Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Provides Reward and Protection Advice to Whistleblowers and Handles a Variety of State and Federal Government Fraud Lawsuits by Texas Whistleblower Lawyer and TX Whistleblower Claims Attorney Jason Coomer

From the desk of Texas whistleblower lawyer Jason S. Coomer: Whistleblowers expose illegal conduct, save lives, and help improve our world. More specifically, the U.S. federal government, Texas, and several other states offer large financial rewards to individuals who expose significant illegal conduct. These rewards target a variety of illegal conduct including health care fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering. The laws also target investment fraud, dangerous products, and fraudulent government contractors. Many of these laws offer rewards and protections to whistleblowers who expose significant illegal conduct. Individuals often work with a Texas whistleblower lawyer when reporting fraud. An experienced TX whistleblower claims attorney can confidentially represent their client. Jason Coomer is skilled in whistleblower law, claims, client protection, employer retaliation, and seeking rewards.

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A Texas whistleblower lawyer can provide advice to an employee regarding reporting the fraud and retaliation protections. Additionally, a TX whistleblower claims attorney can file a qui tam lawsuit and help collect a reward.

First of all, some helpful FAQs to explain the basics about a Texas whistleblower lawyer and qui tam lawsuits:

Q1: What is a Texas whistleblower lawyer?
A1: A Texas whistleblower lawyer can provide a relator or employee reward and retaliation protection advice. The attorney advice and information can be used to help avoid employer retaliation and to maximize potential rewards.

Q2: What is a relator in whistleblower law?
A2: A relator is a person that exposes or blows the whistle on government fraud. A Texas whistleblower lawyer can represent an relator in a Federal False Claims Act lawsuit or State of Texas litigation.

Q3: What is a Qui Tam lawsuit?
A3: A Qui Tam or whistleblower lawsuit can help the government recover hundreds of millions of dollars that has been taken through fraud or illegal corporate activity. A whistleblower typically seeks the assistance of a whistleblower law firm, then the client and attorney file a lawsuit or report the fraud. Next, if the case is successful, the qui tam lawyer will then work with the government to seek a reward for the whistleblower client.

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Represents Professionals and Employees Who Want to Expose Illegal Conduct and Claim Financial Rewards by TX Whistleblower Claims Attorney

Most of these whistleblower reward laws require the whistleblower to have original information of significant illegal conduct. More specifically, this original information requires the individual to have specialized knowledge or expert knowledge of illegal conduct. This requirement means the information cannot be publicly known or read in a newspaper. Contact a Texas whistleblower lawyer for more information regarding special knowledge. This requirement targets hard to detect fraud and other illegal activity that the government would otherwise probably not discover. A TX whistleblower claims attorney can analyze your documents and other evidence. For this reason, whistleblowers are a select group of people who need to have specialized information of significant illegal conduct.

Further, because of the original information requirement many whistleblowers are either professionals or employees who work around the illegal conduct. For example, many billing specialists, physicians, and healthcare providers have original information regarding Medicare or Medicaid fraud. Also, many bank employees, brokers, and high end investors have knowledge of securities and commodities fraud. For this reason, many whistleblowers want protections if they are going to seek a whistleblower reward. Further, many professionals and employees contact a Texas whistleblower lawyer prior to exposing illegal conduct to protect their career and reputation. In other words, many of these professionals want to discuss their potential case with an a TX whistleblower claims attorney. More specifically, a whistleblower lawyer in Texas can provide advice about protections prior to moving forward with exposing illegal conduct.

Many Whistleblower Reward Laws Offer Different Types of Whistleblower Protections

Whistleblower reward laws offer protections to employees and former employees. However, these whistleblower protections vary drastically depending on the whistleblower law. More specifically, (SEC) bounty actions and (CFTC) fraud reporting protect individuals who expose illegal conduct. These laws provide employee whistleblower protections including anonymous reporting, protections from former employees, and allowances to use confidential company information. These laws provide strong whistleblower protections because they target high end financial professionals and investors. Often these skilled individuals will have knowledge of large scale financial fraud. Texas whistleblower lawyer Jason Coomer reviews cases including securities fraud, commodity fraud, money laundering, market manipulation schemes, and international bribery schemes.

The Federal False Claims Act Offers Financial Rewards and Whistleblower Protections to Health Care Professionals, Military Professionals, Employees of Contractors, and others With Original Information of Government Contract Fraud by Texas Whistleblower Lawyer and TX Whistleblower Claims Attorney Jason Coomer

The Federal False Claim Act (FCA) helps the government recover taxpayer money lost though fraud, waste, and abuse. The Act serves as the government’s primary civil tool to redress false claims for federal funds and property. The FCA also helps protect our military and first responders by ensuring that government contractors manufacture quality equipment and provide quality services. It also protects American businesses and workers by promoting compliance with customs laws, trade agreements, visa requirements, and small business protections. The FCA also protects other critical government programs. For example, protected programs range from the provision of disaster relief funds to farming subsidies. Texas whistleblower lawyer Jason Coomer can provide more information to a potential whistleblower or client through a confidential teleconference or meeting.

The Federal False Claims Act also offers several whistleblower protections. More specifically, these cases are typically filed under seal (not available to public). Further, these cases offer retaliation protections to employees who expose fraud and other illegal conduct. This law targets health care professionals who expose Medicare and Medicaid fraud. This law also targets military professionals and other employees who have original knowledge of significant government contractor fraud or military contractor fraud. Have a confidential conversion with a TX Whistleblower Claims Attorney if you are aware contractor of military fraud. A Texas whistleblower lawyer can advise as to where and how a potential case will need to be investigated and filed.

