Texas Trademark Infringement Lawyer and Texas Servicemark Infringement Lawyer Represents Businesses and Owners of Intellectual Property Who Have Had Their Intellectual Property Infringed Upon and Those Who Have Been Accused of Infringement by Austin Texas Trademark Infringement Lawyer and Austin Texas Servicemark Infringement Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Austin Texas Trademark Infringement Lawyer and Texas Servicemark Infringment Lawyer, Jason Coomer, handled commercial litigation including trademark infringement, servicemark infringement, copyright infringement, patent infringement, domain disputes, trade secret litigation, and contract disputes.  He also provides advice to business developers, new businesses, and existing business owners who want to protect their intellectual property or enforce their intellectual property rights.  For more information on protecting your intellectual property, seeking damages from an illegal infringement, or creating a development agreement, please feel free to contact Texas Trademark Infringement Lawyer and Texas Servicemark Infringement Lawyer Jason Coomer.

Texas Trademark Infringement and Servicemark Infringement Lawsuits

Texas Trademark Infringement Lawsuits and Texas Servicemark Lawsuits often arise when someone steals the brand, reputation, or intellectual property of another.  A prime example of this infringement occurs when a business develops a profitable business and/or a successful reputation that becomes synonymous with a unique domain and other businesses try to use similar domains.  In other situations, the infringing business tries to use the brand, trademark, or servicemark of the successful business to profit from the reputation.   

Because of the rapid growth of the Internet and Information Technology as well as the ease in which technology can allow businesses to take the work of another business, infringement of intellectual property including domains, servicemarks, and trademarks have become more common.  However, it is often not until such infringement causes significant damages that many businesses take action.  However, it is often important to take action as soon as infringement is discovered or shortly thereafter.

Texas Development Agreements, Contracts, and Protection of Intellectual Property

The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer helps individuals and businesses draft and negotiate contracts, license agreements, and screen disclaimers as well as advises businesses on domain disputes, trademark  and copyright infringement, breach of contracts, damages from computer software and hardware defects, anti-trust claims, business disputes, trade secret disputes, franchise contracts, free speech issues, jurisdictional disputes, and liability issues.

If you need an Austin business litigation attorney or an Austin attorney to advise you on business development, contact austin business litigation lawyer Jason Coomer.


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