Texas Road Construction Accident Lawyer Handles Texas Road Construction Accident Lawsuits, Texas Road Construction Fatal Car Wreck Lawsuits, TXDOT Lawsuits, and Catastrophic Injury Negligent Construction Contractor Collision Lawsuits by Texas Road Construction Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Every year thousands of Texans are killed and seriously injured on Texas Roads by the negligence of road construction contractors, careless drivers, drunk drivers, intoxicated drivers, and negligent trucking companies.  Texas Road Construction Accident Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, represents people that have been injured and families that have lost loved ones in road construction accidents and wrecks.  His Law Firm investigates collisions and wrecks caused by negligent road construction contractors.   

If you have lost a loved one in an accident caused by defective road construction or have been seriously injured in a collision caused by negligent road construction, please feel free to send an e-mail to Texas Texas Road Construction Accident Attorney, Jason S. Coomer or use our submission form.  Please include the date of the accident, location of the road construction accident, your name, the names of the persons in the accidents, any injuries suffered, and a brief description of how the road construction accident occurred including the negligence of the road construction contractor. 

Texas Road Construction Automobile Accident Lawsuits, Texas Negligent Road Construction Contractor Lawsuits, and Texas Tort Claims Act Lawsuits

As a Texas Road Construction Accident Lawyer, Jason Coomer helps people that have lost family members and loved ones in fatal accidents and catastrophic injury collisions caused by negligent road construction workers.  These road construction accidents can be caused by a negligent road construction contractor that has misplaced warning signs; put up confusing warning signs; used faulty warning signs or warning markers; misplaced barricades or construction markers; allowed construction workers to park in dangerous locations; negligently used construction equipment; hired negligent or inattentive construction workers; left construction debris in the road, by the road, or in traffic; hired negligent engineers; failed to follow safety regulations; and/or has committed several other potential careless or negligent actions.

Road construction accident lawsuits often require an experienced road construction accident lawyer as well as a road construction safety expert that is familiar with road construction accidents to perform a full investigation of the accident, potential violations by the road construction contractor or the Texas Department of Transportation, and the potential claims that the injured person or survivors may have  against those responsible for causing the collision or accident. 

The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer not only performs full investigations of the fatal accident lawsuits and commercial vehicle lawsuits,  but commonly works with other law firms across Texas and the United States, safety professionals, clients, and local law enforcement to maximize the resources put into investigating a serious injury or fatal accident to determine what happened and how to prevent any other accidental deaths from occurring in the same way.  In doing so, his law office has been successful in improving safety throughout Texas, the United States, and North America.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits and Texas Road Construction Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Every year tens of thousand of motorcycles invade the Texas Hill Country for the Republic of Texas Biker Rally.  It is a great event with lots of fun, good music, and energy coming into the Texas.  Austin Texas closes down several streets and most of the locals make room for the visiting bikers to parade up and down the streets of Austin.  Many of Texans enjoy the variety of bikers and motorcycles cruising the streets of Austin.   However, these bikers are sometime vulnerable to careless drivers and can suffer serious injuries if they are hit by a large truck, bus, or car.  Even a careless move by another driver can throw off a biker to cause a serious crash.

These bikers are also vulnerable to negligent road construction including construction debris left in or near the road, misplaced warning signs, misplaced barriers, faulty lights, careless road workers, misuse of construction equipment, disappearing lanes of traffic, created blind spots, and other dangerous traps.  For more information, please feel free to go to the following web pages on Texas motorcycle accident lawsuits.

2 motorcycle riders die in separate crashes
 4/30/2008 6:46 AM By: News 8 Austin Staff

"One person is dead following an overnight accident involving a motorcycle in North Austin.  It happened just after 2 a.m. in the 8000 block of Interstate 35, not far from the 183 interchange. The accident happened near a construction zone on I-35. Police are still investigating.

And in a separate accident involving a motorcycle rider in North Austin, an 18-year-old man is dead following a motorcycle crash that happened Tuesday afternoon in Pflugerville.  The man was transported to Brackenridge Hospital where he died.  It happened just after 4 p.m. at Wells Branch Parkway and Dessau Road. Investigators said the driver left the roadway and struck some construction equipment at a job site."

Texas Fatal Drunk Driver Automobile Accident Lawsuits, Texas Catastrophic Injury Drunk Driver Accident Lawsuits, and Texas DWI Bar & Night Club Lawsuits

The combination of Alcohol and Road Construction on familiar roads or highways can also cause fatal collisions or catastrophic injury crashes.  Fatal DWI Automobile Accidents can also be caused by businesses and fraternities that knowingly serve patrons too much alcohol. There are many bars, night clubs, party hosts, and restaurants that serve customers that are already drunk too much alcohol.  Under Texas law a bar, night club, or restaurant that serves a drunk person alcohol can be held liable if they let that intoxicated person drive and the intoxicated person causes a serious or fatal automobile accident.  For more information on Texas Dram Shop lawsuits, go to our page on Texas Dram Shop Claims.

