Automobile Collisions

Automobile Accident Information

Every year truck, motorcycle, bus, car, and other automobile collisions kill and seriously injuring a large number of Texans.  Reckless driving, mechanical error, and alcohol are often the cause of serious collisions.  Below are a list of Texas attorneys that handle automobile collisions, please feel free to e-mail or follow the below links for additional information. 

When driving in Texas, please keep in mind that I35 between Dallas and Laredo is one of the most dangerous stretches of Highway in the United States.  It is a major Trucking Route with large fleets of US and Mexican Trucks driving through Texas.  Though these trucks are necessary for International trade, they have the capacity to cause catastrophic damages, if they collide with a passenger vehicle. Please try to keep a safe distance from these trucks and stay out of their blind spots.  If unfortunately a truck has hit a vehicle you or someone you love was in and you were injured, it is important to consult an attorney to protect your or your loved one's rights.  

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