Texas Oil Truck Driver Accident Lawsuit Information: Oil Truck Accident Lawsuits Are Becoming More Common As Inexperienced and Overworked Drivers Are Rushing To Deliver Oil Drilling Mud, Oil, and Oil Equipment by Texas Oil Truck Driver Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Many oil companies and trucking companies are sacrificing safety to maximum profits.  These companies are sending over worked and inexperienced drivers with unsafe loads down Texas roads.  When these dangerous oil trucks collide with passenger vehicles, the result can be devastating including fatal accidents and serious injury accidents. For a free evaluation of a Texas fatal oil truck driver accident lawsuit or other truck wreck lawsuit by a Texas Oil Truck Driver Accident Lawyer, please feel free to contact Texas Oil Truck Driver Accident Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer or use our submission form. Please include the date of the accident, location of accident, your name, injuries suffered, and a brief description of the accident. 

Many Texas Oil Companies, Texas Trucking Companies, and Texas Oilfield Related Companies Are Ignoring Safety And Are Causing Fatal Accidents and Serious Injury Accidents by Texas Oil Truck Driver Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Several oil companies, oilfield related companies, and trucking companies are sacrificing safety to increase profits.  As such, Texas are seeing large oil trucks, pipe trucks, oil drilling mud trucks, and other oil industry trucks speeding down Texas roads by overworked and under trained drivers.  Some of these trucks when they collide with passenger vehicles are causing fatal accidents and catastrophic injury accidents.  

Families that have lost a loved one to these vehicles should be aware of several potential causes of action that they have against large corporations and their insurance companies.  These families should also make sure to have a thorough investigation done of the fatal or catastrophic injury accident.  For more information on Truck Wreck Investigations and Texas Fatal Accident Causes of Action, please go to the following web pages: The Truck Collision and 18-Wheeler Information and Investigation Center and Texas Wrongful Death and Survival Actions.

The Oil and Gas Boom in Texas Has Created a Dangerous Environment on Texas Roads Where Large Oil Trucks and Oil Commercial Vehicles Operated by Inexperienced, Overworked, and Untrained Drivers Are Rushing to Deliver Drilling Supplies and Equipment

The Eagle Ford Shale oil/gas boom in Texas has caused several massive oil company truck wrecks.  There is a rush to provide oil companies with drilling mud, oil pipes, drilling equipment, and other supplies.  It is all to common to see many Texas roads and highway that are bumper to bumper with large 18-wheeler truck in many Texas towns.  Many of these oil company trucks are driven by overworked and inexperienced oil company truck drivers.  Several of which are inexperienced and untrained drivers that are working day and night, not sleeping for days, and on massive amounts of drugs to keep them awake.

Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil Truck Crash Lawyer Handles Eagle Ford Shale Oil Truck Accident Lawsuits

As a Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil Truck Crash Lawyer and Fatal Oil Truck Crash Lawyer, Jason Coomer, handles oil company truck wreck lawsuits and other oil commercial vehicle accident lawsuits that occur in and around the Eagle Ford Shale region.  These Eagle Ford Shale Truck Crash Lawsuits include negligent oil pipe truck driver lawsuits, oil company truck driver lawsuits, construction truck driver lawsuits, and other negligent oil commercial vehicle driver lawsuit where oil company, trucking company, or commercial driver negligence has caused a serious oil commercial vehicle accident resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.

Drivers of Commercial Vehicles of Oil Company Trucks and Trucking Company Trucks are Causing Texas Fatal Truck Accidents and Catastrophic Injury Accidents: These Fatal Oil Company Truck Accidents Need to Be Investigated by Experienced Texas Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers, Texas Fatal Truck Crash Lawyers, and Texas Oil Company Truck Wreck Lawyers to Determine the Cause of The Accident and Prevent Future Simliar Accidents

According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, thousands of motorists are killed each year by commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are too often driven by under trained, inexperienced, and over worked drivers that are under pressure to drive fast as well as keep maintenance costs down.  These factors combined with road construction, cell phones, GPS devices, and other potential driver distractions can cause fatal automobile accidents. 

Whether a driver is driving a large commercial vehicle such as a oil pipe truck, oil mud truck, oil equipment truck, company van, oil company 18-wheeler, dump truck, propane truck, garbage truck, construction truck, semi-trucks, tractor-trailer, utility truck, hauling truck, or other commercial vehicle, it is important that the driver be trained to operate the commercial vehicle and have their driving record reviewed for accidents as well as drunk driving convictions.  For more information on serious injury and fatal accident investigations, please also feel free to go to the following web site: Truck Collision and 18-Wheeler Accident Information and Investigation Center.

Texas Oil Truck Crash Lawyer Handles Oil Truck Crashes Throughout The United States and Texas and Commonly Works With Other Texas Oil Truck Crash Lawyers, El Paso Texas Truck Wreck Lawyers, South Texas Truck Crash Death Lawyers, Interstate New Mexico Fatal Truck Wreck Lawyers, and Texas Fatal Crash Lawyers

As a Texas Oil Truck Crash Lawyer, Jason Coomer, works on Interstate and Texas Oil Truck Crash Lawsuits involving serious injuries and deadly crashes all over the State of Texas and throughout the United States.  In working on Texas Oil Truck Crash Lawsuits, Jason Coomer commonly works with other Fatal Oil Truck Crash Lawyers throughout Texas and the United States including Houston Fatal Oil Truck Lawyers, Dallas Oil Truck Death Lawyers, El Paso Oil Truck Crash Lawyers, New Mexico Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers, El Paso Truck Wreck Lawyers, Laredo Truck Wreck Lawyers, Illinois Truck Wreck Lawyers, and San Antonio Oil Truck Accident Lawyers.

In working with other Oil Truck Crash Lawyers and Truck Accident Death Lawyers, he is able to more efficiently investigate and litigate catastrophic injury and fatal big rig crash lawsuits.  

Feel Free To Contact Texas Oil Truck Wreck Lawyer, Texas Oil Pipe Truck Crash Lawyer, and Texas Fatal Oil Truck Wreck Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

For a free evaluation of your commercial truck or commercial vehicle accident lawsuit by an Austin Texas Company Vehicle lawyer, please feel free to contact Texas Oil Truck Wreck Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer.  Please include the date of the accident, location of accident, your name, injuries suffered, and a brief description of the accident.  Jason Coomer works with other Texas Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers and other Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers throughout the United States on large Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawsuits.  He works with Dallas Commercial Truck Wreck Lawyers, Houston Company Vehicle Collision Attorneys, San Antonio Company Truck Accident Lawyers, and other Truck Accident Lawyers.

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