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Specific Legal Topics and Common Practice Areas

Though many people think that all Texas lawyers handle similar types of cases, the complexity of today's society has forced many Texas attorneys to learn a niche and practice in a particular area of Texas law. As such, the days of the general practice Texas attorney that handles all types of cases are pretty much gone. Below are a list of general practice areas that different Texas Lawyers on the directory practice.

Asbestos Auto Accidents Business Litigation Construction Accidents Criminal Law Dangerous Conditions Estates Fires House Fire Claims Inheritance Insurance Disputes Investment Fraud Lymphatic Cancer Medical Malpractice Medicare Fraud Mold Infestations Motorcycle Accidents Oil and Gas Royalty Oil Production Fraud Oil Truck Accidents Pancreatic Cancer Patent Litigation Personal Injury Pharmaceutical Premise Liability Serious Injury Roundup Cancer Truck Wrecks Whistleblower Rewards Wrongful Death Claims Zantac Cancer

The TexasLawyers.com Legal Directory and Information Center includes topics from variety of different practice areas. The Texas Lawyers on this directory focus their pratice on many of the specific legal topics disscussed on this website. Feel free to follow the links on this website for more information on Texas Law or Texas Lawyers. If you do not see a particular practice area or need a Texas Lawyer that focuses on a specific legal topic, submit an inquiry.