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Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer Jason Coomer Helps Heirs, Beneficiaries, Families, Guardians, and Persons Living Out of the State of Texas Claim Unclaimed Property by Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer Jason Coomer 

Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer, Jason Coomer, represents heirs, family members, beneficiaries, guardians, wards, and persons living out of the State of Texas claim unclaimed property and lost wealth including bank accounts, insurance money, oil royalties, gas royalties, retirement funds, trusts, court registry money, and real estate.  For questions on collecting significant unclaimed property or lost property through probate and through the State of Texas, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer or use our contact form to submit an inquiry

Texas Families Often Lose Significant Amounts of Wealth When Loved Ones Die or Become Incapacitated

There is a significant amount of unclaimed assets and family wealth that is lost every year.  In the State of Texas alone billions of dollars in bank accounts, oil royalties, insurance money, safety deposit box contents, stocks, retirement funds, real estate, and other wealth is forgotten about, becomes lost, or is unclaimed.  This unclaimed property often occurs when someone unexpectedly dies or becomes incompetent.  When this person is the head of a household or controls a family's wealth, records can often be lost and assets can often go unclaimed.  This is more common when families do not live close to each other and/or do not communicated about financial issues.  Much of this lost or unclaimed wealth is collected by the states and held for rightful owners including heirs and beneficiaries.  However, it is not uncommon for large corporations including oil companies, insurance companies, brokers, financial advisers, and banks to keep unclaimed assets. 

Locating Assets, Claiming Wealth, Probating Estates, Claiming Death Benefits, Transferring Real Estate

The State of Texas is currently holding over $2 billion in assets in Texas Unclaimed Property.  This property is entrusted to it from a variety of sources, including unclaimed utility deposits, dormant bank accounts, unclaimed wages, safety deposit boxes, insurance policies, royalties, and uncashed checks.  Claiming this property is not always easy as many of the people that originally owned or were entitled to this property have died or become incapacitated.  As such, to claim the assets that belonged to these people, their families will need to go through probate before the heirs or beneficiaries can claim the assets.  As a Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer and a Texas Probate Lawyer, Jason Coomer, works with heirs and beneficiaries to help them gain control of their loved one's estate to be able to claim unclaimed property.  In most cases, the estate will need to go through a will probate or a suit to determine heirship will need to be filed.  This probate process can be expensive, but if there are significant assets in the estate or being held by the State of Texas, the investment can be well worth the cost.  Further, if there are significant assets in the estate, the probate process and collection process can sometimes be handled on a contingent contract or a hybrid contract where attorneys fees and expenses are recouped out of the recovered money.  For more information, please see the follow web page: Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer, Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer, and Texas Contingent Estate Collection Lawyer.

Locating and Claiming Lost Wealth

In locating and claiming lost wealth, it is important to make sure that someone has gone through the financial records of a family member that his died or has become incapacitated.  This should include checking the person's mail after they have passed away to determine if any bank statements, insurance information, brokerage account statements, retirement information, royalties, tax documents, or other financial information is sent.  It is also usually a good idea to check with the state where the decedent was living to determine if any of that person's assets have been collected by the state.  The following link can be used to check Texas Unclaimed Property.  However, this is not the only place that should be investigated as many financial institutions, oil companies, banks, trusts, large corporations, and insurance companies, keep assets for an extended period of time or send the property to other states.  For more information on collection of unclaimed property, please follow this link to Texas Estate and Probate Unclaimed Property Lawyer

Texas Estate Unclaimed Property Lawyer, Texas Unclaimed Property Heir Lawyer, Texas Unclaimed Property Beneficiary Lawyer, and Texas Unclaimed Property Probate Lawyer HelpsLocate Unclaimed Texas Wealth, Estate Assets, and Non-Probate Assets (Real Estate, Oil Interests, Bank Accounts, & Stock)

In addition to what is inherited, there is a significant amount of unclaimed wealth including bank accounts, houses, oil interests, safety deposit boxes, stocks, and other wealth that is forgotten about.  In our modern society families don't always live close and some wealth is lost or forgotten.  Death or incapacity is not always anticipated and many people will unfortunately loose track of stocks, bank accounts, oil interests, and other wealth.  It is a good idea to keep a safety deposit box with an inventory of all your assets and have people that you trust that can get access to your safety deposit box should something happen to you.

It is also becoming more common for family members not living close to a recently deceased relative to not know how to handle a probate matter or have enough money to clear title to property.  In these instances it is good to locate a local attorney that can assist in appraising an estate including real estate and houses to determine if it would be beneficial to probate an estate or to determine the most efficient method to clear title to property.

Texas Inheritance Lawyer, Jason Coomer helps families evaluate the estates of their lost loved ones to determine if a full probate is necessary and if so if the probate is economically feasible.

Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer, Texas Unclaimed Property Heir Lawyer, Texas Unclaimed Property Beneficiary Lawyer, and Texas Unclaimed Property Probate Lawyer Handles Probate and Estate Matters for Texas and Out of State Beneficiaries and Heirs

Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer, Jason Coomer helps families locate and collect significant wealth.  For questions on Texas Unclaimed Wealth and Locating Family Wealth, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer Jason S. Coomer or use our contact submission form.

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