Jury Awards Catastrophic Injury Damages in a Drunk Driver Road Construction Automobile Accident

In Wise County, Texas, a Jury awarded $23M to woman that was injured in a crash caused by a drunk driver and negligent road construction.  The jury awarded $23 million to the parents of a college student who sustained a severe brain injury in a collision with a drunken driver. In 2007, Jacklyn Murphree, then 20, was driving in Decatur when Betty Ann Monroe drove through a section of road that was closed to the public due to construction and crashed into Murphree's car. Murphree suffered a shearing brain injury. She is semi-conscious and capable of some movement, but she cannot communicate and recovery is unlikely. In addition to blaming Monroe, who subsequently pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, Murphree's parents also sued construction contractor Site Concrete and subcontractor Austin Bridge & Road. They alleged the companies failed to provide proper safety devices to prevent drivers from entering the closed work zone. The jury found Monroe 70 percent liable and Site Concrete and the Texas Department of Transportation, which was not a party to the suit, each 15 percent liable. Austin Bridge & Road was exonerated. Murphree v. Site Concrete Inc.

The Main Goal for Most Insurance Adjusters, Defense Lawyers, and Risk Managers that handle Road Construction Accident Claims is to Save Their Insurance Company and Road Construction Contractor Money

In handling Negligent Road Construction Contractor Lawsuits, it is important to realize that multiple insurance companies and risk management departments may be involved in evaluating a road construction automobile accident claim. Both insurance companies and risk management departments have professionals whose jobs are to limit the amount that their insurance company or risk management department pays on any road construction accident claim regardless of the liability facts or damages. It is therefore important to make sure that if you are in a serious road construction wreck or have lost a loved one in a fatal road construction accident, to have an experienced road construction accident lawyer to negotiate with insurance adjusters and lawyers as well as the road construction contractor company defense lawyers.

Adjusters, risk managers, and defense lawyers at insurance companies and risk management departments are often the professionals that make the decisions on what will be paid for road construction accident compensation on a claim prior to a lawsuit going to trial. These professionals will often spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid paying a claim.

For more information on automobile accident vehicle insurance, interstate truck insurance, and dealing with insurance adjusters, risk managers, and defense lawyers, please feel free to the following web pages to learn more about insurance Commercial Vehicle Insurance web page.

The Grieving Process: Aftermath of a Fatal Collision

Losing a loved one is one is one of the most difficult experiences that a person can go through.  This is especially true when the loss is a result of a sudden, accidental, unexpected or traumatic death.  This sudden loss can shatter the world as we know it and make us realize that life is not always fair and leave us feeling shaken, unsure and vulnerable.

The grief response following sudden loss is often intensified since there is little to no opportunity to prepare for the loss, say good-bye, finish unfinished business or prepare for bereavement. Families and friends are suddenly forced to face the loss of a loved one instantaneously and without warning. This type of loss can generate intense grief responses such as shock, anger, guilt, sudden depression, despair and hopelessness.

Along with the primary loss of the person, families and loved ones may experience concurrent crises and multiple secondary losses: lost income, loss of home, loss of social status. The role the loved one held in the family is gone. It takes time for the family to reorganize. Family may be left feeling in a state of perpetual disarray with a lingering sense of unease and disorganization. Marital and other family relationships can become strained.  Additionally, there are other immediate issues that come up including dealing with funeral arrangements, probate issues, medical expenses, pending criminal charges against the drunk driver, and the loss of income.  These issues can often prevent a person from seeking assistance in investigating and potentially filing a wrongful death and survival action civil lawsuit against the drunk driver.

Texas Fatal Injury Law Suits and Claims: Texas Survival Action Claims, Texas Insurance Claims, and Texas Wrongful Death Claims

Under Texas law, Parents, Children, and Spouses of persons killed by drunk drivers have potential wrongful death claims against the drunk driver that killed their mother, father, husband, wife, son, or daughter.  Through these wrongful death lawsuits and survival actions the relatives of a person killed by a drunk driver can often recover from the drunk driver's insurance company, the drunk driver, parent that provided alcohol to minors that were driving, or the bar where the drunk was drinking.

The Wrongful Death Claim seeks money compensation for the parents, spouse and children of the decedent based on a variety of factors including:

 - Loss of love, companionship, comfort, assistance, protection, affection or care 
 - Loss of financial support
 - Lost benefits, such as insurance, from the death
 - Loss of inheritance from an untimely death

It is however important to realize that there is a two year statute of limitation on these wrongful death lawsuits.  Though it is often difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one immediately after losing the person, it is extremely important not to wait beyond two year to act or the cause of action may be lost.

