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Premises Liability Claims and Dangerous Conditions

Each year numerous Texans are injured and even killed by dangerous conditions on property or traps including defective wiring, hidden holes, dangerous ramps & stairs, steep drop offs, inadequate lighting, and other hazardous conditions.  Under Texas Law a person injured by a known dangerous condition can seek compensation from a negligent business land owner, if the owner had actual or constructive knowledge of and failed to take reasonable steps to remedy the condition.  These type of dangerous condition claims are referred to as premises liability cases as the liability for these cases is determined by the status of the landowner and person that has been injured on the land.

Premises liability claims include personal injuries or death arising out of a hidden hole, falling merchandise or shelves, lack of proper lighting, improper design of stairs, improper security, faulty security, faulty wiring, hidden security wires, asbestos products, toxic exposures, defective glass, dangerous chemicals, explosions, explosive materials, firing of weapons, and other dangerous conditions.

These dangerous condition claims can be especially dangerous when they are combined with an attractive nuisance or something that draw people in to look at something when a hidden hazard is close by.  These attractive nuisance draw a person's attention away from the real hidden danger that is around.  Examples include a faulty designed play ground, selling lawn furniture with a hidden security cable around the feet area, or stacked toys which can topple over.

Several lawyers on the TexasLawyers.com Directory and Information Center handle dangerous condition claims that have caused serious injuries of death including Texas Dangerous Condition Lawyer, Jason Coomer.  For other Texas Dangerous Condition Lawyers or more information on Texas Dangerous Condition Claims, feel free to follow the below links or use our submission form.

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