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Custom Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Premiere Member Listings

     TexasLawyers.com is a high end website design and search optimization firm that develops web presences for law offices.  The Premiere and Website Design Packages include a customized web presence containing graphics, design work, and search engine optimization all customized to fit your firm.  The websites also contain user friendly submission forms that allow your current and potential new clients to contact your firm even if they do not have e-mail. 

    Our design, technology, search engine optimization, and legal specialists use custom photographs to capture the look and feel of your law firm as well as unique specifications and information about your particular practice area to assist in search engine optimization.  This increases your rankings on major search engines,  the number of visitors,  and amount of traffic that comes to your site.  Creating or updating your firms' online presence with a custom designed Website can add great value to your practice.  The design and customization team at TexasLawyers.com is made up of lawyers, web designers, graphic artists, and technology specialists which have developed successful websites for over ten years.  By working with attorneys to deliver unique and specialized Websites that fit their specific areas of practice, TexasLawyers.com is able to create high end legal websites that compete with national web designers and marketers at more reasonable costs.

     Drawing from our legal experience as well as our media, technology, and Internet savvy, TexasLawyers.com has the ability to create state of the art interactive websites that will allow your firm to have a professional presence on the World Wide Web as well as a prominent position on several major search engines.  When designing a law firm's informational Website we use a variety of multimedia and information including photos, legal articles, videos, press releases, resumes, suggested key words, firm descriptions, and other information to set up a professional web presence.  We can also walk you or your firm through the basics of the Internet and provide a turn key Website that your firm can be proud of and use to create new business.

  For more information on TexasLawyers.com's Website Design Services or obtaining a premiere listing on the TexasLawyers.com Legal Directory and Information Center, please use the submit form or email info@texaslawyers.com.

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     For more information on TexasLawyers.com's Website Design Services please use the submit form or email info@texaslawyers.com.

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