Also under Texas law, the estate of the person that was killed has a potential claim called a "survival action".  The survival action are claims for what the decedent would have recovered had the person survived the accident.  These claims travel through the decedent's estate and either go to their heirs or beneficiaries depending if the person had done any estate planning.  These damages include:

- Expenses associated with the death including funeral costs
- Medical expenses prior to the death
- Pain and suffering associated with the untimely death
In addition to seeking compensation from defendants responsible for the accidental death of a loved one, insurance can often provide compensation for the loss of a loved one.  Accidental Death Policies, Life Insurance Policies, Homeowners Insurance, General Commercial Insurance Policies, and Automobile Accident Policies are all types of insurance that can compensate widows and Texas families for the accidental death of a loved one.  In many instances if the party that killed your loved one is a business corporation, the party will have a general commercial policy of one million dollars to insure them from catastrophic injuries and death.  These policy can sometimes be hidden until a formal demand is made to the company responsible for the death.  Additionally, if the party that accidentally killed your loved one owns a home they will probably have a homeowners insurance policy that may compensate for an accidental death including deaths caused by fire and smoke, an accidental shooting or stray bullet, negligent children, attack dogs, dangerous condition on the property, or other negligence committed by a homeowner.  Like other insurance policies, these policies must be triggered within a certain time of the death and will not be automatically triggered.  A formal demand typically must be made to trigger these insurance policies.

The Grieving Process: Aftermath of a Catastrophic Injury Collision

In addition to losing a loved one, a catastrophic injury caused by drunk driver collision can also shatter the world of a family as we know it.  Having a loved one suffer severe brain damage, loss of use of their arms or legs, suffering severe back injuries, or suffering multiple bone fractures can create large medical expenses, the need for 24 hour in home nursing care, lost income, end of a career, loss of a care taker, and many other damages that can dramatically change a family's world. 

Not only does the family have to deal with the loss of their world, they also need to focus on rebuilding their lives.  In these situations, it can also be difficult to find the time and energy to find a good Texas Collision lawyer that can assist the family in investigating and potentially filing a catastrophic injury lawsuit. 

Texas Catastrophic Injury Law Suits and Claims: Texas Minors' Claims, Texas Parents' Claims, and Texas Insurance Claims

There are several different types of compensation that may be available under Texas law and insurance coverage to people injured in a vehicle collision.  One of the most misunderstood claims in that of minors.  When a minor is severely injured in a collision both the minor and the minor's parents or guardians may have claims under Texas law for different types of damages.  While the minor's claims typically exist until two years after the minor's 18th birthday, the parent's claims for the medical expenses typically only are viable for two years after the statute of limitations.  It is important to discuss these potential claims and any other potential claims that may exist under Texas law or insurance policies with an experienced Texas lawyer that understands catastrophic injury cases.

Texas Drunk Driver Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Texas Wrongful Death Claims

Texas DWI Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer works with district attorneys to make sure that drunk drivers that cause serious accidents are prosecuted as well as seeks compensation for the families that have lost loved ones due to drunk drivers.  

He has also worked hard to prevent future fatal accidents and make sure that fatal accidents do not occur in the same manner. Through his efforts, policies and safety regulations throughout North America have been changed to make work places safer.  He has also worked hard to obtain compensation for those left behind including reimbursement for medical bills, funeral costs, lost future earnings, pain & suffering, and other damages suffered.

Whether a person is accidentally killed by a hazardous defect or the carelessness of another, individuals often need assistance in dealing with and seeking just compensation from insurance companies and large corporations. Corporations that carelessly kill a person will all too often spend a lot of money fighting the claim instead of compensating the family for the loss and fixing the problem. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often the same way. Having an experienced wrongful death attorney on your side can force large corporations and insurance companies to do the right thing and value life and safety above profits.

Texas Road Construction Accident Lawsuits, Fatal Road Construction Accidents, Texas Texas Road Construction Accident Lawyers, and Fatal Road Construction Accident Lawyers

In handling fatal accident lawsuits, Jason Coomer has been fortunate enough to represent and help some really good people that had lost loved ones to terrible accidents. He has been honored and a privileged to work through the justice system to help improve safety and hold people responsible when they value money over the lives and safety of Texans.  He has worked with Austin fatal accident lawyers, Houston accident death lawyers, Dallas accident death lawyers, San Antonio DWI accident death lawyers, and other Texas fatal accident lawyers.

Feel free to contact Texas Road Construction Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer, if you need an Austin Road Construction Collision Lawyer, Austin Construction Accident Death Attorney, Austin barricade accident lawyer, or Austin car wreck attorney.  He also works with other Texas Construction Accident Lawyers including Dallas Road Construction Lawyers, Houston Road Construction accident Attorneys, Laredo fatal accident death lawyers, San Antonio accident death lawyers, San Antonio accidental death lawyers, and other Texas DWI Accident Lawyer.  He handles DWI fatal accident claims all over Texas and works with other DWI wrongful death lawyers throughout Texas and the nation.

If you have lost a loved one and that loved one was killed through the negligence of a drunk driver, Jason Coomer is available to review and investigate your potential wrongful death claim.  Please feel free to e-mail Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer Jason Coomer with your name & contact information, the name of the person that was killed, the date the person was killed, how the person was killed, and who you think was responsible for the wrongful death.

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