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Texas Criminal Law Lawyers

Texas Criminal Lawyers help people accused of crime stay out of jail or get out of jail.  Whether you have been accused of white collar crime, drug possession, dwi, drug trafficking, RICO violations, federal crime, or another crime, it is important that you have an experienced Texas criminal lawyer to protect your rights. 

Texas Criminal Law Lawyers and Texas White Collar Crime Lawyers on the TexasLawyers.com Directory include: Austin Texas Criminal Law Lawyer Dan Stokes, San Antonio Texas Criminal Law Lawyer Mark Unger, Austin Criminal Law Lawyer Michael Makris, and Houston Texas Criminal Law Lawyer Will Colgin.  All handle DWI, white collar crime, drug possession charges, and other criminal law cases.

Several lawyers on the TexasLawyers.com Directory and Information Center handle criminal law issues including driving while intoxicated (DWI), white collar crime, drug possession, and other criminal law matters.  For other Texas Criminal Law Lawyers or more information on Texas Criminal Law, feel free to follow the below links or use our submission form.

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