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Jason Coomer Can Review Your Facts And Then Provide Advice About How To Navigate The False Claims Act

Since amendments to the law in 1986, the federal government increasingly uses this law collecting over $62 billion. Further, this law brought in more than $3 billion in recoveries in 2019. Use of this law will continue into the future. Whistleblowers can earn between 15% to 30% of funds that they help recover through the Federal False Claims Act In 1986, Congress strengthened the Act by increasing incentives for whistleblowers to file lawsuits alleging false claims on behalf of the government. These whistleblower, or qui tam, actions comprise a significant percentage of the FCA cases that are filed. Depending on the facts and parties, a Texas whistleblower lawyer will determine the proper federal court for filing. If the government prevails in a qui tam action, the whistleblower, also known as the relator, typically receives a portion of the recovery. Whistleblower lawyers and their clients filed 633 qui tam suits in 2019.

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer And TX Whistleblower Claims Attorney Jason Coomer, Sabine Pilot Doctrine Employment Law, and Retaliation Cases

Under most instances, in Texas, an employer is allowed to terminate a worker for almost any reason. Texas is an "employment at will" or "work at will" state. One of the exceptions to the work at will policy is the Sabine Pilot doctrine. An employee, with the assistance of a TX whistleblower claims attorney, can bring a Sabine Pilot lawsuit if they were solely terminated for refusing to break a criminal law. Texas Courts have acknowledged this slim exception with respect to employment law in Texas. A Texas whistleblower lawyer can provide advice about specific termination or retaliation issues. Due to the nature of Sabine Pilot cases, a terminated employee may also be aware of an employer's illegal conduct. A Texas whistleblower lawyer can help determine if there is also a viable federal or Texas whistleblower lawsuit.

Texas Whistleblower Attorney and a TX Whistleblower Claims Lawyer, Jason Coomer, Discusses 7 Major Texas Supersector Industries That Employ Workers That May Have Special Knowledge Of Fraud Not Commonly Known To The Public

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities
The trade, transportation, and utilities sectors involve a massive amount of government funds and regulation.
The buying and selling of goods and services is an industry that is ripe for fraud. A trade industry employee might be made a witness to wrongful corporate trade activities. First hand knowledge and evidence of customs fraud, willfully ignoring an embargo, and sanctions violations could help qualify a person as a whistleblower. Get in touch with a TX whistleblower claims attorney regarding trade fraud.
The rail, shipping, trucking, and airline industries are the backbone of Texas and the United States. There are many federal and state government regulations and financial entanglements in this sector. Contact a Texas whistleblower lawyer if you are aware of prohibited activities in the transportation sector.
The almost 30 million people living in the State of Texas, require a huge utility infrastructure. These utility companies provide services such as power, water, and communications. The local, state, and federal regulations and financial involvements make this sector venerable to exploitation. An employee in one of these fields may become aware of illegal conduct being committed by their superiors. A TX whistleblower claims attorney can provide legal advice and help an employee become a whistleblower.
Healthcare and Education
The Texas healthcare sector and education arena have an influx of billions of dollars in government money. Estimations show that healthcare fraud costs the federal government over $60 billion per year. Medical billing employees, doctors, and nurses may uncover Medicare or Medicaid fraud that would be reportable and qualify a whistleblower as eligible for a reward.
Energy, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources
Managers, employees, contractors, and compliance professionals are among the groups of people that could be aware of fraud against a state or federal government. Some oil & gas, mining, wind, and solar companies have been known to commit government fraud or violate regulations of the SEC and CFTC. A qui tam Texas whistleblower attorney can confidentially review your evidence of fraud, violations, or other illegal conduct.
Construction and Manufacturing
The federal government commonly awards multi-million dollar procurement contracts with large construction and manufacturing companies. Persons that work for or work with government procurement contractors could possibly witness fraud. If an individual is aware of fraud on the government, they should contact a Texas whistleblower lawyer. An experienced qui tam lawsuit attorney can assist you with reporting the fraud, filing a lawsuit, and attempting to collect a reward.
Finance and Insurance
Financial activities such as stock trades, bond or mutual fund investments, and various insurance related matters can tempt individuals to commit fraud. Many categories of workers, employees, or financial professionals are in positions that allow them to possibly be exposed to fraud. If you have knowledge of non-public documents and/or information that proves fraud, confidentially contact a Texas whistleblower lawyer.
Technology fraud whistleblower cases can vary greatly. Cybersecurity breaches, improper pricing, and nondisclosure of sales practices are just a few examples of tech fraud. Software programmers, engineers, and data scientists might be in a position to expose hi-tech fraud in a False Claims Act qui tam lawsuit. TX whistleblower claims attorney Jason Coomer is skilled in technology and the law as well as how they relate to whistleblower matters.

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Commonly Works With, TX Whistleblower Claims Attorneys, Professionals, Whistleblowers, and Other Lawyers Throughout The United States And The World

As a Texas whistleblower lawyer, Jason S. Coomer works with professionals, whistleblowers, and other lawyers throughout the United States and the World. For more information on this topic, please go to Whistleblower Reward Information BLOG.

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