Texas Belviq Lawyer Reviews Belviq Cancer Claims and Represents People Who Have Taken Belviq or Other Lorcaserin Diet Drugs and Have Developed Pancreatic Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer and Other Types of Cancer by Texas Belviq Cancer Lawyer and Lorcaserin Diet Medication Cancer Lawsuit Attorney Jason S. Coomer

Texas Belviq Lawyer Jason Coomer reviews cases where people have been diagnosed with cancer after taking the weight loss drug Belviq. Recent scientific tests show that several Belviq (lorcaserin) diet drugs sold to millions may cause an increased occurrence of cancer. More specifically, these diet drugs cause an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. As such, the FDA recommends that people talk to their doctor regarding alternative weight loss treatments. Additionally, as of February 13, 2020 the FDA requested the withdrawal of Belviq, Belviq XR and other Lorcaserin diet medications from the market. Further, they state that the potential risk outweighs the benefits. For more information on Belviq lawsuits or for a review of a potential Belviq cancer claim, please contact Texas Belviq lawyer, Jason Coomer, or use our online submission form.

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Texas Belviq Lawyer Reviews Lorcaserin Diet Medication Cancer Claims.

First of all, some helpful FAQs to explain the basics about Belviq cancer lawsuits:

Q1: Is there a lawsuit against the Belviq manufacture?
A1: Yes. Belviq cancer lawyers are filing lawsuits and claims on behalf of clients that have developed certain types of cancer after taking the weight loss medication Belviq. These potential cases are in the early stages and many more cases are being investigated. A Texas Belviq cancer lawyer can help you file a lawsuit or claim.

Q2: Why was Belviq recalled by the FDA?
A2: On February 13, 2020 the FDA requested Eisai Inc. to voluntarily withdraw its diet drug Belviq because a Belviq safety clinical trial shows an increased occurrence of cancer cases.

Q3: Who may be eligible to file a Belviq (lorcaserin) Cancer Claim Compensation?
A3: Anyone who took Belviq (Lorcaserin) diet drugs and was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer may have a viable claim. Further, family members of anyone who took Belviq (Lorcaserin) diet drugs, was diagnosed with cancer, and died of cancer, may also have a viable claim.

Q4: Will there be a Belviq cancer settlement?
A4: The Belviq cancer lawsuits allege personal injuries and if successful there could be a Belviq diet drug settlement.

Texas Belviq Lawyer Reviews Diet Drug Lorcaserin Cancer Lawsuits and Claims

Texas Belviq cancer lawyer, Jason Coomer, is reviewing pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer cases where a person has taken Belviq, Belviq XR, or other forms of Lorcaserin prior to being diagnosed with cancer. Jason Coomer began investigating these cases once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began alerting the public. The FDA began alerting the public that results from a clinical trial assessing safety show a possible increased risk of cancer. The possible increased risk is potentially in connection to the weight management medicine Belviq, and Belviq XR (lorcaserin).

As of February 13, 2020, the FDA requested that the Belviq manufacturer voluntarily withdraw the weight-loss drug from the U.S. market. The drug manufacturer, Eisai Inc,. has agreed to willingly withdraw Belviq. The (FDA) is taking the action due to their belief that the risks outweigh the benefits. This request is occurring after the review of a randomized clinical trial on safety.

People with cancer or at risk of cancer should avoid ingesting carcinogenic materials and drugs. Further, people who take Belviq diet medications and have been diagnosed with cancer may have a claim.

Belviq Weight Loss Drug Patients Should Take Action by Contacting a Belviq Cancer Lawyer

Patients that have taken Belviq and have been diagnosed with a related cancer, should follow doctors orders. Additionally, they should contact a Belviq cancer lawyer. As a Texas Belviq lawyer, Jason Coomer helps determine if individuals are eligible to file a Belviq cancer lawsuit or claim. Further, he can advise you on the steps that need to be taken to seek compensation for your injuries that were potentially caused by taking Belviq.

See Weighing Diet Drug Risks After Recalls for additional information.

What is Belviq or Lorcaserin by Texas Belviq Cancer Attorney Jason Coomer

Belviq is a prescription diet medication used to treat obesity. Lorcaserin, marketed under the brand name Belviq is a weight-loss drug developed by Arena Pharmaceuticals. It reduces appetite by activating a type of serotonin receptor known as the 5-HT2C receptor in a area of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is known to control appetite. This drug has been withdrawn from the US market due to problems with safety. Patients that are taking this drug should consult with their doctor about alternative treatments. After consulting with your doctor you should contact a Belviq cancer attorney if you have been diagnosed with a related cancer.

