Texas Investment Fraud Lawyer Jason S. Coomer Handles Several Types of Lost Investment Lawsuits Including Broker Lawsuits and Whistleblower Reward Bounty Actions by Texas Investment Fraud Lawyer and Texas Bounty Action Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas investment fraud lawyer, Jason Coomer, handles several different types of investment fraud and lost investment lawsuits. He works with investors who have lost a significant amount of money. More specifically, he typically handles cases where the financial loss is at least $100,000.00. Further, he helps families who have lost signigicant wealth through financial advisors, wealth management departments, and banks. He also handles real estate fraud cases, oil investment fraud cases, and other types of lost investment cases where fraudulent and negligent misrepresentations have cost investors a substantial amounts of money or assets. He also represents investors and beneficiaries in breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits where fiduciaries have lost significant wealth. He also handles investment fraud bounty actions.

If you need a Texas investment lawyer to advise you on an investment fraud lawsuit, please contact Texas Investment Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer through e-mail or use our contact form.

Investment Fraud Lawyer

Texas Investment Lawyers Handle A Variety of Different Types of Lost Investment Lawsuits

There are many types of investment fraud including: Texas Retirement Fund Fraud Lawsuits, Texas Broker Fraud Lawsuits, Texas Real Estate Fraud Lawsuits, Texas Business Fraud Lawsuits, Texas Financial Advisor Fraud Lawsuits, Texas Oil Investment Fraud Lawsuits, and Whistleblower Reward Fraud Lawsuits.

SEC and CFTC Bounty Actions Offer Large Financial Rewards to Professionals and Investors Who Anonymously Expose Violations of the Secutities Exchange Act, Commodities Exchange Act, and Other Illegal Conduct

SEC and CFTC Bounty Actions offer bounties that can be collected by whistleblowers who anonymously expose significant investment fraud. This fraud can include SEC violations, CFTC violations, market manipulation schemes, violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, foreign corrupt practices, insider trading, and other illegal conduct. The illegal conduct needs to result in monetary sanctions over one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). If so, SEC or CFTC can award the whistleblower up to 30% of the money collected.

Persons that report this fraud through an attorney can remain anonymous and still collect a large reward through their attorney. By creating anonymous whistleblower bounties, the SEC expects investors and people with specific information of fraud to expose hard to detect fraud and to help regulate the financial market and prevent large investment corporations, banks, hedge funds, and other large corporations from committing financial fraud of billions of dollars. For more information, please feel free to contact Bounty Action Lawyer Jason S. Coomer or go to the following web page, SEC Bounty Action Lawsuits.

The SEC and CFTC Are Cracking Down On Banks and Other Financial Professionals Who Are Taking Advantage of Investors

Recent decisions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) imposed over $1.4 billion in penalties on several top investment banks, brokerage firms, and brokers. As such, it is apparent that you cannot always trust brokers to give you the complete picture regarding stocks, bonds, and other securities. If you feel that your investment dealer or adviser has not been honest and has caused you to suffer significant investment losses, your best bet to recover your losses from investment fraud or securities fraud losses is to speak to an experienced broker fraud lawyer regarding your stock fraud concerns.

Investment Fraud Lawsuits Typically Spring From Theft, Churning, Misrepresentation, and Other Fraudulent Actions

Investment fraud lawsuits require fraudulent actions that cause an investor to lose a significant amount of money. Typically, these actions include theft, embezzlement, churning, misrepresenation, and other fraudulent conduct. Banks, financial advisors, and other financial professionals who commit these fraudulent actions need to be identified so they do not continue to steal from other investors and families.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Broker Claims

In addition to actually trading stocks for their clients, stock brokers may also offer advice to their clients on which stocks, mutual funds, etc. to buy. This can be problematic if the broker encourages an investor to purchase unsuitable investments or misrepresents the risk or potential pay out of an investment. It also can be problematic when a broker encourages the purchase of unsuitable securities including variable annuities, variable universal life policies, or viaticals. This is especially true if the broker is encouraging investment with funds that will be need for retirement.

