Texas Lake Conroe Flood Damage Lawyer and Texas Flood Condemnation Lawyer Handles Texas Flood Damage Lawsuits Where Families, Businesses, and Property Owners Were Significantly Damaged or Injured by The San Jancinto River Authority's Release of Water by Texas Lake Conroe Flood Damage Lawyer and Texas Flood Condemnation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

During Hurricane Harvey the San Jacinto River Authority made the decision to open floodgates releasing millions of gallons of water in neighborhoods, businesses, and homes.  This decision has caused Billions of dollars worth of damage including flooding over 1000 homes valued between $750,000.00 and $1,000,000.00.  Owners of these homes as well as businesses and other area property owners are now filing lawsuits against the government for this decision and seeking to be compensated they have suffered from this decision.  Anyone that owns a home, business, or real property that was significantly damaged by this flood release should gather their damage information and contact a Texas Lake Conroe Flood Damage Lawyer and Texas Flood Condemnation Lawyer to determine if they may be eligible to recovery compensation for their loses.  This flooded area includes Harris County, Liberty County, and Montgomery County residents and more specifically families and businesses in Kingwood, River Plantations, Harpers Landing, and Atacocita.   

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Texas Lake Conroe Flood Damage Lawyer and Texas Flood Condemnation Lawyer

Flood damage condemnation lawsuits are not a simple issue and most people and many lawyers do not know or understand lawsuits that can be filed to seek compensation for government-induced flooding.  The basis behind potential recoveries under Texas and United States Law are condemnation lawsuits which require the government to pay property owners for taking private property for a public use.  Under Texas law, land owners can seek compensation from the government for taking or damaging their property.  However, the property owner must show that "the government 'intentionally took or damaged their property for public use, or was substantially certain that would be the result.'" Slip op. at 5 (citing City of Keller v. Wilson, 168 S.W.3d 802, 808 (Tex. 2005)).  Under Federal law, the U.S. Supreme Court recently issued its decision in Arkansas Game and Fish Comm'n v. United States, No. 11-597 (Dec. 4, 2012), in which a unanimous Court held that government-induced flooding could be a taking, even if temporary.  Based on condemnation actions, many families, businesses, and property owners will be able to seek compensation for their losses through lawsuits.  However, because of the complexity of the issues, it is probably best to hire a Texas Lake Conroe Flood Damage Lawyer and Texas Flood Condemnation Lawyer to review any potential government-induced flood damage lawsuit.

Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawsuits Include Negligent Engineering, Architectural, and Design Malpractice Claims

In our modern society, we can design huge sky scrapers, large buildings, stadiums, huge dams, bridges, industrial plants, and other large structures that dominate our surroundings.  These structures if designed incorrectly can divert water from its natural flow and cause devastating flood damage and accidents that can cause immense damage as well as mass death and injuries.  Defective drainage can cause whole communities to suffer severe flood damage resulting in the loss of homes, businesses and life. 

These mistakes whether caused by the an negligent engineer or incompetent architect can create mass destruction that destroys or severely damages the lives of innocent people that are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In investigating the cause of a building or bridge collapse, it is important to look at the work of the engineer firm and architectural firm that designed the structure as well as the construction company that actually built the structure.  For more information about these potential lawsuits, please go to the Texas Flood Damage Third Party Lawsuit Web Page.

Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims

Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Lawyer Jason Coomer commonly works with other Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Lawyers to assist families and businesses seek compensation from insurance companies for storm and hurricane damage including the following:

  • Damage to Buildings
  • Complete Destruction of Homes and Businesses
  • Flooding of Homes and Businesses
  • Damage to Roofs and Windows
  • Water Damage
  • Structural Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Loss of Personal Items
  • Loss of Business Inventory and Property
  • Loss of Business Profits
  • Alternative Living Expenses
  • Loss of Livestock or Crops

If you have significant damage to your home or business, it is important to begin itemizing and documenting the damages that you have suffered.  This documentation can often be the key in proving and obtaining compensation under an insurance policy.  Please also keep in mind that some insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to take advantage of injured people, the family of a person that was killed, or people that have lost their home, possessions, or business. They often make low ball offers when they know claimants are hurting for money. During the process the adjusters gather evidence and find ways not to pay the hurricane damage insurance claims. The result of these tactics is that the insurance companies get to keep more of their money and injured or damaged individuals do not get the compensation that is do them from the storm damage. This is why hiring a Texas insurance claim lawyer to assist you with your hurricane flood damage claim is often a good idea.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page: Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims.

Texas Hurricane Harvey Lawyers

As Texas Hurricane Harvey Lawyer, Jason Coomer, commonly works with other Texas Hurricane Harvey Lawyers on large claims and cases throughout Texas including Houston Hurricane Harvey Lawyers, Conroe Hurricane Harvey Lawyers, Fort Bend County Hurricane Lawyers, and many other Texas Hurricane Lawyers. 

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