbags, please feel free to send an e-mail to Texas Exploding Airbag Accident Lawyer and Texas Defective Airbag Early Deployment Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer or please feel free to submit an inquiry via our contact form.  Please include the date of the accident, the names of anyone injured or killed in the accident, the location of the accident, as well as the make and model of the vehicles involved in the collision.

Texas Exploding Airbag Accidents

Drivers Should Check To Determine If Their Vehicle Has Defective Airbags And What Recalls Are In Place For The Make and Model of Their Vehicle

Several different makes and models of vehicles have defective airbags and are subject to recalls to replace airbags.  To determine if the vehicle you are driving is subject to the airbag recall, please go to the NHTSA web page for the most current information.  

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Protect Drivers From Unsafe Vehicles

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set minimum performance requirements for those vehicle parts that protect drivers and passengers from death or serious injury in the event of a crash (air bags, safety belts, child restraints, energy absorbing steering columns, motorcycle helmets).  These vehicle performance requirements, defective automobile crashworthiness lawsuits, manufacturer safety policies, and the investigation efforts of the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are important to identify unsafe vehicles with defective airbags, defective seat belts, defective child restraints, defective roof design, defective designs that cause vehicle fires, and defective designs that cause vehicle rollovers.

Automobile Accident Crashworthiness Defective Air Bag Lawsuits and Fatal Automobile Collision Crashworthiness Defective Air Bag Lawsuits

Defective Air Bag Claims may arise out of serious automobile accidents where a defective air bag was the cause of death or a catastrophic injury.  An air bag injury may result when an air bag deploys at low impact or no impact. The defective airbag will deploy at tremendous force which is necessary to protect passengers from  forward momentum of a high-speed crash. However, if the air bag deploys At low speed, deployment can snap the head and neck back severely, resulting in spinal damage, brain injury and soft tissue damage. Facial lacerations and even broken bones in the face are also common. Sometimes air bags fail to deploy when they should, resulting in chest, head, face and or neck injury as the body is propelled against the dashboard, windshield or seatback.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducts investigation and research on a variety of crashworthiness issues including potentially  defective airbags, defective seatbelts, defective rollover design, defective roof design, defective steering column design, defective child restrain design, and other other defective safety designs that can kill or increase the injuries suffered by people in vehicles.  This work combined with fatal collision defective automobile parts lawyers and catastrophic injury automobile crash defective part lawyers helps provide important incentives to automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers to ensure production of safe vehicles.

Texas Exploding Airbag Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer Commonly Works With Other Airbag Lawyers Throughout the United States on Catastrophic Injury and Fatal Exploding Airbag Accident Lawsuits

Texas Exploding Airbag Accident Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, commonly works with other Defective Airbag Accident Lawyers. Together, they commonly help individuals who have been seriously injured in an accident caused by an exploding or defective airbag. Further, they also commonly help families of people who have been killed as a result of defective air bags including exploding airbag accident cases. They also commonly review defective rollover design cases, defective roof design cases, defective safety restraint design cases, defective steering column design cases, or other a defective crashworthiness automobile design or part cases.  If you have a question about a defective air bag or defective automobile claims, contact Texas Exploding Airbag Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer.

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