Brokers are required to gain authority or permission from their clients before they conduct any transaction on the client's behalf. When brokers act without their client's consent, this is considered unauthorized trading. If your broker is buying or selling stocks on your behalf without your permission, or you believe that any of the other above abuses have been committed, feel free to contact Texas broker fraud lawyer, Jason Coomer for an investigation of a broker fraud claim.

Lost Retirement Lawsuits

If your retirement savings or other securities investments have suffered substantial losses, generally fifty percent (50%) or more, due to mismanagement, mishandling or misconduct on the part of your broker or financial professional, then you may want to speak to Jason Coomer a Texas investment fraud lawyer to determine if your broker has committed fraud or negligence that has contributed to your losses.

Unfortunately, with the pooling of large amounts of money in pension funds, retirement funds, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, derivatives, commercial real estate, and other investments comes the danger of fraudulent investment scams and broker negligence that can take a person's life savings. If you have lost your life savings or a large some of money through misappropriation of funds, please feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Texas broker fraud lawyer Jason Coomer. He may be able to help you recover your losses or at least obtain an accounting of the investments.

Texas Real Estate Fraud Lawyers and Real Estate Fraud Lawyers Throughout the United States

In working with other Real Estate Fraud Lawyers, Jason Coomer works hard in handling large real estate fraud cases where millions of dollars are at stake and investors need a legal team to seek justice. These teams represent real estate investors that have been lured into bad investments through misrepresentations about the actual value or condition of investment property. In some situations, real estate developers have used fraudulent appraisals and misrepresentations to fool investors out of millions of dollars. In many instances, the normal safe guards and checks on real estate deals including mortgage companies, escrow agents, title companies, and real estate agents do not work because they are mere agents of the fraudulent sellers or fail to do their due diligence to obtain a short term sale and collect a commission. In these situations, it is important to have a real estate fraud lawyer review your claim and if necessary file a real estate fraud lawsuit.

Austin Texas Real Estate Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer commonly works with other Texas Real Estate Investment Fraud Lawyers on large real estate fraud claims through out Texas and also works with other Real Estate Investor Fraud Lawyers throughout the United States on large real estate fraud lawsuits. These litigation teams often file suits against several parties to seek justice.

Real Estate Investment Fraud Lawsuits (Investor Fraud Lawyers)

Traditionally, real estate investments have been extremely lucrative investments for many investors, families, businesses, and individuals. This has been especially true in Austin Texas and different parts of Texas where the value of real estate has increased dramatically. Investors from all over the World have been purchasing property in Texas and many have made a great deal of money. For many of these real estate investors they have gotten into projects at the ground floor and have made a substantial amount of money. However, for other investors they have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous real estate developers, been caught in fraudulent transactions, or have been pulled into a lawsuit by a fraudulent, negligent, or bankrupt party. With recent developments in the credit market and real estate market, many misrepresentations and fraudulent transactions have come to light. Investment properties are not all increasing in value and the lax wild west booming market that allowed less oversight and attracted many deceptive people is now for the most part over.

Texas Real Estate Investment Fraud Lawyer Jason S. Coomer Works with Other Investment Fraud and Real Estate Fraud Lawyers Throughout the United States

Texas real estate fraud and investment fraud lawyer Jason Coomer handles investment fraud and real estate fraud cases and commonly works with other investment fraud Lawyers and real estate fraud lawyers throughout the United States including California Real Estate Fraud Lawyers, Dallas Investment Fraud Lawyers, Houston Real Estate Development Lawyers, and other Austin Real Estate Fraud Lawyers in providing representation and advice on large fraudulent real estate transactions. He is admitted to practice in both Texas State Court and in Federal Court (Western District of Texas) as well as has handled real estate arbitrations, mediations, and negotiations.

If you or a group of investors need a real estate investment fraud or investment fraud lawyer, feel free to contact Texas investment fraud and real estate fraud lawyer Jason Coomer.

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