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Austin, Texas probate lawyer Jason Coomer is experienced in probating wills, handling heirship hearings, contesting wills, and helping families with estate matters. As an Austin probate lawyer, he provides legal advice to executors, administrators, guardians, and trustees. Likewise, he represents heirs and beneficiaries with Austin inheritance matters. As a Texas estate attorney, he handles contested and uncontested probate matters. Most noteworthy, Jason Coomer works hard to protect the wishes and best interests of his clients and their loved ones.

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Austin, Texas probate lawyer, Jason Coomer, assists relatives and friends that have lost a loved one and need help navigating the probate process. Similarly, he is a Texas estate attorney.

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First of all, some helpful FAQs to explain the basics about Austin probate matters;

Q1: What Courts handle Austin probate lawsuits and Austin estate matters?
A1: The Austin Metropolitan Area has five different probate courts. The Austin probate courts are located in Austin Travis County, Round Rock Williamson County, San Marcos Hays County, Bastrop County, and Lockhart Caldwell County.

Q2: Can an Austin Probate Lawyer help families probate Austin estates remotely avoiding travel and attendance at court hearings?
A2: In many situations, an Austin Probate Lawyer can help families and executors having to travel to Austin to probate family estates. Further, an Austin Probate Lawyer can typically arrange teleconference or video conference hearings or other forms of testimony that often avoid the necessity of witnesses and family members from attending hearings in person.

Q3: Are Austin Probate Courts still probating Wills and handling probate matters during the Covid-19 protocols and Stay at Home Orders?
A3: Yes, probate law is considered an essential service. Most Austin probate courts still work hard to help families transfer inheritance to rightful heirs and beneficiaries. The Austin Probate Courts and Austin Probate Lawyers know that families need to have access to their wealth during difficult times and times of crisis.

Austin Heirship Matters, Collecting Decedent's Property, and Selling Estate Assets by Austin Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer

When a person passes away without a will they are said to have died intestate. In these situations, families often need help claiming, transferring, and protecting wealth. More specifically, in some situations a family can transfer Texas real property through an Affidavit of Heirship. On the other hand, smaller estates can sometimes use a Small Estate Affidavit in limited situations to transfer some types of smaller assets. However, in many situations, heirs need to file a Suit to Determine Heirs to transfer real property and other significant wealth. Jason Coomer is proficient in the Suit to Determine Heirs process. He secures Letters of Administration for his clients through a court proceeding. What is the objective of obtaining the above documents? The law firm's clients typically need to take control of a decedent's assets, sell a home, or sell other real estate that the decedent left. In addition, an Austin probate lawyer often assists families other assets. More specifically, they help families recover control of a lost love one's business, stocks, investments, bank accounts, pensions, oil interests, or lawsuit proceeds.

Austin Probate Attorney Helps Families and Executors With The Probate of a Last Will and Testament.

In situations where a person died with a last will and testament, the will needs to be admitted to probate prior to being legally recognized. An Austin probate attorney can assist you with this process. Further, under Texas probate law, the will needs to be probated through the probate process. More specifically, the will probate process follows several laws and court rules. In fact, Texas has a specific set of laws known as the Texas Estates Code. These laws set forth the requirements to probate a will and what needs to be done following the probate process. Further, pursuant to these rules Texas courts require a hearing to probate a will. More specifically, at these hearings courts take testimony from witnesses to formally and legally admit a will to probate. Prior to the hearing, your Austin probate lawyer or Texas estate attorney should prepare you as to what questions may be asked. Moreover, your counsel typically work with the probate court staff prior to the will prove up hearing to identify any potential issues. Similarly, the lawyer often works with the court staff and judge on the day of the probate hearing. Texas courts typically require the applicant in most will probate proceedings to have an attorney represent them. Your Texas estate lawyer will walk you through the process as there are several rules that need to be followed.

The Travis County Probate Court Handles Most of the Probate Lawsuits in the Austin Area

The Travis County Probate Court is in Austin. Further, this probate court is one of the busiest probate courts in Texas. Because of its high volume of cases, this probate court has many rules and policies. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that families who lose a loved one in Travis County hire a local lawyer. A local Austin probate lawyer who is familiar with this court should guide you through the rules of this court. Please go to the following webpages for more information on a Travis County Probate Lawyer. Also, please go to the following web page for more information on Travis County Probate Court Number One.

The Williamson County Probate Court Handles Round Rock Probate and Estate Cases and other Williamson County Probate Lawsuits

The Williamson County Probate Court is also a busy probate court. The courthouse is in Georgetown. This court also handles a high volume of cases and have several rules and procedures. This probate court is County Court Number 4 and handles the probate docket as well as other types of cases. Those who reside in Williamson County, Texas on the date of their death typically will have to have their estates probated in this courty. In selecting an Austin Area Probate Lawyer, it is beneficial to hire a lawyer that is familiar with the Williamson County Probate Court, if you need to file a case in this court. For more information on Williamson County Estate and Probate cases, please go to the following webpage for more information Williamson County Probate Lawyer. Additionally, for more information on this court, please go to the following webpage Williamson County Probate Court (Williamson County Court Number Four).

