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Panhandle Fire Lawyer | Texas Wildfire Lawsuits

Panhandle wildfire lawyer Jason Coomer helps those seeking compensation after the Texas Smokehouse Creek fire. Additionally, he has decades of experience investigating the cause of fires. He helps families, individuals, businesses and ranchers identify responsible parties, file claims, and seek settlements. Texas Panhandle wildfire lawsuits help those affected by the wildfires recover damages.

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This is a picture of a fire fighter working to contain a wildfire that symbolizes a Smokehouse Creek fire lawyer and Texas Panhandle wildfire lawsuit.
Smokehouse Creek fire lawyer Jason Coomer helps those seeking compensation after the Texas Panhandle wildfires.

Below are some helpful FAQs regarding Panhandle wildfire lawsuits by Smokehouse Creek fire lawyer Jason Coomer:

Q1: Is there a Panhandle wildfire lawsuit?
A1: Texas wildfire lawyers have filed a Panhandle wildfire lawsuit and others are expected. Smokehouse Creek fire attorneys allege in the Panhandle wildfire lawsuit that utility caused wildfires are a pandemic. Further, these utility wildfires cause catastrophic damages including loss of lives and homes.

Q2: What caused the Panhandle wildfire?
A2: Texas wildfire lawyers allege that the Panhandle wildfire was caused by negligence. More specifically, large corporations failed to properly maintain and control poles, power lines and associated equipment. This failure caused the fire. One Panhandle lawsuit also alleges that these entities were grossly negligent and careless.

Q3: How to seek damages in a Panhandle wildfire lawsuit?
A3: The first step in seeking compensation from the Panhandle wildfire is to determine your damages. Damages can include loss of life, medical expenses, loss of home, loss of possessions, loss of income, and damage to property. It is beneficial to hire a Texas wildfire lawyer to help identify and prove damages.

Q4: Who should file a Texas Panhandle wildfire lawsuit?
A4: Families, businesses, and property owners have claims for damages arising from wildfires. More specifically, families who lost loved ones and homes or suffered injuries have potential claims. Businesses that have lost revenue, equipment, livestock, and other property may have viable claims. Property owners may also want to seek compensation for damages to their property.

Q5: What is a Texas wildfire lawyer?
A5: A Texas wildfire lawyer helps families, businesses, and property owners claim compensation. These fire attorneys work to prove damages and obtain compensation for their clients. They also negotiate with and litigate against insurance companies, large corporations, and defense lawyers.

Texas Smokehouse Creek Wildfires

On February 26th, 2024, the Smokehouse Creek Wildfire erupted in the Texas Panhandle, establishing itself as the largest recorded wildfire in the state’s history. The wildfires stretched across three counties (Hutchinson, Roberts, and Hemphill) and blazed parts of western Oklahoma, displacing thousands and ravaging over 1,000,000 acres of land.

By March 16th, nearly three weeks after the flames first ignited in the Panhandle, firefighters had successfully contained it. Nevertheless, the catastrophic damage had already taken its toll.

As firefighters achieved containment, the focus swiftly shifted to understanding their origins and reducing future risks. A Texas legislative committee has been formed to investigate the origins of the Panhandle wildfires. Consisting of three lawmakers and two Panhandle residents, the panel plans to discuss disaster preparedness and proactive measures for future prevention. 

Now, Panhandle residents face many challenges in rebuilding their lives and confronting various legal matters stemming from the fire damage. Through knowledgeable assistance, Panhandle Fire Lawyer Jason S. Coomer commits to supporting affected residents. His team advocates for victims and helps secure compensation for severe burns, smoke inhalation, loss of life, damaged property, and other losses.

Wildfire Recovery and Resilience

In the aftermath of the Smokehouse Creek Wildfires, communities are now embarking on a journey of recovery. With the flames contained, the arduous task of rebuilding communities begins. Likewise, families and businesses need to heal and rebuild their homes, livelihoods, and property. Texas wildfire attorney Jason Coomer understands the profound impact these events have inflicted on families, businesses, and individuals, and he commits to assisting clients in seeking the compensation they deserve.

From filing insurance claims to pursuing litigation against responsible parties, Jason Coomer and his team are dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive legal support, guiding clients through the wildfire compensation recovery process. 

Panhandle Wildfire Lawsuits

The Texas A&M Forest Services recently reported that aging power lines maintained by Xcel Energy ignited the Smokehouse Creek wildfires. This revelation has sparked widespread concern among affected communities as they grapple with the devastating consequences.

As investigations into the Panhandle fire’s origins continue, residents seek answers and accountability from Xcel Energy and urge transparency to address the aftermath of the disaster. Additionally, Panhandle wildfire lawsuits are also seeking answers, accountability, and compensation. Additional information will be uncovered as this Texas Wildfire litigation proceeds.

