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There are a number of reasons a residential community, business, or neighborhood can flood. Sometimes, it's simply an unavoidable natural occurrence. But in many cases, the flooding could have been prevented by better design, planning, or construction by engineers or developers.  If you have been the victim of significant flood damage including complete loss of a neighborhood, commercial building, strip center, or other business and you believe that the flood damage was caused by another business or person, it is important to gather evidence of the cause and the extent of flood damage.

If you have suffered significant flood damage to your building, home, or business, or even worse someone you love was been killed or seriously injured by flooding, a building collapse, plant explosion, dam burst, or bridge collapse, you may have a have a Texas third party flood damage case.  If so, please feel free to contact Texas Flood Damage Lawyer and Texas Third Party Flood Damage Lawsuit Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail or use this submission form for a free online review of your potential engineering, building, or architectural malpractice claim.

Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawsuits Include Negligent Engineering, Architectural, and Design Malpractice Claims

In our modern society, we can design huge sky scrapers, large buildings, stadiums, huge dams, bridges, industrial plants, and other large structures that dominate our surroundings. These structures if designed incorrectly can divert water from its natural flow and cause devastating flood damage and accidents that can cause immense damage as well as mass death and injuries. Defective drainage can cause whole communities to suffer severe flood damage resulting in the loss of homes, businesses and life.

These mistakes whether caused by the an negligent engineer or incompetent architect can create mass destruction that destroys or severely damages the lives of innocent people that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. In investigating the cause of a building or bridge collapse, it is important to look at the work of the engineer firm and architectural firm that designed the structure as well as the construction company that actually built the structure.

Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawsuits Include Negligent Builder and Construction Company Claims

Negligent Builders and Construction Companies do not always follow building designs, build in safe locations, plan for potential floods, or use quality construction practices.  Failure to follow an engineer's or architect's plans can result in water divergence that can cause significant flood damage. These building and design failures can lay dormant and hidden in communities for years until environmental factors such as weather, nearby construction, or heavy traffic cause flooding.

These negligent construction companies also sometimes use defective construction products including faulty fill in the foundation, bad cement, or unsound or weak metal that are less expensive but can cause serious foundation and structural failures.  When this occurs a hurricane or flood can result in a complete building collapse.

Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawsuits Include Building, Dam, Bridge, Stadium, and Other Structural Collapse Claims

Several factors can cause a building, dam, bridge, stadium, or other major structural collapse.  Some of the major factors include:

  • Bad Design
  • Faulty Construction
  • Foundation Failure
  • Extraordinary Loads
  • Unexpected Failure Modes
  • Combination of Causes

When a major structural collapse occurs, it is important to investigate the cause of the collapse to make sure that it does not happen again.

Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawsuits Include Negligent Building, Bridge, and Structural Maintenance Claims

Structural failures can also be caused by poor building maintenance. Failure to upkeep a building can cause serious problems.  Over time large buildings, bridges, stadiums, and other structures start to break down. It is important that regular inspections are done to prevent small problems from becoming major problems where parts or whole structures may collapse. Building owners, building managers, and building maintainers should all be aware of building maintenance especially in older buildings.

From serious structural problems to fire code violations and disruption of utilities, commercial buildings that are not correctly maintained can cause significant problems for both commercial and residential tenants.  For more information on residential or commercial real estate claims please feel free to go to our residential real estate page and commercial real estate page.

Working with Other Texas Flood Damage Lawyers and Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawyers

In handling engineering, design, building, and maintenance problems that lead to building collapse claims, bridge collapse claims, industrial accident claims, chemical plant explosion claims, chemical release claims, large warehouse fire claims, and pipeline explosion claims and other mass tort claims that cause mass destruction, death, personal injuries, and significant damage, it is important to have a good team of lawyers. Texas structural collapse Lawyer works with lawyers throughout Texas, the United States and around the World to handle large catastrophic damages. Because of our global economy, these structural accidents and industrial accidents can take place any place in the United States or in the World, but be caused by greedy corporations and negligent people in Texas or other parts of the United States.

In many instances following a large structural collapse or industrial accident the families of the victims have a difficult time locating a Texas building collapse Lawyer or United States bridge collapse Lawyer to handle accidental death claims, personal injury claims, or property damage claims against Texas corporations or United States corporations that made negligent safety decisions including negligent design, building, or maintenance policies. Working with other Texas engineering and design malpractice lawyers, Texas negligent construction company lawyers, international building collapse lawyers, and other United States construction accident lawyers, Jason Coomer is able to assist people that have suffered the loss of family members, serious personal injuries, and significant property damage from large industrial accidents.

Under Texas law those that make money and design or build defective buildings, dams, bridges, pipelines, or other structures have a responsibility for negligent or careless action that causes a building, dam, bridge, or other structure that collapses. They also have a duty to actively work to minimize dangers that they are aware of that could kill, poison, burn, or injure people or cause significant damage to property. Further, careless people or businesses that have made decisions to save money and these decisions have resulted in a catastrophic industrial accident or building collapse should be held responsible for there actions. Families, businesses, and communities that have suffered significant damages from large explosions, chemical spills, fires, train derailments, flooding, building collapse, bridge collapse, stadium foundation failure, or other large industrial accident need to be compensated. In some circumstances injured people, the family of a lost loved one, or a businesses can recover damages under Texas law.

If you have suffered significant damage to your building, home, or business, or even worse someone your love was been killed or injured in a building collapse, plant explosion, dam burst, or bridge collapse, you may have an engineering, building, or architectural malpractice claim. If so, feel free to contact Texas Engineering, building, or architectural malpractice Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail or use thissubmission form for a free online review of your potential engineering, building, or architectural malpractice claim.

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