The FDA classifies lorcaserin in a group of drugs known as serotonin receptor agonists. The drug can help control the part of your brain that affects your appetite. The long-term weight management drug is for use with diet and exerciser. It is intended as an antiobesity agent for adults 18 years or older whose body index mass index is 30 or greater. However, this drug has been withdrawn from the U.S. market for safety concerns. As such, ask your healthcare professional how you should stop taking Belviq.

Other Diet Drug Lawsuits in U.S. History by Belviq Lawsuit Lawyer Jason Coomer

America has had a history of obesity and issues with related medications. Going back to the 1950's dieters used amphetamine based diet pills. Next, in the 1970's Pondimin (fenfluramine) was introduced to the market. However, that drug had its own issues with side effects. In 1992 a combination of fenfluramine and phentermine began to be used to fight obesity. Consequently, the Fen-Phen combination was found to cause heart valve damage. The Fen-Phen lawsuits resulted in one of the largest product liability settlements in history. Notably, the company that manufactured the drug agreed to pay up to $4.8 billion to settle the lawsuits. Belviq lawsuit lawyers will need to overcome many of the legal challenges that the Fen-Phen lawsuit attorneys faced in order to hold the drug maker responsible.

The Belviq FDA Approval in 2012

In 2010, the drug manufacturer submitted a new drug application for Lorcaserin. Subsequently, Lorcaserin was identified as a carcinogen that caused several tumor types in rats. After this study approval of the drug was not recommended. Later, a review of submitted nonclinical data caused the pharmacology/toxicology reviewer to support approval of Belviq (Lorcaserin). Eventually, Belviq was approved by the FDA in 2012. Along with the approval, the FDA required Eisai, Inc. to perform a long-term trial evaluating the cardiovascular effects associated with the use of the drug.

The Belviq FDA Required Long Term Study

The long term study conducted by Eisai was called the CAMELLIA-TIMI 61 trial. It involved 12,000 men and women during a five year trial. This was the largest ever cardiovascular study related to a weight loss medication. The study that spanned 400 sites across eight countries was reviewed by the FDA. After the FDA's review of the information, the agency found that the potential risks of lorcaserin outweigh its benefits. More specifically, the FDA stated that there was a numerical imbalance in the number of patients with malignancies. Their analysis of the study found that during the course of the trial, 462 (7.7 percent) patients treated with lorcaserin were diagnosed with cancers compared to the placebo group, in which 423 (7.1 percent) patients were diagnosed with cancers. Eisai, Inc. has stated that their own review of the data from the CAMELLIA-TIMI 61 trial differs from that of the FDA.

The Belviq FDA Requested Withdrawal on February 13, 2020

TheFDA's recall request was based on the fact that the agency thinks that the risks of Belviq outweigh its benefits. The decision was made after the review of the CAMELLIA-TIMI 61 trial. The FDA has asked healthcare professionals to stop prescribing Belviq. Additionally, they have asked pharmacies to stop dispensing the drug. The FDA has stated that standard recommendations for cancer screening be implemented for individuals that took Belviq.

For more information on FDA recalls, please go to the following webpage FDA requests the withdrawal of the weight-loss drug Belviq, Belviq XR (lorcaserin) from the market.

Texas Belviq Cancer Lawyer and Texas Lorcaserin Diet Medication Cancer Lawyer Reviews Cancer Lawsuits

Texas Belviq lawyer reviews Belviq cancer lawsuits. He reviews cancer cases and cancer death cases. More specifically, he reviews cancer cases of people who have been diagnosed with cancer and have used Belviq or other drugs. Further, he reviews cancer death cases from families who have lost a loved one to cancer. These cases require use of Belviq or other Lorcaserin diet drugs.

On all cancer cases, he requires documentation of a cancer diagnosis and history of Lorcaserin diet medication use.

As a Texas Belviq lawyer, Jason Coomer commonly works with other Belviq cancer attorneys on lawsuits throughout Texas and the United States. They commonly work on large product liability suits that severely injure or kill consumers. For more information on this topic or for a review of a potential Belviq cancer claim or diet medication cancer claim, please contact Texas Belviq cancer lawyer, Jason Coomer, or use our online submission form.

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