Texas Defective Home Lawsuits, Texas Lemon Home Lawsuits, Texas Negligent Builder Lawsuits, and Texas Construction Defect Lawsuits (Texas Faulty Foundations, Plumbing Leaks, & Faulty Wiring Lawyer)

Texas Defective Home lawyer, Jason Coomer handles defective home, negligent builder, and construction defect lawsuits against negligent Texas residential builders including faulty foundations, fire hazards, plumbing leaks, mold infestations & water intrusion problems, and other construction defect claims. 

If you have a house with a construction defect and would like to communicate with a Texas Defective Home Lawyer a potential construction defect, faulty foundation, real estate fraud, failure to disclose, defective home, or significant construction lawsuit, contact Austin Texas Home Defect Lawyer Jason Coomer.

Texas Defect Home Lawsuits, Texas Construction Defect Lawsuits, and Texas Lemon Home Lawsuits (Texas Negligent Homebuilder Lawsuits)

Building your dream home or purchasing a new home are dreams that many Texans have that unfortunately can turn into nightmares when a negligent homebuilder builds a house with a bad foundation causing the house to shift or fall apart, faulty wiring that causes a fire or an electrocution, or leaky plumbing that causes water to leak into the walls of the home causing water damage and mold problems. 

Many Texas home builders have been protected for years through the TRCC and builder friendly laws, that have prevented Texas homeowners from filing suit against negligent homebuilders.  Fortunately, changes in Texas law will finally allow some purchasers of faulty homes to seek compensation from negligent Texas homebuilders that have built faulty homes or lemon homes.

Texas Defect Home Claims and Abolishment of the Texas Residential Construction Commission

Texas has recently decided to abolish the Texas Residential Construction Commission also known as the Builder Protection Act.  This Commission was created by Texas homebuilders to protect them from liability from construction defects and other negligent construction homebuilding techniques. 

The Commission was primarily made up of building industry insiders and was made a necessary step to go through prior to being able to file suit against a Texas Builder.  This step is no longer necessary and the TRCC now recommends that consumers that have defective homes, contact a Texas construction defect lawyer if they are having trouble with a negligent home builder. 

"What happens if I discover a defect on or after September 1, 2009, and the commission no longer accepts inspection requests?" TRCC Website

Contact your builder. If your builder does not respond satisfactorily, you may want to contact an attorney to discuss your legal options. You can also complain to the Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Division, Federal Trade Commission, your local County or District Attorney or to your local Better Business Bureau." TRCC Website

"Will a court recognize the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards, even if the commission no longer exists?" TRCC Website

For contracts executed before September 1, 2009, or work commenced before that date, courts will consider the law in effect at that time. So, if Title 16 was still in effect when the parties signed a contract for new home construction or transferred title on new home construction, the statutory warranties created by Title 16 and the commission–adopted performance standards still apply. TRCC Website

Furthermore, if the parties agree in their contract to the terms of the applicable warranties and performance standards, a court will rely on the terms of the contract to determine if those warranties and performance standards apply, including if the parties have agreed to apply the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards. TRCC Website

Please note that Texas courts have not had a chance to review the legal effect of the Sunset Act on Title 16. Therefore, a court may decide that the language in the Government Code Section 325.017 does not cause the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards to expire until August 31, 2010. Therefore, the safest course of action is for the parties to agree to written warranties and performance standards that are at least as stringent as the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards until August 31, 2010. That way, if a court should decide that Title 16 provisions are still in effect until August 31, 2010, the contract will be in compliance with the law. TRCC Website

Traps for the First Time Home Buyer (Texas Faulty Foundations, Plumbing Leaks, & Faulty Wiring Lawyer)

First time home buyers are especially vulnerable to toxic or defective homes.  First time home buyer often have to rely more on the expertise of a real estate agent or builder and can often get caught by a real estate agent or a builder that is more interested than a commission or making a profit than helping a buyer get a good home.

Many first time home buyers can get caught up in the emotions of buying their first home and do not understand that it is important to research the builder that they are buying from and to have an experienced home inspector inspect their potential new home for any major construction problems.  These construction problems often are hidden by the negligent builder, but an experienced home inspector combined with researching a builder can often uncover most major construction defects.

If you have been sold a home where the builder or seller has failed to disclose significant problems or even worse has painted over or hidden significant problems with the house, you may have a cause of action against the builder, seller and/or the real estate agents involved in the transaction. 

Texas Commercial Real Estate Lawsuits

Texas real estate lawyer, Jason Coomer handles commercial real estate matters including breach of commercial real estate contracts, failure to disclose claims, fraud claims, fire claims, water intrusion claims, commercial lease disputes, commercial litigation, dissolution of partnerships, joint venture disputes, construction law issues, commercial development disputes, and other commercial real estate issues.   

If you need a Texas commercial real estate lawyer or an Austin attorney, feel free to contact Austin real estate lawyer Jason Coomer.

Texas Defective Home Lawyer, Texas Lemon Home Lawyer, Texas Negligent Builder Lawyer, and Texas Construction Defect Lawyer (Texas Faulty Foundations, Plumbing Leaks, & Faulty Wiring Lawsuits)

Austin Texas residential real estate lawyer Jason Coomer handles home defect claims where a builder, seller or real estate agent has hidden significant problems with a house.  He has also worked with San Antonio Defective Home Lawyers, Dallas Negligent Builder Lawyers, Houston Negligent Homebuilder Lawyers, and other Texas Lemon Home Lawyers in providing representation and advice on large fraudulent real estate transactions.  He is admitted to practice in both Texas State Court and in Federal Court (Western District of Texas) as well as has handled real estate arbitrations, mediations, and negotiations. 

As an Austin, Texas real estate lawyer he works with first time home buyers, investors, buyers, and other individuals to resolve residential real estate disputes.  He also works with other Texas Real Estate Lawyers in handling large commercial real estate litigation as well as other business law lawsuits. If you need an Austin Texas residential real estate lawyer or a Texas Faulty Home attorney, feel free to contact Austin Texas Home Defect Lawyer Jason Coomer.

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