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Whistleblower reward actions including SEC Bounty Actions and CFTC Bounty Actions are the most effective method for identifying and preventing large scale investment fraud in the financial markets.  Through the laws financial professionals, business executives, and high end investors can receive large finacnial rewards by anonymously exposing securities violations and other forms of investment fraud. The anonymous reporting needs to be through a Bounty Action Lawyer who verifies the whistleblower, but keeps the name confidential.  Each case must be based on original knowledge and expose significant fraud.

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Bounty Actions Are The Newest Forms of Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits And Were Created to Indentify Investment Fraud and Securities Fraud

With the success of the Federal False Claims Act and several state false claims act laws, the United States has enacted new Bounty Action Laws to expose investment fraud, commodities fraud, and securities fraud.  These Bounty Action Whistleblower Reward Laws are section 21F of the Securities Exchange Act (SEC Whistleblower Bounty Actions), and section 23 of the Commodity Exchange Act (CFTC Whisteblower Bounty Actions).  These laws were passed in the wake of Financial Market Melt Down in 2008 and in response to massive fraud in the financial markets.  These whistleblower recovery laws are designed to encourage people with specialized knowledge of significant investment fraud, securities fraud, SEC violations, commodity futures fraud, violations of the foreign corrupt practices act, and other financial fraud.  These whistleblower reward laws were designed to protect whistleblowers that step up and blow the whistle on financial fraud.

Bounty Action Lawyer Jason Coomer Works with SEC Bounty Action Whistleblowers and CFTC Bounty Action Whistleblowers on a Variety of Types of Cases

As a SEC Bounty Action Whistleblower Reward Lawyer and CFTC Bounty Action Whistleblower Lawyer, Jason Coomer works with CFTC whistleblowers and SEC whistleblowers to confidentially gather information regarding several different types of financial fraud and investment fraud can be the basis for these bounty actions.  For more information on SEC Whistleblower Reward Bounty Actions and CFTC Whistleblower Reward Bounty Actions, please feel to go to the following web pages:

SEC Bounty Action Lawyer Jason Coomer Also Works With International Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Whistleblowers

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the new SEC Whistleblower Incentive Program work together to reward whistleblowers with original and specialized knowledge and evidence of international business corporate bribery and illegal kickbacks.  These new international business whistleblower reward laws are part of a worldwide movement to expose and punish government corruption such as contract bribes, illegal kickbacks, and large scale international fraud.  These Foreign Corrupt Practices Act should help prevent government corruption in many countries including Russia, China, Mexico, and Brazil.

SEC Bounty Action Lawyers Also Use Whistleblower Protections to Protect Employee Whistleblowers

Employee whistleblower recovery laws in the United States have been recently passed and strengthened to encourage employees with specialized knowledge of fraud to blow the whistle on significant fraud.  These employee whistleblower recovery laws provide strong whistleblower protections and large economic incentives to employee whistleblowers.  For more information on Employee Whistleblower Laws, please go to the following web page, Employee Whistleblower Award & Recovery Lawsuits.

The Are Several Types of Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits

Under Federal law, whistleblower recoveries can come through four different whistleblower recovery laws.  The Federal False Claims Act is the oldest of the laws and under this law the Federal Government has brought in approximately $60 Billion.  Under this law and other reward laws successful whistleblowers have been awarded over $6 Billion. The amount of these whistleblower rewards will continue to grow as corruption and fraud continue to grow and more whistleblower reward laws are enacted and expanded.

More Information on SEC Bounty Actions and CFTC Bounty Actions

For more information on SEC Bounty Actions and CFTC County Actions, please go to the following web pages: SEC Whistleblower Bounty Actions and the CFTC Whisteblower Bounty Actions.

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