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Under Texas Law victims of intentional torts such as sexual assault, molestation, rape, offensive touching, assault & battery, hazing, and intentional infliction of emotional harm can seek compensation from the criminals and perpetrators that have committed these intentional torts against them as well as sometimes from other parties that allowed the sexual assault, molestation, rape, or other intentional torts to occur. 

If you or someone you love has been a victim of an intentional tort or crime and you would like to seek compensation from the responsible parties, feel free to e-mail Texas Intentional Tort Lawyer, Jason Coomer or use our submission form

Texas Intentional Tort Lawsuits  including Molestation Lawsuits, Rape Lawsuits, and Sexual Assault Lawsuits

An intentional tort arises when a person intends to commit a wrongful act such as sexual assault, physical assault, murder, theft, or molestation which results in serious injury, death, or significant damages.  From a legal perspective, it can often be difficult to obtain compensation from a person who commits an intentional tort unless that person is wealthy.  This is because most insurance policies do not cover intentional wrongful acts such as murder, sexual assault, rape, molestation, or theft.  Further, most criminal and sexual predators do not have money or resources to pay compensation to their victims.

However, sometimes the injuries from a serious crime including sexual molestation or sexual assault result from the wrongful acts of more than one party.  An example of this would be when a private school, church, community center, or daycare center has a duty to provide proper supervision of its premises and staff to make sure that the children in their care are safe from harm.  If the church, private school, community center, or daycare center hires or allows a person that has a history of molestation or sexual assault to be around children, they may have violated their duty to protect children and negligently allowed a sexual assault or molestation to occur.  Similarly, if a homeowner is taking care of someone else's child and allows someone with a history of sexual or violence with children, there may be a potential claim under homeowner's insurance, if the homeowner negligently allows the sexual predator to be alone with the child.   Further, if the church, private school, community center, or daycare center allows strangers to access the premises or does not adequately screen or supervise its employees, and a child is molested as a result of the private school's, church's or daycare center's lack of care, the negligent conduct may support a legal cause of action for negligence.

Common intentional torts include sexual molestation, sexual assault, rape, battery, and child abuse. Many of these intentional torts will support a sexual molestation lawsuit or sexual assault lawsuit if the criminal is wealthy or if other parties are negligent in allowing the sexual predator to be alone with children in their care.

Prosecuting Texas Criminals and Responsible Parties in Civil Courts

Many victims of crimes do not realize that there may be civil actions that can be filed against criminals in addition to criminal charges.  In cases where reckless conduct such as when a drunk driver kills someone in a fatal accident, when security officers or bouncers known for violence seriously injure or kill someone, or a rich criminal commits an intentional act such as murder or rape, there are civil laws in Texas that allow the victim or the victim's family to seek compensation.

There are also laws in Texas that may allow Texas Lawyers like Jason Coomer to seek damages from other responsible parties failed to prevent these crimes or allowed the crimes to continue. 

Texas Intentional Tort and Reckless Endangerment Lawyers and Texas Crime Victim Rights Lawyers

Austin Texas Sexual Assault Lawyer Jason Coomer works with other Texas Intentional Tort Lawyers throughout the State of Texas as well as with other Intentional Tort lawyers throughout the United States.  As a Texas Intentional Tort and Criminal Victims Rights Lawyer, Jason Coomer, works with Houston Criminal Victim Lawyers, Dallas Criminal Victim Lawyers, San Antonio Criminal Victim Lawyers, and other Austin Criminal Victim Lawyers to help victims of sexual assault and molestation as well as the families of those wrongfully killed.  These Texas Intentional Tort and Reckless Endangerment Law Suits can be extremely difficult as sexual predators, murders, thieves, and other criminals typically take precautions to cover their wrongful actions.  Knowing that murder, sexual assault, date rape, rape, and molestation are wrong and against the law, many of these criminal destroy evidence to conceal their crimes. 

Texas Indecency with a Minor and Indecent Exposure Law Suits

In addition to sexual assault and molestation lawsuits, the Internet has created an environment where sexual predators can indecently exposure themselves to minors.  If you have electronic proof that a person has intentionally indecently exposed themselves to a minor, it is important to contact the authorities as to the criminal act.  If the sexual predator that did this has significant assets, it also may be worth it to file a civil indecent exposure law suit against this person.  If the person does not have assets, but is living with someone that has significant assets and has provided the sexual predator with access to a computer, there also may be a potential claim against the person who allowed the indecent exposure to occur.

Texas Intentional Tort Attorney and Texas Fatal Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

If you are interest in pursuing a Texas intentional tort, reckless endangerment, or other lawsuit against a criminal that has injured you or your family, contact Texas Crime Victims Rights lawyer, Jason Coomer.  As a Texas Crime Victims Rights Lawyer, Jason Coomer works district attorneys, prosecutors, judges, victims, and the families of victims to make criminal pay for their crimes including murder, DWI fatal Accidents, date rape, rape, sexual assaults, indecent exposures, assaults and molestations.  He works to seek compensation from criminals and those responsible for letting criminals including sexual predators abuse, molest, or assault children.  In providing strong representation on intentional tort claims including sexual assault, abuse, and molestation claims, Texas Sexual Assault Lawyer Jason Coomer commonly works with other crime victims rights lawyers throughout the United States and Texas including San Antonio Crime Victims Rights Lawyers, Dallas Crime Victims Rights Lawyers, Houston Crime Victim Rights Lawyers, and other Texas Crime Victims Rights Lawyers. 

Jason Coomer is an Texas Intentional Tort Lawyer that handles intentional tort claims and helps victims of rape, sexual assault, molestation, intentional torts, and other criminal acts seek compensation from those responsible for allowing the intentional tort or crime to be committed.  Feel free to contact Austin Texas Criminal Victim Rights Lawyer, Jason Coomer with any questions.


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