The Hays County Probate Court in San Marcos Handles San Marcos Probate Cases and Other Hays County Estate Lawsuits

The Hays County Probate Court is in San Marcos. The court is receptive to pro se litigants, but still a lawyer is recommended. This recommendation is especially true for large and more complicated estates involving real property. More specifically, most San Marcos probate lawsuits involving real property, typically involve title work, mortgage issues, and other legal work that often require legal assistance. For more information on San Marcos inherited real property and Hays County Probate Lawsuits, please go to the following webpage Hays County Probate Lawyer. Additionally, for more information on the Hays County Probate Court in San Marocs, please go to the following webpage:Hays County Courts.

The Bastrop County Probate Court in Bastrop Texas Handles Bastrop County Probate Lawsuits

The Bastrop County Probate Court is in Bastrop. It is a well run court and handles several types of probate cases. This court like the Williamson County, Hays County, and Caldwell County probate courts, also handles other types of cases. For this reason, the court is a busy court. For this reason, like the aforementioned probate courts, it is best to have a lawyer represent you in it if you are dealing with inherited real property, large estates, or complicated estates. For more information on Bastrop County inherited property lawsuits and other Bastrop estate matters, please go to the following webpage for more information Bastrop County Probate Lawyer. Additionall, please also feel free to go to the court's web site at the following web page: Bastrop County Probate Court.

The Caldwell County Probate Court is in Lockhart Texas and Handles Caldwell County Probate and Estate Matters

The Caldwell County Probate Court in Lockhart handles Caldwell County Probate Lawsuits and other inheritance matters. This court handles a variety of cases in addition to probate and estate matters. Additionally, like the other Austin Probate Courts, hire an Austin Probate Lawyer when you are probating large estates, complicated estates, estates involving inherited real property, and contested estates. Please go to the following webpage for more information Caldwell County Probate Court.

Austin Dependant Administration Probate Issues by Texas Estate Attorney Jason Coomer

Without a valid will or proper estate planning, a person's property will be distributed under Texas intestate law. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that the estate may be a dependent administration. Consequently, the court will have to approve all distributions, sales of property, and most other administrator actions. Therefore, a dependent administration can be expensive. However, this process can be the best way or only way to probate an estate at times. Further, having an Austin probate lawyer or Texas estate attorney assist you through the process is essential. Further, Texas courts require dependent administrator's to be represented by a an attorney.

Estate Planning Is Crucial When Dealing With Large Austin Texas Estates So Plan Before Hand By Austin Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer

Under Texas intestate law (when someone dies without a will), property ownership and asset distributions can go to unintended persons. As a result, real estate, accounts, or other assets may become stuck. In other words, you might lose control of an asset. For example, a surviving spouse does not always inherit the estate. In fact, children, parents, and siblings of the deceased can inherit portions of an estate. If the estate property is owned by multiple individuals, it might prevent a surviving spouse from selling a property. In addition, if a minor child is involved, their interests in the real estate can complicate a sale or refinancing. Subsequently, a court order and court designating an ad litem or guardian could be required. The name of the game in probate law is to plan before hand! If this was not done or if the estate planning was done incorrectly, make sure that you have a good Austin probaet lawyer to help you through the probate process.

Theft of Austin Probate Assets, Inheritance Fraud, and Estate Accountings

If someone close to you has died and you need to obtain control of their assets, a Austin, Texas estate attorney can provide advice. Likewise, if there are others that are attempting to wrongfully take your loved one's assets, make sure that there is someone to look out for your interests. An Austin probate lawyer will know how to seek and accounting or estate inventory. In addition, your counsel will analyze the important accounting documents and paper trail. The lawyer can then determine what has been spent, what has been disbursed, and what needs to be done to free up property and assets. Subsequently, finalizing the Texas estate can hopefully be achieved.

Additional Information Regarding Will Probate, Intestate (No Will) Inheritance, Estate Fraud, Guardianship by Austin Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer

This Austin probate lawyer website includes a wealth of information written by Texas estate attorney Jason Coomer. The following probate law related materials should only be used as general information. Most noteworthy, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. In addition, get in touch with a skilled probate lawyer to confidentially discuss the specifics of your case. Many Austin probate lawyers will review your potential case details online or over the phone. For more information please see probating Wills, helping Executors, drafting Wills, contesting Wills, suit to determine heirs of property and estates, filing Small Estate Affidavits, filing Affidavits of Heirship, filing Applications for Guardianships, fighting Involuntary Guardianships, filing Guardianship Reports, filing breach of fiduciary duty claims, estate planning, and clearing title to property and assets..

Texas Estate Attorney Jason Coomer Commonly Works With Other Lawyers and Professionals to Achieve the Goals of His Clients

It common for Texas estate attorney Jason Coomer to work with other Texas lawyers and out of state attorneys. Similarly, he works with professionals to achieve the goals of his clients. During an estate administration process, real estate agents, certified public accountants, bankers, and financial advisors may be needed.

Austin Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer Is Experienced With Navigating The Probate Process

Get in touch with Austin, Texas probate lawyer Jason Coomer for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. Further, reach out today by email, text or phone at 866-474-1477 (toll-free) to contact the Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer for more information on reviewing your estate matter.

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