Texas Probate Matters: Basic Information For Handling the Aftermath Left by the Death of a Loved One by Texas Probate and Estate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Losing someone that you love and care about can be extremely difficult.  Not only do you miss them and need to greive your loss, but someone has to go through the person's possessions to take care of their estate and worldly affairs.  Duties include organizing their papers, determining if they had a Will, locating bank accounts, finding assets, getting access to & opening safety deposit boxes, transferring title to property, locating insurance, finding retirement funds & pensions, creating an inventory, and distributing the person's worldly assets to beneficiaries and heirs.  Unfortunately, typically the family members in your life who are willing to help with these issues are often the last people that your want in your financial affairs. As such, it is often a good idea to hire a probate lawyer to help deal with the aftermath of a death.

Gather Basic Information Regarding The Person's Wishes and Estate

It can be overwhelming to deal with the death of a loved one. Many people have complicated lives with lots of possessions and on going activities. For this reason, it is often best to start with the basics. First, you will need at least one death certificate. It is probably best to get several of these. These are necessary to prove the person passed away. Try to use copies and e-copies of the death certificates to preserve the original for probate court, collecting death benefits, transferring real property, and other significant actions.

Second, determine if the deceased person had a Will, Trust, and/or other estate planning. These documents are commonly kept in a special place including a safe, desk drawer, filing cabinet, or safety deposit box. Locating these documents will help determine the person's last wishes and what needs to be done with their estate. Third, try to identify all significant assets that the person owned including any real property, bank accounts, life insurance, investment accounts, and retirement accounts. Documents for these assets may also be kept in a safe place, but commonly it will take some investigation to thoroughly identify all estate assets and death benefits.

Once You Have The Basic Information, It is Often Best to Contact a Probate Lawyer to Review The Information to Determine if An Estate Administration is Necessary

Many estates do not need to go through probate. Depending on what estate planning a person did and what assets they own, an estate administration is not always necessary. Once you have gathered the basic information, a Texas Probate and Estate Lawyer should be able to provide legal advice as to if an estate probate is necessary.

Texas Probate and Estate Attorney Works with Families After the Death of a Loved One

Texas Probate and Estate Attorney Jason Coomer works with families to help them after the death of a loved one.  Helping them understand the probate process and working to make things as easy as possible for them through a difficult time.  In working with  widows, widowers, children, friends, and other grieving loved ones, Jason Coomer is able to help protect a decedent's loved ones and wishes.  

Often A Person Will Have A Will That Designates An Executor and States The Deceased's Last Wishes

Often a person will have a Will that names an executor who that want to handle their estate and carry out their wishes. If the person had a valid Will it is typically the executor who is in charge of taking care of and organizing the decedent's estate and finances as well as managing & protecting the person's assets until the estate can be probated.  If the person died without a Will, the person is said to have died intestate and a Court or an administrator is in charge of taking care of and organizing the estate.

Central Texas and The Greater Austin Area Has Several Different Probate Courts and Each Has Its Own Rules and Procedures

As a Central Texas Probate Lawyer, Jason Coomer handles probate matters throughout Central Texas and the Great Austin Metropolitan Area. He handles cases in the Travis County Probate Court, Williamson County Court, Hays County Court, Bastrop County, and several other central Texas Probate Courts.  He handles uncontested Will matters, contested Will matters, heirship proceedings, and other probate matters.  He helps families clear title on property so they can sell homes and other real estate.  He helps executors & heirs locate property and insurance benefits as well as helps locate other assets such as mineral interests, stocks, oil leases, bonds, and bank accounts.

Austin Texas Probate and Estate Lawyer Helps Families After the Death of a Loved One

Austin Texas Probate and Estate Lawyer, Jason Coomer works with executors, executrixes, heirs, beneficiaries, family members, and friends who have lost someone. He helps them review, organize, and if necessary probate the decedent's estate. He has helped many families go through the probate process.  If you have recently lost someone, have been appointed executor, or need assistance with an estate, feel free to use our online contact form or e-mail Austin Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer

Austin Probate Attorney, Jason Coomer works with families and who that have lost someone and need help navigating the Travis County Probate Court, Williamson County Court, Hays County Court, or the Bexar County Probate Courts.  He also works to draft Wills and Trusts to protect the wishes and best interests of his clients.  For questions on Probate Administration, Estate Planning, or Wills and Trusts, please e-mail Austin Probate Attorney Jason S. Coomer at jason@texaslawyers.com or use our contact form The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer.

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