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Detection of Mold Infestations and Water Sources

When inspecting your home or business for mold problems, it is important to detect both mold infestations and the water source.  The water source is the underlying problem that created the environment for the mold spores to grow.  If the mold is cleaned up without repairing the water source, it is likely that mold will grow back.  

Water Infiltration

If you discover that your home or building has sustained water infiltration, it is important to act quickly to avoid potential mold infestations. Keep in mind that the biggest mistakes you can make is to fail to remedy the underlying problem and/or delay in reacting to water damage. Both are dangers, if an insurance carrier, landlord, or building contractor is responsible for the remediation of your home or building because all have an incentive not to spend money to perform a proper remediation. Therefore it is typically in their short-term best interest to avoid any remediation, pay as little as possible to repair a problem, and/or delay paying money as long as possible. The problem for these entities as well as those exposed to mold is that delay and failure to adequately repair water damage is what allows mold infestations to expand and cause extensive damage as well as create liability.

Below is a checklist that may be helpful in dealing with water infiltration remediation.

1.    Locate any water damage or mold infestations
2.    Inventory & Photograph all Damaged Areas & Items
3.    Determine the Source of the Water Infiltration
4.    Contact your insurance agent, builder, and/or landlord
Remedy and Document the Source of Water Infiltration
6.    Inspect for any significant mold
7.    If found, test as to what types of mold you have
8.    Isolate contaminated areas with barriers and protect the HVAC system
9.    Remove all contaminated materials & possessions

Remember, if you are aware of mold that is growing, it is important to be cognizant of your ventilation system and the possibility of spreading spores.

This Website is designed to provide basic information about mold.  For specific information contact an expert in your area.  This site reviews different types of molds, the importance of mold environmental testing, signs of exposure to toxic mold, potential causes of mold infestations, detection of mold and water infiltration problems, proper remediation of toxic mold, and links to other resources on toxic mold infestations and exposure.  This website is not intended as specific medical, legal, or remediation advice.  It is highly recommended that readers consult their own experts including medical doctors, remediation experts, and legal professionals for specific advice on any mold problem they have.

Molds Testing Exposure Contamination Detection Remediation Resources




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