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Large commercial trucks cause over 5,000 fatal truck accidents every year as well as over 100,000 truck accidents resulting in injuries each year.  In Texas, the number of fatal truck collisions and truck accidents resulting in serious injuries have increased dramatically since NAFTA passed in 1994.   Unfortunately, with large trucks driving on our roads and highways comes the potential of fatal accidents and catastrophic damages.  Untrained, overworked, or inexperienced  drivers all too often lose control of their vehicles causing them to jackknife, overturn, or collide with passenger vehicles.  Many of these drivers are overworked, on caffeine or other drugs, and running behind schedule.  This is extremely problematic when these drivers are driving vehicles that weigh many tons and collide with smaller vehicles.

For a free evaluation of a Texas Truck Accident Lawsuit by a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer, please contact Texas Truck Accident Attorney, Jason S. Coomer.  Please include the date of the accident, location of accident, your name, injuries suffered, and a brief description of the accident. 

Causes of Texas Truck Accident Lawsuits

There are many potential causes of Truck Accident Lawsuits including Driver Fatigue, Unsafe Equipment, Untrained Drivers, Overworked Drivers, Inexperienced Drivers, Poor Truck Maintenance, Reckless Drivers, Overloaded Trucks, Old Trucks, Bad Brakes, Lax Background Checks, Licensing Fraud, Limited Compliance Reviews, Medicated Drivers, Drunk Drivers, Drivers Under the Influence of Drugs, and Drivers Pushed to Make Deadlines.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has determined that driver fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents and may be the cause of as many as 75% of large tanker truck rollovers.  FMCSA regulations of allowing drivers to drive large dangerous trucks for over 10 hours a days combined with the pressure to keep costs down with high fuel costs, forces many trucking companies to over work drivers and causes there to be more and more fatigue truck drivers on our roads and highways.

Poor truck maintenance and the use of older trucks also cause truck accidents.  From bad brakes that can fail or explode to defective lights or steering, trucks without proper maintenance or without current safety equipment create hazards on our roads and highways as well as cause serious truck accidents.  Unsafe equipment and trucks are becoming more common as trucking companies are squeezed by higher fuel prices and delay overhauls and regular maintenance to maximize profits. 

Hiring a Texas Truck Lawyer for a Texas Truck Accident Lawsuit

When a large commercial truck collides with a passenger vehicle or a motorcycle, it is almost always the passengers of the smaller vehicle that suffer.  If you or a loved one have been ran over by a truck, had a large truck hit you, or collide with your vehicle, it is important to obtain legal representation from a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer who handles Texas Truck Accident Lawsuits and is able to protect you or your loved one's rights and to make sure that a proper and thorough investigation as to the cause of the collision in done.

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer has years of litigation experience and the necessary knowledge to make sure those injured in automobile and truck accidents are fully compensated under the law. He has helped many people injured by negligent and drunk drivers and made sure that the families of those killed and seriously injured were compensated as well. He prides himself on successfully battling large insurance and trucking companies to make sure they pay adequate compensation for damages caused by their drivers that through reckless, careless, or negligent driving have injured someone.  He handles truck accident lawsuits in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

Please feel free to contact The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer for additional information on vehicle collisions, truck accidents, and car crashes.  His firm also handles other vehicle accident lawsuits including motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, and car wrecks.

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer also often works with other Truck Accident Lawyers through out the United States and Texas on large truck accident lawsuits.  He has worked with Dallas Truck Accident Attorneys, Houston Truck Accident Attorneys, San Antonio Truck Accident Attorneys, Tex-Arkansas Truck Accident Attorneys, and El Paso Truck Accident Attorneys. 

Insurance Adjusters Will Delay and Minimize Payments in Hopes that People Injured in a Truck Accident Will Not Hire a Texas Truck Lawyer for a Texas Truck Accident Lawsuit

Don't think that if you have suffered serious injuries in an truck collision that the insurance adjuster will take care of you or voluntarily pay you for all the medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, impairment, disfigurement, and other damages that you have suffered.  They probably won't.  In fact, many insurance adjusters will offer low settlement amounts hoping that you will sign away your claim prior to knowing the full extent of your damages.  Many insurance adjusters will also try to delay and allow the statute of limitations to run relieving the insurance company of any liability.  These dirty tactics sometimes work on people that are grieving the loss of a family member or desperately need money and do not go to an experienced Texas Truck Accident Lawyer to properly investigate there claims.  In fact, it has become more common for insurance adjusters not to make a reasonable offer until a Texas Truck Accident Lawsuit is filed. 

For a free evaluation of your truck accident claim by an Austin Texas truck accident lawyer, please contact Texas truck accident attorney, Jason S. Coomer.  Please include the date of the accident, location of accident, your name, injuries suffered, and a brief description of the accident. 

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