Austin Texas Lawyer Jason S. Coomer handles International Intellectual Property Litigation, International Commercial Litigation, SEC Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits, and International Probate Matters

Austin Texas International Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, has extensive experience in practicing international law and handles legal matters in a variety of practice areas including International Intellectual Property Lawsuits, International Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits, and International Probate matters.

International Business Litigation and Texas Business Litigation Include A Variety of Potential Issues Including Business Torts, Breach of Contract Claims, Intellectual Property Infringement, Real Estate Disputes, and Mineral Interest Issues

International Business Litigation and Texas Business Litigation can include a variety of issues including breaches of contract, patent infringement, business fraud, misrepresentation, trade secret theft, breach of fiduciary duty, commercial lease disputes, unfair competition claims, intentional interference with business contracts, shareholder suppression, partnership disputes, and business dissolutions.  Below are some of the more common areas of Texas Business Tort Litigation, please feel free to contact Texas Business Litigation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer if you have a question about a type of business litigation that is or is not listed on this web page or one of the below web pages:

Jason Coomer represents businesses in breach of contract lawsuits, unfair competition lawsuits, business defamation lawsuits, business tort lawsuits, accounting malpractice lawsuits, fraud lawsuits, fraudulent & negligent misrepresentation lawsuits, commercial real estate development disputes, commercial lease disputes, intellectual property disputes, employment issues, shareholder tort lawsuits, and business dissolution disputes.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, SEC Whistleblower Rewards, and Qui Tam Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the new SEC Whistleblower Incentive Program work together to reward whistleblowers with original and specialized knowledge and evidence of international business corporate bribery and illegal kickbacks.  These new international business whistleblower reward laws are part of a worldwide movement to expose and punish government corruption such as contract bribes, illegal kickbacks, and large scale international fraud.  These Foreign Corrupt Practices Act should help prevent government corruption in many countries including Russia, China, Mexico, and Brazil.

Texas Probate, Inheritance, Estate, Testate, and Intestate Law, Information, and Links by Austin Texas Probate Lawyer and Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer

As an Austin Texas Probate Lawyer and Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer, Jason Coomer works on a variety of different types of Texas Probate, Inheritance, and Estate Matters.  In helping families with Texas inheritance and probate matters including probating Wills and determining heir through intestate matters, he has encountered many issues.  Some common issues are discussed in more details on other web pages.  For more information on Texas Inheritance, Estate, and Probate Law, please go to the Texas Probate Blog or the following web pages:

Austin Texas Lawyer Jason Coomer

Please also feel free to go to the following information web sites including International Whistleblower Law Information Center, Federal False Claims Act Information Center, and ToxicDoseLaw Information Center.

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