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Microbiological Contamination: Toxic Mold Infestations & Sick Building Problems

With the widespread use of air conditioning and many modern building & maintenance practices has come the problem of toxic mold infestations also know as microbiological contamination or "sick building" problems.  Recently, this problem has come into the public focus as numerous schools, homes, and other buildings have been found to have hazardous infestations of "black mold". This is problematic as human exposure to toxic mold can cause severe health problems including allergic reactions and immune deficiency.

Toxic mold exposure can sometimes be difficult to determine because mold infestations can hide in walls, foundations, and ventilation systems.  Further, the mycotoxins (mold toxins) that they produce are often invisible to the naked eye or appear as dust.  Thus, the toxic exposure is often determined through symptom clusters.  These clusters usually start with the weakest including small children or elderly and first appear as flu-like symptoms or asthma.  Over time the toxic mold is able to weaken the immune system as well as cause problems with the neurological, respiratory, and digestive systems.

Because of misinformation concerning the health hazards of mold exposure; many property managers, home sellers, contractors, and real estate agents think it is fine to paint over water damaged and moldy materials.  This can be problematic when a water intrusion problem is not repaired as toxic mold thrives in dark locations that have constant moisture. 

Once a toxic mold infestation gets started in a home or building, it can often be difficult to remediate because mold infestations are designed to reproduce through spores.  These spores are natural hitchhikers that can attach to almost anything and will reactivate when moisture is reintroduced.  If you believe your home has a toxic mold infestation, make sure that proper remediation including setting up proper barriers, protecting the HVAC system, and a tear out of all water damaged & mold materials is done.  When remediating a mold infestation and tearing out moldy materials, be careful as thousands if not millions of mold spores can be spread throughout a home or building.   

This Website is designed to provide basic information about mold.  For specific information contact an expert in your area.  This site reviews different types of molds, the importance of mold environmental testing, signs of exposure to toxic mold, potential causes of mold infestations, detection of mold and water infiltration problems, proper remediation of toxic mold, and links to other resources on toxic mold infestations and exposure.  This website is not intended as specific medical, legal, or remediation advice.  It is highly recommended that readers consult their own experts including medical doctors, remediation experts, and legal professionals for specific advice on any mold problem they have.

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