Texas Fatal Toxic Mold Exposure Lawyer Handles Fatal Toxic Mold Lawsuits Where Small Children, Elderly, or others Are Killed By Toxic Mold 

Toxic mold lawsuits are extremely difficult in Texas.  For this reason my firm is extremely selective in the toxic mold cases that we take and are limiting our cases to fatal toxic mold cases.  In reviewing fatal toxic mold cases, we require that potential clients have environmental mold testing and medical documentation linking a death or catastrophic injury with a specific type of toxic mold in their environment.  Further for a case to be reviewed our office, we must be provided a copy of the environmental testing as well as a copy of a death certificate, autopsy, or medical report that links a specific toxic mold exposure to a death or catastrophic injuries.  This link should state that a specific type of toxic mold probably caused a fatality or catastrophic injuries.  If you have lost a loved one through the exposure to toxic mold, contact Texas Personal Injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer, for a free review of your potential claim.

General Information on Mold and Toxic Mold Claims

Because toxic mold and mold claims are extremely difficult in Texas, few Texas lawyers will actually handle toxic mold and mold lawsuits.  For this reason, individuals should be aware of some general information regarding mold and toxic mold that may help them protect themselves and their property while going through a potential mold or toxic mold experience.  First and foremost, please be aware that mold is extremely common, Austin and many parts of Texas have high levels of common mold outside.  Further, most people have some water intrusion issues with their home and some mold is found in most homes.  Where the real problems occur is when toxic mold is present and airborne.  That being said extremely high levels of common mold in a home should be avoided, especially for people with allergies, asthma, and immune issues.

Second, please keep in mind that the root of all mold infestations is excess moisture.  Mold cannot grow without water or high levels of humidity.  Therefore in determining the cause of a mold infestation the first step is to identify the water or moisture source. This step is extremely important for home owners as guarding against water intrusion is important for protecting a home from water damage and mold infestations.

Third, if your residence has a significant mold infestation, it is important to determine if the mold infestation is toxic or common mold.  Generally environmental testing is the best way to determine what type of mold infestation you may have.  That being said, please keep in mind that toxic mold tends to grow better in dark wet places, whereas common molds tend to grow in areas of light.  Be aware of mold infestations that have grown in dark and wet areas.  For almost any potential mold claim, environmental testing will probably be necessary.  Additionally, if you suspect the presence of toxic mold and members of your family are having significant health issues, it is probably a good idea to have specific areas tested to determine what types of mold your family has been exposed.  This information can also be helpful to health care providers in determining treatment.

Fourth, be careful attempting to remediate any mold infestations, especially toxic ones.  Remediation or tearing out a mold infestation can spread mold spores and toxins into HVAC systems and onto personal items.  Once the HVAC system or personal items are contaminated they can be extremely difficult if not impossible to clean.  Most people who have suffered from toxic mold exposure will attempt to take some contaminated personal items with them after a toxic exposure and more often than not the toxic exposure will followed them.  Be careful in remediating and exiting a toxic mold environment.  If you or your family have suffered toxic mold exposure, it is often best to make sure that your new living environment is safe from toxic mold exposure including spores and mycotoxins from your prior environment.  Further, it is extremely important that your family has a clean and safe sleeping environment where they are free from toxic mold or high mold exposure.

Fifth, if you have a claim against a landlord, it is best to document and keep records of all communications you have with you landlord regarding 1) requests for repair of any water infiltration problems, 2) any notices provided of mold infestations, 3) any notice of environmental tests showing high levels of mold or toxic mold in your home, 4) any notices of medical conditions related to living in a toxic environment, 5) any requests for safe alternative accommodations, or 6) any requests for damages.

Wrongful Death Claims - As a Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer handling wrongful death claims, Death Claim Lawyer, Jason Coomer assists the families of the deceased.  For a fatal toxic mold case, we will need to see a death certificate stating cause of death, an autopsy stating cause of death, and environmental testing showing specific toxic molds in the environment of the deceased.

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