Texas Fatal Drug Interaction Lawyer and Texas Medical Mistake Brain Damage Lawyer Handles Texas Drug Interaction Lawsuits Where Doctors and Pharmacies Give Patients Drug Interactions That Cause a Lack of Oxygen or Hypoxia Resulting in Brain Damage or Death by Texas Fatal Drug Interaction Lawyer and Texas Brain Damage Drug Interaction Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Severe and permanent brain damage can be caused by hypoxia or a lack of oxygen to the brain.  In addition to smoke inhalation, drowning, and carbon monoxide poisoning causing hypoxia, a combination of medical malpractice and pharmacy mistakes can result in toxic drug interactions that cause hypoxia or lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in death, comas, paralysis, limited capacity, brain swelling, extreme pain, numbness, loss of control of bodily functions, and loss of identity. 

As a Texas Hypoxia Drug Interaction lawyer, Jason Coomer helps families seek compensation for fatal drug interactions and toxic drug interactions that result in serious brain injuries to infants, children, or adults.  If you have lost a loved one from a fatal drug interaction or a loved one has suffered a serious brain injury through a toxic drug interaction, use our contact form to contact Texas Brain Injury Drug Interaction Lawyer, Jason Coomer, for a free review of your potential claim or send an e-mail to Texas Fatal Drug Interaction lawyer, Jason Coomer.

Medical Malpractice and Pharmacy Mistake Lawsuits

Severe brain damage can be caused by a lack of oxygen getting to the brain, a hemorrhage inside the brain, or damage to the skull.  When an improper combination of drugs is prescribed it can cause a patient to go into respiratory failure, this combined with improper monitoring of the patient can cause prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in permanent brain damage and even death.

These serious brain injuries can occur because of medical negligence when careless health care providers do not provide proper monitoring of patients, prescribe incorrect drug combinations, do not recognize fetal distress, or fail to recognize a patient has stopped breathing.  For this reason, it is important to have a person with HIPPA Authority, Medical Power of Attorney, and Limited Power of Attorney looking out for you or a loved one while they are in the hospital.

Texas Drug Interaction and Pharmacy Mistake Law Suits

Many pharmacies are great and well run, but others try to cut costs and have underpaid and under trained pharmacy technicians handle too much of the prescription filling process. This combined with the fact that it often takes a pharmacist to recognize dangerous drug interactions or determine if similar medication names have been accidentally confused or switched. For this reason, it is often a good idea to make sure that you are dealing with qualified pharmacist that runs a pharmacy with quality control procedures in effect to prevent mistakes in amount of a medication or type of a drug from being mixed up.

As a Texas medical malpractice and pharmacy malpractice lawyer that has handled medical malpractice and pharmacy malpractice lawsuits, Jason Coomer has seen numerous pharmacies make mistakes in dispensing medications that have caused serious health problems. He works with other Pharmacy Malpractice and Fatal Drug Interaction Lawyers to seek compensation from negligent pharmacies that have severely injured patients through medication mistakes and careless misfills.

Unfortunately, pharmacy mistakes occur when pharmacists and pharmacy technicians get too busy or are just not paying attention. If you feel you have been seriously injured by pharmacy mistake or have lost a loved one due to a medication mistake, it is important to investigate the claim and make sure that it does not happen again.

Infant Brain Injury Lawsuits and Causes of Hypoxia During Birth (Texas Birth Injury Hypoxia Brain Damage Lawsuits)

Several reasons can cause an unborn child to suffer hypoxia resulting in a brain injury  during the birthing process including a difficult labor, unreasonable delay in performing a C-section, delay in delivering an extremely large baby, gestational diabetes in the mother, failure to properly and timely resuscitate the baby, maternal or fetal bleeding complications, excessive administration of Pitocin, and placenta previa. It is important during any birth to have medical professionals that are able to protect the safety of the mother and child by not allowing any of these factors to become a problem. If problems arise and these difficulties occur during the birth of your child and the child sustains a brain injury, you may want to contact a Texas Birth Injury Lawyer with the skill and dedication to help you get the compensation.

Texas Hypoxia Drug Interaction Lawsuits and
 Texas Hypoxia Brain Injury Lawyers

Texas Hypoxia Drug Interaction lawyer, Jason Coomer handles Texas fatal drug interaction lawsuits and Texas toxic drug interactions that result in serious permanent brain injuries lawsuits.  To do this he typically works with other Texas Fatal Drug Interaction Lawyers and requires copies of medical records and pharmacy records. 

Please feel free to contact Texas Hypoxia, Brain Injury, and Drug Interaction Lawyer Jason S. Coomer for additional information on a Texas Fatal Drug Interaction Lawsuit, Texas Hypoxia Lawsuit, Texas Brain Damage Lawsuit, or other serious injury or fatal lawsuit.  Don't think that if a person you love has suffered a severe brain injury that a responsible party either big business or insurance company is going to voluntarily tell you about all the insurance coverage they have or pay you money for all the damages your loved one has suffered.  In fact many businesses and insurance companies will hire adjusters and defense lawyers to limit any money that they have to pay. 

The last thing a person wants or needs to be doing after a catastrophic head injury is to battle big insurance and their litigation team to make them take care of the damages that they have caused.  It helps having an experienced personal injury lawyer help you calculate damages including past medical bills, future medical expenses, pharmacy bills, therapy bills, lost wages, future lost wages, lost earning capacity, damage to career or business, pain & suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, disfigurement, and other damages that you have suffered. 

Texas Hypoxia Drug Interaction Lawsuits

For a free evaluation of your Texas Fatal Drug Interaction Lawsuit, contact Texas Fatal and Serious Injury Drug Interaction Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer.  Please include your name, the name of the injured or deceased, the date of the accident, location of accident, the type of injuries suffered, and a brief description on how the injuries were suffered.

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