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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) Help Save Lives Through Interstate Trucking Safety Regulations That Provide Minimum Safety Standards for Interstate Trucking Companies
by Interstate Truck Accident FMCSA Violation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

The Interstate Commerce Commission was created by the Motor Carrier Act of 1935 and has since been responsible to develop and enforce safety regulations in the trucking industry. The safety regulations developed by the Interstate Commerce Commission are entitled the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (hereinafter, FMCSR). Despite extensive deregulation of the trucking industry through the 1980's and the transfer of licensing and monitoring of professional truck drivers to the States, the FMCSR remains the sole safety standard by which professional truck drivers and motor carriers are required to follow in the operation of commercial motor vehicles.

The purpose of the FMCSR is to "help reduce or prevent truck and bus accidents, fatalities and injuries by requiring drivers to have a single commercial motor vehicle driver’s license and by disqualifying drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles in an unsafe manner." 49 CFR 383.1(a).

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Truck Collisions and Commercial Vehicle Accidents are Often Caused by FMCSA Violations and Trucking Companies Trying to Save Money at the Expense of Safety

Many truck and commercial vehicle accidents are caused by trucking companies and/or drivers sacrificing safety to make more money. From poor maintenance of trucks to overworked and under trained drivers, cutting corners and committing FMCSA violations can lead to devastating fatal and catastrophic injury trucking accidents.

Truck Accident FMCSA Violation Lawyer Investigates FMCSA Violations that Cause Catastrophic Injury Accidents and Fatal Collision Accident by Interstate Truck Accident FMCSA Violation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a commercial vehicle of accident or have had a loved one killed in a commercial vehicle accident, it is important to make sure that a thorough investigation of the fatal accident or catastrophic injury accident is done; that all available insurance and potential sources of recovery are located; and that insurance adjusters, risk managers, and defense lawyers are not able to take advantage of the injured or grieving. It is also typically a good idea to obtain excellent legal representation from an experienced truck accident FMCSA violation investigation lawyer to protect you or your loved one's rights and to make sure that an investigation as to the cause of the collision is done correctly and any potential recoveries are properly pursued.