According to item 8.01 filed by the SEC, Xcel Energy became aware of the wildfires near the Southwestern Public Service Company (SPS) service area on February 26th, 2024.

Within 48 hours, the Smokehouse Creek Wildfire grew to become the largest recorded fire in Texas state history, covering about 900,000 acres with only 3% containment. By this time, Xcel Energy had begun assisting emergency responders.

Subsequently, Texas wildfire lawyers notified Xcel Energy of potential liability due to the Smokehouse Creek Fire and requested the preservation of a fallen SPS utility pole near the fire’s origin.

While Xcel Energy has acknowledged these reports and initiated an internal investigation, they have not disclosed additional details to the public and are urging wildfire victims to submit claims. A Texas wildfire lawyer helps families and businesses submit claims and seek recoveries.

As legal actions unfold, numerous affected individuals and entities seek compensation for their losses. However, because of the devastating nature of this fire, many families and businesses will never seek compensation for the damages that they have suffered. Further, many families and businesses will not be able to prove the true extent of their damages and will not recover significant compensation for their losses.

Panhandle Fire Lawyer Provides Legal Guidance for Wildfire Victims

Experiencing the devastation of a wildfire can be challenging for all parties involved. Texas Panhandle fire lawyer Jason Coomer dedicates himself to assisting victims, offering personalized legal guidance to homeowners, ranchers, and farmers alike.

Aside from serious injuries and fatalities that result from wildfires, other factors can also prompt legal claims for financial compensation:

  • Real Property Damage including loss of homes and businesses
  • Economic Loss including loss of wages, income and revenue
  • Medical Expenses such as smoke inhalation or burns
  • Loss of Livestock and Farm Equipment

Furthermore, we recognize the damages to people’s lives and help resolve the intricate legal complexities that arise after experiencing a wildfire. With years of experience navigating the intricacies of wildfire-related claims, Panhandle fire lawyer Jason Coomer possesses the expertise to advocate for the rights of those affected. He offers knowledgeable support, whether negotiating with insurance companies, pursuing compensation for losses, or seeking accountability for harm.

Challenges Faced by Panhandle Ranchers and Farmers

While wildfires commonly result in smoke inhalation, burns, and property damage, Panhandle ranchers encounter unique hardships amidst the devastation.

As ranchers mourn the loss of mature cattle and newborn calves, the decrease in livestock has also significantly impacted the livelihoods of farming communities, which serve as crucial sources of income for many Panhandle residents.

According to The Texas Tribune, an estimated 7,000 cattle fell victim to the Smokehouse Creek Wildfires. Additionally, many ranchers discovered their livestock severely injured by smoke inhalation. With the majority of their cattle either wounded or deceased, ranchers now seek guidance on rebuilding their infrastructure. They will probably need assistance calculating and proving their damages.

Moreover, farmers reliant on their land for crop production face scorched fields, damaged equipment, and jeopardized livelihoods. As they address these losses, Panhandle fire lawyer Jason Coomer stands committed to aiding farmers and ranchers in navigating the legal complexities of seeking compensation, filing a wildfire lawsuit, and rebuilding their operations.

Wildfire Prevention & Safeguarding Communities

Whether you’re a homeowner, rancher, or community member, understanding the importance of fire prevention and community safety is vital. During periods of heightened fire risk, such as droughts with dry and windy conditions, being vigilant and reporting potential fire hazards is crucial. By taking proactive measures, we can collectively work to protect our communities from the devastating effects of wildfires.

However, negligence from major utility companies can leave communities vulnerable, forcing residents to rebuild amidst destruction while grappling with the emotional and financial toll of these preventable disasters. As you navigate the aftermath of the wildfire, seeking legal representation to guarantee your rights are protected and pursuing fair compensation for your loss is essential.

Dedicated Texas wildfire lawyer Jason Coomer will help you pursue compensation for your losses and strive to implement changes for future wildfire prevention and community safety. By partnering with the Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer, you can confidently navigate the legal process and work towards rebuilding and securing your future.

Together, let’s prioritize fair compensation and fire prevention to ensure the safety and resilience of our communities for generations to come.

Contact Panhandle Fire Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Like many other wildfires, the Smokehouse Creek Fires have left a path of devastation and destruction in the Texas Panhandle, claiming lives, displacing thousands, and scorching over 1,000,000 acres of land. Now that the flames have been contained, attention shifts to investigation and accountability.

Despite these immense challenges, the commitment to recovery and community resilience remains unwavering. With extensive experience in wildfire litigation, Jason Coomer is a trusted Texas attorney dedicated to supporting affected individuals and holding negligent parties accountable.

He takes pride in his commitment to advocating for justice and fostering safer communities, especially when corporate interests jeopardize the livelihood and well-being of Texans. If you or a loved one has been affected due to a wildfire, please contact Jason S. Coomer for a complimentary case assessment to discuss your options for pursuing a claim, lawsuit, or settlement related to wildfire incidents.

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